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I have extended the start date of the Makeup Class of Recognizing and Removing Negative Energies to next week Saturday, the 15th of August.

NOTE: These classes are for serious people. Please keep that in mind before inquiring about them.

Obara Meji wants to thank all the people who are apart of these courses of OMOU (Obara Meji Osun University – Online Introduction) and I know that you have discovered, within the classes, a wealth of information that in no way you would have learned on your own or through cyber world. I wanted you all to know that I decided to begin the online courses with dispelling negative energies first because this is a major thing that is ruining many lives throughout the world unbeknownst to them. The way your boss treats you, the way you treat your husband/wife, the way you interact with your children, or why you are not happy in a relationship or cannot find one. Why is it that you cannot conceive or have children? Or if you do, a miscarriage happens or the child is born with an emotional or physical problems. Some may have problems getting a job or keeping one, getting money or keeping it or problems with a social life and much more.

This world that we live in is operated through chaos, this is a fact, and with everything, balance has to be. The “dispelling negative energies” course, addresses how to align oneself (creating balance) while removing negative energies which have attracted themselves or which other people have sent onto you, as in the case of Obeah or Juju, which are very real. It was fitting to begin here as many lives have been ruined and some have even died, not realizing that they have been attacked by this form of Spiritual Vampirism. It IS important for us to know how to protect ourselves and our families so that we can live a balanced life in harmony with not only nature but with ourselves, loving and peaceful among our fellow men, which will promote health, prosperity, walking in and of the light, and eventually being able to know yourself and who you are. The process of living a good life without all the negatives that the physical eyes cannot see which can be attached to the human being is not at all difficult but it is only to know – and there lies the problem, because many walk in darkness not understanding the importance of taking care of your spiritual self.

This post is to announce the next set of classes that will be coming up. We are still on the topic of Spiritual Baths and Cleansing as it is very extensive. The first half of this course (4 weeks / 4 classes ) that is now happening is about the Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies. The second half (5 weeks / 5 classes) will be about the Pulling of Positive Energies into your lives.

As the first 4 weeks course comes to an end, I will be doing the “Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies” classes over again for a new set of people who would like to participate in those classes as I have gotten some emails from people who have requested makeups. Even though after this next set of classes, I will not teach this course again. I will be doing these classes for the few weeks of break before I begin the classes of Pulling of Positive Energies.

Also, I would like to know all persons who are interested in learning about the Ifa/Orisa tradition. This is to know if I should prepare a course on this topic in the future. I just want to know from all interested persons if it is worth it for me to do that course.

The makeup course on the Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies will have to begin on Saturday, the 15th of August.

**For all who are interested in participating in either Recognizing and Removing Negative Energies or Pulling Positive Energies as parts of the Spiritual Baths and Cleansing course, please send me an email between now and the start of these classes so that I can send you the details of the classes (including price, format outlining each class and what is to be expected in each, and timing/dates).

*The second half of this Spiritual Baths and Cleansing course, which is the Pulling of Positive Energies will begin on the 29th of August.

If you have other inquiries pertaining to these classes or other upcoming classes, send me an email with your questions.

You can also click on the OMOU Online Classes page for updated information on classes.

Looking forward to seeing all of you,

Have a blessed day,

Obara Mèjì

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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alex afam
alex afam

whc set should i join now


How can I sign up?


[…] Update: This post has been edited. I will be doing a Spiritual Baths and Cleansing Course beginning on the 15th of August. This course is on the Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies. See here. […]


Am interested in the make up classes Obara. Thanks. Good evening all.


Emailing you about the makeups Miss Obara! 🙂


yes. The first set of classes.


I would love to learn about Ifa /Orisha traditions my Obara..so when you ready mevk mi know doo!!


Send me an email with details please

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