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I definitely have used urine, around my house and it kept the living devil away and I’ve had spiritual attacks attempts in my sleep that I’ve used Obara’s teaching and drank my pee (read in the urine post). Long story short I dreamt a spider bit me I was...

I was (in about 2013/2014) told not to wear at all because of my temper and it’s just not a good color for me. However most recently Ive been told that Eleggua who’s colors are red and black, has been fighting for me spiritually. And before I even knew...

That’s one of my biggest issues “BELIEVING” I’ve been disappointed and let down so much that it’s hard for me to allow myself to believe then in turn become excited and happy with belief that something will happen. I’m not a negative person. I encourage and am excited for...

So I just saw a post. That states that Kim Jong-Un is brain dead after having heart surgery. I’m going to dig some more and rally back.

Aww mums ur in lockdown. You ok? I want to come home so bad. But you already the airport lock. definitely a drink to Obara you my dear!

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