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Non-physical beings who assist each human being on their journey to Earth from birth to death transition.

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  1. if we really have guides,why then do some people go to sleep and dont wake up? were there guides nt strong enough to protect them. how can one being that press him during sleep. tnx

    1. We all know that life as humans knows it will end on this planet one day for most. The exit out is only known to our higher self. Some people’s choose to leave that way, going to sleep and never waking up. Our guides are not with us to tell us what to do. They are with us to assist us along the way. If it is time for the humans to leave this earth and he or she has chosen this way to leave , even the guide cannot stop this. If you do not understand this then one day when you become Awake, you will . I bid you love and light Bob

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