May 26, 2017 Obara Meji 49Comment

Last night I was tired of binge watching old episodes of Gun Smoke (huge crush on Matt Dillon the Marshall), so I decided to go through some of my older posts and read them over. I must say sometimes my own stories fascinates me. I made sure to stay away from the ones that would conjure up some bad memories, after binging on Matt Dillon for days now my mood is quite good, happy. I came upon this post and after reading it, I was still wowed by this anonymous story. When I re-read the post last night, I had…

July 5, 2016 Obara Meji 31Comment

Good day my people. I hope all are well. I received an email from a new blogger, (a lot of new people are here, most of the old ones have gone or are just peeping) who asked for me to write on this topic. I have touched on this topic before (I do not remember the name of the post) but it is a topic that I believe is worthy to write on again, and this time more in depth. Below is a part of the email the blogger sent in, I have asked her permission to share. (more…)

February 9, 2015 Obara Meji 69Comment

As you may remember I wrote a post titled “Sex Dreams”, where I recounted being sexually (touched) by spirits who, because I had spoken earlier in the day to a friend and confessed that I had been celibate for over two years, they came in the night to appease what they believed I was lacking. I now know who they were and why THEY came. There are beings within the Universe who are called INCUBUS/SUCCUBUS, (mine were not them), and they are REAL. Make no doubt about it, they are very real energies and they also have their malevolent place in this world. Some will…

July 25, 2014 Obara Meji 316Comment

In recent posts I have written about Sex and spirituality. I have even told stories of sexual encounters I have had with spirits read this, and even though those encounters were in the dream world, I woke up feeling sated and tired as if I had ran a marathon. In my real life, I do not discuss Sex, at least not in public, it is a hard subject for me to speak on because hard as this may be for you all to fathom, I am quite shy. Behind a computer screen you can be who you want to be,…

May 31, 2014 Obara Meji 113Comment

Sex is a good thing when not abused. It is something that humans enjoy more than any other species created by God. Sex was given to us for procreation. In the physical world animals makes use of it as such, but humans, because of free will, uses it At will, however, whenever and wherever they please. Sex can be as Salacious or as lewd as you want it, depending who you are and your lustful ways, mind or manner and it could be dignified and purposeful, enjoyed through love and peaceful union. Regardless of its use there is but one…

December 8, 2011 Obara Meji 78Comment

Here is an article I would like to share with you all about sex. The writer has written on the topic of spiritual sex and I believe that it is a beautiful topic. In this article he shares with us how sex can open up our hearts to love and also channel certain energies that can lead to our spiritual evolution. I believe that sex is beautiful on all accounts if treated with care and respect, and by that I mean, it should never be forced upon anyone (rape), and  it is never to be treated casually,….. these things should be cautioned. As I have said Before Osun my Guardian Angel,…

July 17, 2011 Obara Meji 70Comment

I woke up this morning thinking of my spiritual husband. I was told years ago by a spiritualist (more than one actually), about my spiritual husband with whom I have incarnated with many a life times, but NOT, in this current life, because my work here on earth was not complete I had to come back, but he could not. He has achieved Nirvana and will never come back to earth. I knew they were correct when they told me so because ever since I was a child I have felt his presence with me, watching over me, protecting me, teaching me, loving me.  I…

May 28, 2011 Obara Meji 80Comment

As you know my intention with this blog  is to share my experiences and this may at times open for discussions things that may be Taboo.  A reader suggested to me yesterday that I should explain about Spiritual Sex, and he told me what he wanted to know and immediately an experience came to mind. I will not however write about that today as it will take some time for me to pull that story out of my memory before I can compose it for you, but I will tell you today about an experience that happened a long time ago that makes…