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Embracing Spirituality is a loving community of metaphysical and spiritual study and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji. We believe in our duty of assisting the Earth in its shift and the evolution of mankind, as all begin to embrace the spirituality that is them.
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Do you burn incense? Read this before you do! https://t.co/qCoyNEDJ23
105 days ago
"...and one can not do so if you are cocooned or trapped in one perspective." [2]
156 days ago
"When a person is ready to leave their religion, it is like removing the top of a calabash that has been enclosed.… https://t.co/RAzNElgy4D
156 days ago
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Thank you Kay :)Who know better, will do better.

Greetings to Obara and the readers of this blog :)This concept may be difficult for many of us to grasp but I encourage you to open your minds as this information will likely help you to save the lives of those you care for. I have seen and heard...

Great post Obara! This is full of depth and can be applied to so many situations. You provided explanations that were easy to understand. An yuh know mi eva love obeah related everything. Thank you!

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OBARA MEJI!!! View Comment
  • @IBQueen
  • July 22, 2017

I happened upon this post from three years ago, and I am grateful that you made the decision to continue blogging. It is amazing to see that technology has become a reliable tool for disseminating spirituality. Obara Meji you were chosen for a great work which will continue to...

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