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Thank you Obara for the lovely and insightful post. You always ensure that your bloggers understand the metaphysics of rituals we would ordinarily have considered as simple. thank you for constantly impacting us with such crucial knowledge. love and light always

Greetings Obara. Went through the prophecies for 2021 and the 29th prophecy highlights a scandal that will cause embarrassment for people in power. It seems to match with the Meghan Markle and The royal family scandal. Spirit never lies. However, the shocker for me is the 33rd prophecy which states...

Good evening Obara, very interesting read and well written. I had the opportunity to be around Obara a few years ago and I must say that whenever I was around her, I could feel my vibration raised because she is a higher being. Whoever finds Obara must hold on...

Even with the shift that is currently ongoing, a lot of humans have still chosen to remain asleep. O ma se oooo

Thank you Kay, hopefully I pray ignorant people do not search for spiritual guidance and solution when it’s too late.

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