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While I grew up in Kingston Jamaica, I had the most fun and I remember the most intriguing characters. Miss Will, remember our tormentor in the tenement yard where we lived who would steal chicken and other meats and drink items from our kitchen when my mother was not looking, and mind you enuh, if Hilda Willis goes into your pot, it is CONDEMNED!!!, because Hilda Willis does not bathe and she urinates on herself, and attributes it to a bout with Malaria a few years back. Whew!!!.

Then there was Mr. Fergie, the resident drunk, Bunny the mad man from Pain land!, Dog, who came from Waltham Park road, Mumzel, the prostitute on Langard Ave and more. Across the street from where we lived there was the big tenement yard that the chinese man, Mr. He who owned the big grocery shop was the landlord, we use to live there. My friend Jackie, lived there, upstairs, with her mom Miss Collins, and her sister Meagan and Miss Collins Man/boyfriend/fiance..whatever I do not remember his name. This man was a very handsome man, he was light skin, (not that it made him handsome, being light skinned), slender and quite pleasing to look at, I was young but I remember this very well, I have always had an appreciation for good looking men, still do,– ah suh mi tan, oonu low mi!. The people in the community use to talk about him and called him Miss Collins Maama man,(effeminate man). He was very clean, and he would wash cook and clean.
What was odd was that being a tenement, everybody would wash almost on the same day, which was on Saturdays, and he would  wash Miss Collins underwears and hang them out, bright and brawling for every one to see. Now that I am grown and think about it, I do not see anything wrong with it, it’s rather cute. This was taboo in Jamaica, because “real men” (double standard)wouldn’t wash their women undies?…would they?. I would suck my finger, (love that finger and miss it still), and listen to people tease this poor man, who was quite feisty and who didn’t really speak to people in the community, and who was strict stepfather to my friend Jackie and her sister Meagan!. Jackie heard the rumors and how the community mocked her stepfather and was very disturbed by it. She never said anything about it and they soon moved.

Then there was Lloyd, Miss Joyce youngest son. Miss Joyce was the fat higgler woman who had a stall across the street beside Miss Hilda. Miss Joyce lived in Frog city a  community behind Maxfield Park, this was a very poor community. She had fourteen children and the youngest one was Lloyd, who would sell for Miss Joyce when she went to market or was busy. Lloyd would put on his mothers apron, and had all the mannerisms of his mother or a big higgler woman when he was selling. Jamaican people would call hin “Joyce gallish bwoy”, and when people would call him so to his face, he would curse them and say, “yes is oonu father or bredda tell oonu!”, he was fourteen when I knew him. Lloyd acted like a girl even outside the apron and I was surprised to see after I migrated and returned for a visit Lloyd was manly and seemed to be interested in me for a girlfriend!?…..BRIGHT AND OUT OF ORDER!!..

I saw a an Interview with Jackee Harry’s husband Elgin Charles and…. you know what google it and see for your self. Then there was Michael Jackson (looks not action), the husband from Ashford and Simpson, well with them I do not know how the man acts but he certainly has the feminine look down pat. Then there was the time when a guy came into my salon looking and acting like a girl and had the nerve to try to holler at me!!?. When I told him that I thought that he was gay, he got offended and asked me how could I think so?. How could I!, well lets see brethren, you hair extensions was a big hint, along with your both pinkys being extremely long, you Louis Vuitton women sneakers was another clue and then there is the sitting with legs crossed and lastly that effeminate laughter pulled it all together. He said he has never been attracted to men even the slightest and loved women very much and wondered why they did not seem to take him seriously, he had grown up with ten sisters, and a dress-maker mother, who use to use him as a mannequin. He seemed genuinely sad at this. Wow, I felt bad..

There are many spirits in the realms that has these characteristic traits,  and they are quite good as messengers and healers. They come in visions and dreams to assist us very well. But lots of them look like women and act like them also. I will write a whole subject on them over the weekend, please remind me and we will learn why it is so. I will not be giving away any Occult secrets and will only write on this topically. Some things are only for the initiates. The reason being is that it can disturb the mind if it has not been prepared to receive the knowledge. There are effeminate souls or beings that walk the earth and some have penetrated the minds and bodies of men. There is a spiritual reason. This is not a topic on homosexuality, nor am I saying that all effeminate men are gay, but they do make you wonder. It would be hard for me Obara Meji to accept one as my husband, I love de ruff neck one dem, whey sey, Come yah Obara and mi juss go!! (oonuh doe laugh). but dat is neither here or!!. I am very strong and even though I am a very feminine looking, feeling and acting woman my character is masculine. I would not have it any other way. Man to mi ting doah!!..

Tru yuh know ah maama man run de world, yuh gooda find out sey yuh girl name Earl…Beenie man song Wickedest Slam.


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day "dream" alston
6 years ago

Greetings Obara! What is the spiritual reason behind the effeminate men?

Obara meji
6 years ago

There is a realm within time and space Day dram which host entities which it is their job to test the will if man kind, some of them text them in this way and while they retain their love for the female gender they have accepted these beings within then often times unconsciously

day "dream" alston
6 years ago
Reply to  Obara meji

Thank You!

Obara Meji
8 years ago

Inquire about making a pack somewhere else dear, we do not do that here!

nicholas bryan
nicholas bryan
8 years ago

i want to make a pact how do i go about doing so and who could i talk to ?

9 years ago

Den nuh dat mi tell yuh Obara, sey yuh fi glad sey him ah gyallis…..u tan deh deh, yuh tink ah lie meeda tell….wen mi goh skool an meet wid teecha an shi show mi di 4 long hair browning dem an di dark skin one whey him lik hed wid an apparently hab ‘crush’ pon, mi smile to misself an sey ‘bwoy God, mi did hope sey him nuh come like him puppa, but mi change mi mine….tank yuh seh ah di girls him ah look pon!!!!’ No Obara, memba ah mi one pikni dat enuh (mi nuh sure… Read more »

9 years ago

Mi nuh mind di man dem whey wash, cook, clean an wii all wash mi drawzzzzz….to me him spreshal… lees mi noe ef mi shuda tek sick mi woan starve an roach an dranco woan draw mi outta di owse….

But fawda God yuh si an yuh noe sey mi pray ebbry day seh do!!! nuh mek mi one an only goh di odda way…..mi cyaan manij di gay dem atall… mi always tell ppl, if him decide sey ah dat him want, mi cyaan do nutten bout it but him lova CANNA CROSS mi doorway!!!!!!

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