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Great post Obara very informative, each day I am learning more and more, my eyes are wide open.

Great Post Obara.Its an inspiration, blessings to you.

Great post Obara! You are blessed.Back in the days growing up with my grandma at night we used the pail to pee in and every morning when we got up my cousin and I we use to take that pail and wash down in front of the gate with...

Woww Obara this was a big mouthful.I could say for myself that the baths are very important as I grew up with my grandmother and she use to really protect me.Obara you are are God sent and I have been through a lot in my life in my...

Wow this was a great story.Thanks for sharing so much of your life experience.These are really lesson's learnt.These real life stories really make more open my eyes more and more as my Grandmother use to say and more about life and people on a whole.2 wks going now and...

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