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From the Yoruba Tradition:  On the one hand, Odu is a deity. She was the most loved wife of Orunmila, God of Wisdom and Divination.

On the other hand, Odu is a live energy. It refers to the coded language that appears when Ifa is cast. There are 256 Odu(s) with 16 Major Odu(s), recognizable by the word “meji” in their names. There are 240 permutations of Odu. For easier understanding, Odu(s) are one’s Book of Destiny or akashic record. An Odu is marked by a trained Babalawo in a series of markings, strokes marked from right to left, the markings form the insignia of the Odu. Upon completion there will be four series of strokes on the right from top to bottom and same on the left. Each pattern has a name (or Odu). For example, Obara Meji is an Odu which sits in seventh place, as Odu place are unalterable.

Here are some helpful posts for further understanding of ‘Odu’:

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