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I thank Olodumare for creating me, and for preserving me and my children. I thank my youngest child for creating this blog for me, may her creator and her Osun, Ifa and her Ori bless her always, she will be happy and have long life, good husband and good children as will all my children find their correct spouse and have good children from heaven not bad ones. I thank you all my bloggers, love and light to you all. Let us continue to grow, learn, heal, love, communicate, have fun and more together. Happy 2015!

This blog site has been a wonderful healing place for me.  I began blogging, deciding to let go and reveal my life and lessons learned on this site in hope that it would assist in  healing others and to help others wake up and see life from a different angle, realizing that most of what we think we know or that which we see are mostly illusions because of conditioning of the mind through society at large or what ever other medium.

I wanted you all to know that no matter what the chaos is in life, no matter the storm, when the smoke clears, all will be revealed and clarity will come, and from there we will learn and understand life and ourselves and also our fellow human beings better.

This is life, and life deal hard blows at times, but they are for our own self growth and understanding, if you fail to see and understand your life lessons, you cannot grow. Some of your detractors ,your enemies your tormentors, are your greatest teachers, come to your life to make you more wise, assist you in finding your path, teaching you how to be more prayerful, but because of lack of wisdom, we are not able to see them in this light.

If it is recurring, you meeting the same people and going through the same things, it simply means that you did not learn from the first antagonist, or you yourself do not know patience, and so in order for you to move forward, these experiences will keep happening until you learn and understand from them, it is for you to also teach others from your experiences. This is why a wise mother teaches her children proverbs. It is our elders, those who have experienced much, who teaches us the younger ones life lessons through proverbs, this is why I end all my posts with proverbs, adages, quotes, the wise person will not ignore them but learn and teach from them!  Pass the wisdom on!


Often times messages come to a particular country and its people or even to the world in way of tragic happenings, or natural or unnatural disasters. Often times, regardless of the reason given for the tragedy or lives lost, there is something for the world to learn from it. These are spiritual lessons being taught in the physical world, and the lives lost are participants, who chose that particular destiny, this may be hard for all and sundry to understand, but spiritual things/wisdom are not easily understood. If more than one, then all people involved although unfamiliar to each other in this world, all hold the same spiritual  key, and left the world together for whatever reason the realm of spirit wants the world to learn, there their spirits will be greatly exalted. Earth is school, and the lessons are in everything and everywhere


Life is a lesson, and not an easy one, if we embrace our spirituality, hold on to things which the Universe teaches us, respect and honor our ancestors, and our selves, be the best person you can be, and damn the spirit of evil, and of wickedness, the spirit of vexation, and of ego, the spirit of depression and sorrow when it comes and be more prayerful, we will walk no more in darkness but in light!

On this blog, we learn, cry, vent and in the end we laugh and have fun. What does not bring devastation, will surely pass. Devastation in terms of a life ending in this our world. Prayer removes all bad from before us, but the prayer should be delivered to your creator with a true and genuine spirit! Patience is a hard friend to have, it is tough to grasp and understand its concept and what really we expect from it, but it motions us to wait, and bide our time, it cautions us not to act irrationally, and to be calm, patience speaks softly, never shouting, and it brings about peace and good things, If we could see the beauty of patience, we would invite it to stay with us always. Wrath, anger and revenge are aggressive, they speak loudly and make plenty noise, they demand situations to be handled right away regardless of the circumstance, regardless of danger, they often allow patience not to have a voice, and usually they are defeated, often regretting their actions.

We should embrace patience and give it our full support. Iwa Pele as Orunmila says, Good and gentle character! Peace, love and light to you all.  Cami and Courtney come water yuh garden. Lalibela we miss you!


Comment from Obara meji;

To all my Es people, I love you all!!

My entire blog is my Obeah Garden, and i have spilled many secrets here and have healed. I am an Aries woman, an we do not keep nutten bout mi self, I am an open book. This blog had helped me and healed me plenty, and I have finally found my real family, aside from my children, you guys are here with me through thick and thin and I love you al. Mth mi prefect love yuh more dan rung dung, Nunu,Yazzy and Toy sass crisee oonuh is mi angels from de sky
Kia Bubblez, from mi stawt blog back yuh have mi back,
Cami Ty and Yw too, de three ah oonuh always mek me feel good, happy, like baby brand new

to the sometimers, amh, cgoh lalibella too, mi will neva figet de whole ah oonuh

Charles, fi ah Nigerian mi rate yuh yuh got balls, fi deh yah wid wi come rain or fall, we love you Charles

Mainiac, yuh ah stable from mawnin
ah doan know know wh yuh missing, is what yuh searching (Fah)

Nyaha, we know yuh peeping! Happy New Year!

Spiritual Seeker and Sea Queen
mi waan see moore ah oonuh fi 2015

Yazzy I applaud you for you garden, you have spilled your secrets and shared, but just remember that you did not do it alone, all of my business is here, and know that some one will see your confession and will heal also from it, of this I am sure. You survived and that is all that matters!

Ty, I too have had 2 abortions, mi was a breeder and de wicked man love put it on pon mi as soon as mi born one baby so as a baby bawn, mi breed, so that was my decision, you do not stand alone in this, I will do a post on abortion and the spiritual aspects…..

NUNU, all I can say, is that I love you, thanks for your garden


Yazzy’s comment;


Lets kick off our OBEAH SPIRITUAL GARDEN!!

My name is Yazzy. I am absolutely grateful and privileged to be here. My entire life has been a roller coaster ride and had I not been led here by my amazingly strong ori I would not have learnt that a balance is needed in this life and that the innocence of a man’s heart and his soul is plagued by evil and that things aren’t always as they appear. I am known here as the straight jacket student that is always LMFAO or saying the most hilarious things but I wanna introduce a new side of me that has surfaced as a result of being here. It’s a more spiritual Yazzy. I am in love with the energy it feeds my mind, body, soul and spirit. I am in love with the way it forces me to discern. I am in love with the energy it pulls towards me as well as the energy I expel. I am in love with the eyes it allows me to “see” the beauty in and around me in the vast universe. I am in love with Olodumare. I am in love with the Orishas, my spiritual guides, my spiritual mentors, my spiritual family, my egunguns, my elders and my Ori. I AM FILLED WITH A LOVE I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN AND SUM THAT LOVE UP TO BE THE ALL –

OLODUMARE. I have found my identity here thru my deity Obatala and I thank Esu for his brilliance in aligning that destiny. I thank Orunmilla for baring witness.

I wanna sew seeds of Health, Love, Courage, Honesty, Humility, Peace, Prosperity, Knowledge, Gratitude, Determination, Resiliency, Hope and Light. I wanna sew a seed towards our spiritual school. I wanna sew a seed towards a beautifully peaceful place I can call home. I wanna sew a seed towards the spiritual emancipation of my mind and the minds of those whom I hold dear. I wanna sew a seed for my ancestors, my spiritual guides, my Orishas, my spiritual mentors, and my deity so that their energy can be strengthened to assist me in this life and the lives of my children to come. I wanna sew a seed towards my child whom I wait upon to shower in my love and whose eyes I am eager to look into. I wanna sew a seed towards my husband whom I wait upon. I love and respect you and wait upon Orunmilla and Obatala to bless you and align us and our union. I wanna sew a seed for each of my ESP family and our silent bloggers who are here with us in spirit and who all congregate here for love, light, knowledge and humor which only great spirits can recognize. I wanna sew seeds to enforce that our lights will never dim. I wanna sew a seed for all whom are ill and weary. For all who are broken, betrayed, abused and forgotten, I wanna sew a seed for you all.

I have made many mistakes but these in particular have plagued me;
-Not trusting what I did not recognize at the time to be my ori.
-Allowing myself to be used by men that I knew were no good for my spirit but wanting to feel loved I defied my head.
-Not spending enough time with my granddaddy before he passed.
***I think I have them buried sooo deep they don’t wanna resurface***
-Blaming myself for the abuses of another towards me.
-Not allowing myself to let go of the pain and the hurt and crippling myself with it.
-Not allowing myself to be truly happy and thinking I don’t deserve it.
I have a secret I have always wanted to just get off my chest that I have hurt someone innocent. I was very young and knew it was wrong but to a certain extent. There’s no room for excuses but perhaps I only acted out what I was going thru or what was being done to me. I ask for their forgiveness and I also ask the universe to forgive me. My other secret which I realllllly have buried and will just go ahead and rip it out of me without fear of being judged for I neeeed it out!!! Is that I have been kidnapped four times and subsequently the last led to me being raped and those ordeals compiled with the sexual abuses of my father and brother have left me like an on again, off again, damaged goods for a long time. I have been a train wreck to myself sometimes. Though I am filled with so much love to give, I struggle with the fear of being in the presence of men and of being with them, intimately. I am constantly on edge and very awkward.

I believe that as a result of my past sexual abuses I have struggled with not what I call promiscuity but rather salacious types of sex when I am in relationships. I read a post here by our sweet Obara where she explained that certain sexual acts can break and conquer the benevolence and strength of character we naturally have and that having someone sexually degrade us is actually also degrading our genuine spirit, and our guardian angel that we came here to earth with and that when we allow the flesh to do this we are inevitably killing our spirit and that we do that by allowing the acts of degradation to stop the evolution of our guardian angel.

Olodumare, here I have sewn my seeds into this OUR OBEAH SPIRITUAL GARDEN. You know my heart and my thoughts, you whom we cannot describe but whom we feel. You whom are with us always. You who are mighty and powerful and all knowing and forever present. You whom loves us unconditionally and have provided for us, the universe and all there in to look after us. You who allows the bad and the good to visit our lives so that we can experience your wonders, your knowledge, your glory, your presence and your love. We call upon your energy. We call upon the Orishas you strategically allowed to cared for us. We call upon our egunguns that you allow to continuously interact and protect us. We call upon our elders and all that is good that can see and feel our light and our energy and we pray that it is pulled from the benevolence we expel into the universe right now! We concentrate our love and light upon our Obeah Spiritual Garden and we thank you that we have garnered the bad to balance the good we sew. We claim fruition and harvest of each and every seed sewn here. We pull from our negative excretions its energy and we know that thru our powerful love, light and positive thoughts, we can and will manipulate and transfer that energy of our negatives and use it as a spiritual fertilizer for our soil here. We cry out in gratitude with complete open hearts and minds and in oneness and we are confident that our crying hearts are heard. We know that healing can never happen unless something is broken. Likewise, we know that we can’t understand love lest we have felt or seen hate and with that we are in awe of your profound wisdom Olodumare. You know all the cards and all the moves. You who knew we needed the darkness lot the night so that we could appreciate the light of the moon and that of the sun. You are with us even now. The spirits are with us even now. With these tears of love and gratitude we water our garden. We exhale the negatives of our past right now and we inhale the beauty of its lessons.

We acknowledge your wisdom though we may not understand it!! We gather here not in vain but for a change. We gather here not in doubt but with hope that all we have sewn will be harvested and in your time!!


Toy’s comment;

Hi my name is Toy7318.

I want to thank Obara for giving us this platform, and sharing and dedicating so much of herself with us. I know she says will stop blogging at times. I hope she never does. The only way she stops blogging if she is on a book tour.

I want to sew seeds of knowledge to be able to be give my children the duplicate set of keys, so it shall be passed down from generation to generation.

Olodumare I come with much thanks that we all have made it through the year with health and strength. I pray that you continue to keep us peaceful when there is time of despair, because with you our orishas, ancestors, and spirit guides, we shall not fear. You have been with us and have always stood firm on our behalf. Obara and family I am glad that I was able to make it to 2015 with you all and hope to share many more New Year’s with my new found family. Much love Happy New Year to all of you. You all have the sweetest souls on the planet!



Nunn’s comment;

Howdy do to my favourite bloggers; My ES fambo!( Yw word) My name is Nunulita, coming to you all live and direct. This isn’t easy for me to write because I do not like to talk about myself and I don’t like showing emotions( mi bawl easy sure enough but I do not like others to see all of that). 2014 was a tentative year for me and before planting my positive seeds. I would like to let go of past perception of what it means to be a success. Going forward, I know it will take some time because there’s always a process to achieving/creating, I want to be build a more confident me. Self confidence or the lack thereof can make or break a person, absolutely nothing works without it and one can never receive anything positive without exercising self worth. This is the year I do not want to limit myself. This is the year of starting over from scratch. I won’t lie I am afraid but at least this time, thanks in part to the things I’ve learned on this blog and the support of you bloggers, I won’t feel so alone. Growing up I was taught about prayers, angels etc. but everything felt so generic. I knew about the spirit world because I did learn about heaven, there was no connection. Being here as taught me that it’s not crazy to think that we interact constantly with non physical beings with names and personalities. Reading about eg.Ty’s and Maniac’s interaction with their grandmothers is just so beautiful to me. There is always immediate support even if it’s not in a physical body.I didn’t quite understand that, now I do. We know that our world is shaped by our circumstances and what’s happening around us and success is defined for the most part by what we have accumulated and what we do(career) and how much we have financially and at times who we know. So I started out with a goal in mind,not quite concrete, but a goal none the less and got thwarted on the journey in the worst way. Instead of moving forward I seemed to be going backward and embarrassment and shame did me in and my sense of self worth plummeted. I had little more than the clothes on my back and I got to the point where I couldn’t even look people in the eye anymore. When you’re at the point of saying (with and without words) to certain people, “Please I’m begging you…” can be humbling yes but it also can be humiliating. I’ve never said this to anyone ever but i had reached a point where I couldn’t take the strain mentally and I my world became very dark. I turned to physically harming myself.I was a cutter. I want to be honest, I told myself it was practice for that final cut. However I knew deep down that I didn’t want to die I just needed a change. There I was with the razor blade in my hand bawling my eyes out and I prayed “If there’s anyone out there who can hear me,help me please!” My brother called me the next day and gave me a message he got for me in a dream. Some time after A lady in white and she wore a wrap on her head came to me in a dream and talked to me and she said her name is Vee. I also reached out to Obara Meji and subsequently found you guys. I don’t think all of that was a coincidence.
So now my perception on life on a whole is changing and I want to water my garden with hope and strength, light and laughter. I want to build compassion and empathy and give love because one can never give too much of that. Having the ability to choose can be a beautiful thing. We are stronger than our nasty circumstances and we all have to ask the question and make that decision, “what life will I choose to lead?”

I pray that we choose to lead fruitful lives and not just in terms of financial success. I pray that our obeah gardens and this is speaking to the garden of the mind as well blossom and yeild beautiful flowers and fruits and not be overun by weeds and pests. I know negative will come to challenge us and help us to learn but help us to surround ourselves with positive people and positive beings who will help us to till our soil and plant fruitful trees that we may find/develop and give the best of ourselves that we and other may enjoy for years to come


Ty’s comment;

As I am surrounded by the light and love of you all and so I draw your collective energies….I now have the strength to plant my Obeah Garden….smoothies Yazzy.

My name is Ty….I was sanctioned a bastard by pastors and Christians alike because I was born out of wedlock…I was born into a very strong family but because my mother was not the one chosen for my dad, I was not accepted as I should…I struggled with abandonment issues all my life and so never felt worthy…when my parents then migrated and left me alone on my beautiful island alone at 15, my fears were realized…I however had to gather all the strength I had to go to school, study, and stay out of trouble…it was God, my guides, my Orishas, and my ancestors that brought me through unscathed…I now know why my grandmother chose to die when I was 7, so that she could watch over and protect me….iba grandma, the purest spirit I know, I love you….

I wanna plant a seed of love, forgiveness, understanding, enlightenment, hope, prosperity, freeness of spirit, and walking full on on fat hand love of God….

I too am human and have made many mistakes. I embrace my path and know that I will continue to work to be the best version of me…. My secret I have always wanted to just get off my chest that I had an abortion….I have struggled with feeling of guilt and regrets….the catholic and Christian up bringing made made lived thinking I was going to hell and that I would be continually punished…. I felt ashamed, weak, and evil…I felt like a murder…I know know better…it took a while and some days those feelings still resurface….I am not endorsing abortions and saying that all will be forgiven…but I can understand when you feel as if you have no other choice and do so…some of these were contracts written in our plans with others who needed to return to the earth realm for short periods of time to fulfill their wheel….

Olodumare, my creator and creator of the universe, I thank you…nothing happens without you and even though I had hard times, I never suffered devastation…I learnt many lessons and continue to do so…I am now better equipped to call on you, my ori, my egungun, my Orishas, my guides, and the universal forces…I thank you for my many reincarnations and strive to make this current journey count…I am ascending and want to be off the wheel of life…

I am grateful for you all my Esp family…I know my seeds to our Obeah garden will resonate and help to brighten another…I pray for the world, humans, my family, my spiritual family, and me….I am a little spot in the billions that inhabit this world but I am loved by the mighty God…

Thank you Yazzy, I love you! I send love and light from the every fiber of my being…I am grateful for you, even with these tears today… I love you Yazzy…I thank you!!

Fellow students of the Obara Meji Etheral Institute, may 2015 be your year…my your desires be manifested with no harm or devastation…May your obeah garden flourish…may your light shine brighter…May you love deeper..love unno




OK. Hi, I am Yw and my aim to become the best version of myself in this lifetime. I am and will be forever grateful to all on ES for their contribution in my spiritual development. I am thankful for those that I have disliked or have “wronged” me in the past because they too have helped me along my journey.
Hang on to your britches now… My secret is that I had a…porn addiction. Yes, friends it is true. What is that unsettling feeling going on in me? Did you all feel it before sharing? HA!! That is the fear of judgment that we are releasing…Now, to some that may not seem like a big secret but when the WHY of a behavior is explored that is when we start to discover things that may have or have been ailing us. I thank you again, Yazzy, for giving me the chance to face my fear of being judged…Love and light to all.


MTH’s comment;

My story is this…

I am MTH. My mother has 5 children and I am the last. My first brother grew with my God-parents, my second brother grew with is dad and the 3 girls grew together (first girl not for my father). So I only have one sister which we have both mom and dad in common…

My big brother is very very handsome. I have never seen his dad and I do not even know if he knows his dad. Growing up my mother loved her first son and her first daughter. No matter what id was D (my brother) and S (my sister)….

My parents separated when I was just about to go to high school. We (my sister W, my dad & I) were living in the country and my mom came and got W and I and took us to Sea view Gardens the Sunday before school open the Monday. The Monday she took us to the bus stop and showed us the way. I was 10 and coming home the first evening I got missed.

I should have taken a 90b bus but I took a 90a. I had to wait until the bus returned to Down Town and got helped to find the 90b bus. Again going into Sea view Gardens all the houses looked the same. Again I felt lost and just rang the bell and as i was getting off gun shots started to fire. Me at 10 years old, motion sickness was killing me as I was frighten. I do not know how I found my way but I found my way. I now know it was my guides. Today, it is amazing how I can find my way around quite easily…

I knew i was a child, but somehow something didn’t feel right, how could a mother just left her child to the elements. Since then I have not loved or can love my mother. Everything for her was D & S. D grew up, sold drugs got locked up, deported and the whole 100, yet my mother’s love is steadfast.

I guess my anger towards my mother stem from she shutting me out and loving the other children and not. I was always obedient and very quite, yet I was never good enough for her. I was angry when I would hear people refer to my big sister, stating how good she looked, she had breast, hips and bottom. my sister W was ‘brown’ and shaped good. I too looked really nice but no one complimented me.

I didn’t even have a relationship with the guy who got me pregnant. He thought I liked him and he was the brother of the bad man in the area, so I ‘talked’ to him out of fear. I migrated on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, I called my mother to tell her and she cried like a baby and said why I shut her out of my life etc. She then said I don’t know why yu hate mi suh, I don’t know wey mi duh yu but please forgive me…I was shocked hearing my mother crying and secondly hearing her asking for forgiveness. What I learnt on this blog enabled me to forgive her…There is so much more to my story, but alas, I will end it here. One thing I am grateful for is that I found comfort in my own company. I went to the movie/club/drinking all by myself..


Sea Queen’s comment;

Sigh…Here we go! (thinking out loud)

First, let me start by wishing my family (unnu mi ah talk) a Blessed and prosperous New Year. I have a feeling 2015 will be a great year for us all. I just want to put that out there before I start with the heartbreaking process. And I do mean heartbreaking in a positive way because what has been torn down has an opportunity to be rebuilt.

My name is SeaQueen, the newbie. I say this because I feel like the new girl in school. I am a Pisces, hence the name SeaQueen. It has always been easy for me to pick up on the emotions and feelings of the people and the things in my environment and reflect them in my daily life. One example is if I am in a loving environment I show love or if I am in hostile surroundings I am constantly angry or miserable. Because of this I have been labeled everything from moody to fake. But I never considered myself fake just very sensitive and very flexible with my feelings. (You guys will soon pick up my habit of spinning every negative into a positive). I am the wash belly in my family, which has given me a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of those before me but has also crippled me in that I have lived my life in fear of making the same mistakes my family members have made. I feel I have been held back because I have been carrying the crosses (secrets) of others as well as my own.

The seeds I want to sow from this day forth are the seeds of Truth, Love, Respect, Compassion, Understanding, Courage, Laughter, and last but certainly not least Forgiveness. I have a lot more seeds but these are the ones that are prominent in my thoughts.

Yazzy, you say here is where I can allow my self to be vulnerable, but I will admit that is one of the hardest things for me to do. Reason being is I have built up an invisible wall resembling fort knox shielding my feelings. And I have been trying for a while now to figure out when did I start, how did I start, and most importantly Why? And it has not been an easy road because I have found myself to be extremely complex. I have made many mistakes but these in particular have plagued me: I have hurt the people that loved me most. I have been cold to them and at times have showed little to no emotion or feeling toward them. My heart and mind tell me I love them but it has always been difficult for me to express it. Often times I feel like some sort of robot. I have a secret I have always wanted to get off my chest. I have had two abortions. When I wrote this on paper I told my secret and went no further. Before I started writing I saw that two of the bloggers I look up to as a sort of mother figure and teacher and have great respect for their wisdom (Ty and Obara) have gone through the same experience. And I said “OMG, is God bring mi here!” For years I have lived with this guilt and shame by myself because I never told anyone. I denied the first one to those who found out and kept the 2nd one a secret from everyone, including the father. Thank you to Obara and Ty for being open because it has taught me to be. My struggle has been with communicating what was in my heart and living in my truth. It has been a struggle having thoughts come to mind but my mouth just stayed shut. Preferring to opt for an “I don’t know” (habit from when I was a child and my sisters got in trouble, and mi neva waan rat dem out) and hide the fact that I did know what was going on.

The truth is I have always been more observant than vocal. Choosing to speak only when it was absolutely necessary. But I held a lot of thoughts in so long that when they were expressed it was in anger. That last sentence was a perfect segue into what I want my family to learn from me. I want you all to learn to not bottle things up until they come out in anger, because the message almost always gets lost in the maylay. Be open to listen and observe more of the people, places and the things you are surrounded by, as everything is a learning experience.

My Water (I love water by the way. Yazz this was a great title for this section)
It is my prayer that I and those I am surrounded by lives in absolute truth, no matter how mucky that truth is. Owning all their negatives and developing them into positives. A line from Garnett Silk’s “Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders” pops in my head, “Let only truth come from my lips!” For a forgiving spirit and for the courage to not have people up in my heart. For the courage to trust in myself, my intuition, my gut, my guides, my ancestors and in the God that is leading me. For great understanding and respect for the universe and all that reside here on this plane. For the ability to reach a higher understanding, whatever that may be. For a boldness that will allow nothing and no one to prevent me from living my dreams and my truth. That my light will shine through and touch all those that surround me starting with my beautiful children. Amen! Ase! and all that good stuff.

From the bottom of my heart I love all of you. Thank you for bearing with my lengthy essay, but I since I am the newbie I feel I have more introducing to do. From this day forward I live, love, forgive, laugh, understand, respect and have the ultimate courage. I have more that I have written in regards to what all of you mean to me but I will share it at another time because that is another page and a half lol.


Sea Queen



Ibi tí à ńlọ là ńwò, a kìí wo ibi táa ti ṣubú. /
One ought to focus on where one is going, not where one had fallen…..Yoruba Proverb

[Look beyond past failures.]


All religion are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…. Obara Meji!

There no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji



Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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A blessed Sunday wi Bredda Yw! Love and light to you. You are equally AMAZING!


Court weh yuh deh????? Happy New Year Court!!! Hurry back home plz and tonks!! Wi a run outta tea Court!!! Lolol! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Court, afta wi nuh owe De. Laurence!!! Court nuh mek wi come a Bahamas fi yuh!! πŸ˜€


A blessed New Year to all of you, thank you all
For feeding me spiritual food to keep my faith strong and keeping on. I wish to get closer to Holy Spirit, my orishas , saints, Archangels, and guides for 2015, they have all guided me to this present time. I wish all success to your school and I wish to make a contribution. May the most High bless and prosper us and our families throughout this year. Ase!


Welcome Lady of the Nile…we are happy to have you here…May your dreams, hopes and desires be manifested in 2015…we are always her to support you, pray for you, laugh with you, vent with you and are always happy for you in your successes…


Heyyyyy Lady of the Nile! Happy New Year our sweetie! You are so welcome and thank you for your prayers for us. We welcome you sweetie with our love and light and pray you are granted the desires of your hearts for this year. Journey with us….. in this Our Obeah Spiritual Garden and watch your seeds blossom into beautiful fruition!

Big hugsss!


Mawnin mi baby girl Obara DJ EMPRESS OF DANCEHALL Chinn! Mi nuh like how di Internet a move suh selfish wid di ting pan yuh! It cyah guh wuk, tank goodness Cami come back wid har trang Obeah flinginz! πŸ˜€

Morning sweetie Ty!! It’s a certainly gorgeous out!


Morning everyone, it is gorgeous day….

If you all get a chance check out embracing spirituality on google+


Cami, we missed you….we so happy you are back….I am happy that you got some time to rest, relax and spend time with your boo and love ones….


Kia and Cami I am happy to see you guys. Goodnight everyone!


WOWWW! Emotional! All I can say is that I am all of you in some way.

Yazzy, you kicked started it off and SeaQueen ended it just as strongly. The seeds that I would want to plant for myself is that of peace with myself, prosperity and financial stability once and for all.

I took to the streets at age 13, survived in bad company, stopped going to school, involved myself in felonious acts (no hard drugs or prostitution), promiscuous until about 12 yrs ago, just opened myself to a relationship 4 yrs ago, had a miscarriage at 16 (bleed out and never went to the doctor), loved fighting, clubbing and smoking pot (stopped 3.5 yrs now…puffed 2xs in one year) and cigarettes (nearly 1 year clean).

I have 2 degrees, plus hustle skills, but haunted by marijuana charges, fought deportation for said marijuana charges…and the funny thing…my employer (CNA) died last week Saturday morning (5 am) while I was on vacation…lol. I was planning aloud for a new start for the New Years, of going back to my Administration/office jobs that I love the most and blop my patient of 4 yrs gone…story of my life.


My sweet sis Cami Cam! You will have peace and financial stability! I think you have a very strong head and you will get the desires of your heart! You stopped going to school when you were young yet you still made it to have two degrees so that shows resiliency and determination… And tho plagued with charges you still manage to pick ya self up and trod on so you will survive anything babe!

You are an amazing woman and you your past does not define you. You ooze strength and you will live to see your seeds fruition! We thank you for your seeds you have planted here and we water it with our collect energy of love and light and all your past struggles and await its harvest. ASE!

We love you here beautiful and we are so very grateful you are apart of our body. United we stand and as we start the New Year we speak all that is good over our lives and the lives of the ones we hold dear and with our faith be it sealed! ASE!

Kisses boo! Thank goodness you’re back! Yuh Bredda deh ya haaaaaddd!!! πŸ˜€


Cami, mi sister, I doan haffi wonder if yu feel di love because I already know that you do….Sorry……mi can sey more…..too emotional but ah just GLAD sey yuh back. Love and light exponentially for you, mi sister.


Pssst, HI GUYS! HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!! I am back from Vacation, rested and relaxed. I’m doing all Admin things…paying bills, checking mail and inbox, and reading this blog, another and news in order to catch up.

LOVE YOU ALL AND AGAIN HAPPY 2015 by tomorrow evening I’ve caught up and ready to BLOG!


I’m so sorry I’m late sweeties! Happy 2015 again to you allll!! Obara this is our very first post of the Year!!!! Revisiting our Obeah Garden just now was absolutely amazing …. It’s just BEAUTIFUL!

I liken the experience to admiring the beauty of Roses… Such beauties they are. They have thorns yes (which we can call our sh*t) but they aren’t visible (because they do not define the rose, likewise, our secrets, mistake and past struggles do not define us) and they do not take away from the beauty of the rose (likewise our spirit is forever beautiful and shines from within… even thru our hurt and pain).

Obara I thank your sweet daughter for her hand for this blog and therefore her hand in this garden and her fruitful seed she has sewn and we stand with her on her journey thru life! We love her as well as all your children, whom has it not been for them and their love for you and yours for them, we all would not have this platform.

All my sweeties lets continue to rip out that toxicity out of ya and leave it in our OBEAH SPIRITUAL GARDEN as Obara has been doing from day one on this blog!

To all our peepers, it’s a new year. Please join us and come forth and leave your fears here and walk in you truth and your light. We stand with you and we are here with non judgmental eyes.


(((Hug up me sister Yazzy, happy 2015))))

Yes, Obara tell you baby thanks for the “meadow” that has become our sacred place.

MTH, be strong and remember there is “no place like home”, when you feel alone, we are here. NuNu puss love you…Ty, YW, kia, Toy and all names not written (me emotional now) peace and love to you all.

Obara fi you love can’t done.


((((Big hugsss to me sis Cami hottaz!!! Happy 2015!!!!))))) I missed you so much!!

Mi nuh know di use a tail till fly tek it cah mi nah realize how much mi dig yuh till mi nuh see yuh. Both you and Kia have mi heart weak! Unuh hurry back home plaza and tonks! Seriously!

Cami mi grudge yuh fi yuh nice nice vacay weh yuh guh pan and di food dem weh yuh get fi nyam (although mi de pan a vegan/vegetarian diet) but mi still grudge yuh!! Lolol. Mi grudge yuh seh yuh guh spend time wid ur beau and alllll dese tings!! Bwouy a happy fi yuh suh tilllll!!! A hope yuh grant Toy her hearts desires of the likkle Bambino weh yuh did fi come back wid!!! πŸ˜€

I know you had a blast and I’m happy you back home with us!!! Yaayyyyyyyy!!!


Hi Obara and Fam…. SeaQueen glad you are part of the family.


Happy weekend Toy!! What’s up sweetie?? Thanks so much for being so amazingly sweet. Kisses!


Later guys.


Hey Mth, Nunu, and Ty. I will come back later.


MTH, I’m very Happy for you babe! Happy and proud! Dweet mi Chica! Dweet!


Good afternoon, everyone. I am reading to catch up.


Prefect M, Happy Weekend! Mi glad yuh de a farin mi hottaz!! You are already living ya dreams! Now fi di college and di marriage and di change of seasons and yuh busssss!! M, -24 degrees??? No man… Dat sound like yuh de a Russia to kakerclaartz!


Good afternoon, folks, Seaqueen first time reading your garden and I agree with you 100% about living in your truth. If we don’t live for who we are and what we believe and stand firm in it, deep down we’ll never be happy and we won’t be able to receive what’s ours. I identify with you because I understand that Piscean personality. I am happy you’re a part of the family and you know we love you too.


Nunu Chica! What’s up hottaz? Mi feel like a mawd ooman a bawl and a lafd and ready fi kin o a inna wi garden to backfoot. It cyah right!


Awww, thanks nunu! *hugs*…That is one of the biggest things for me to get over. You are so right, It sucks having that kind of fear. I am here to stay so you have to get used to me lol…nah go nuh weh. Especially when I get my entertainment from the “twins” lol… mi love unnu!


SQ, fear builds strength over time.

KiaB…Happy 2015 Mumms.


Welcome Camshiecartago….all the best for 2015….


Hey baby girl Ty!




Hey Camshiecartago! Happy you popped in. Nice to see ya πŸ™‚


Big up Camshiecartago…Happy 2015!

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