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Embracing Spirituality is a loving community of metaphysical and spiritual study and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji. We believe in our duty of assisting the Earth in its shift and the evolution of mankind, as all begin to embrace the spirituality that is them.
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Do you burn incense? Read this before you do! https://t.co/qCoyNEDJ23
105 days ago
"...and one can not do so if you are cocooned or trapped in one perspective." [2]
156 days ago
"When a person is ready to leave their religion, it is like removing the top of a calabash that has been enclosed.… https://t.co/RAzNElgy4D
156 days ago
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Thank you. I always look forward to your New Year predictions. Ase!

Thanks for the post, Obara Meji. It was very insightful and revealing at the same time. As you can see from my name, I'm a twin. Let me just say, my own twin has always been envious about me. I'll let you read between the lines and thie topic of...

These last few days I've been feeling tired and lethargic. Anyway, I did the ritual, and m expecting lots of good things from now on. Moving forward. Thank you so much for sharing it with us Obara Meji Àṣẹ

I appreciate your message! My Earthday is September 11th. Edited to add: Belated Earthday wishes!

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