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Wedding to Funeral? Here’s a List of Life’s Celebrations… and the Tragedies That Follow Them

As with everything, every pro has its con. In this chaotic world, you can not find the negative…

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World Message! A New Harsh Energy Has Entered The Earth – And it is Taking People With It

From my writings, and perhaps from other sources that you may have read or have heard through, our…

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The Biggest Spiritual Problem: What Happens in the Spirit World When You Have a Spirit Spouse

What I am about to explain to you is something that disturbs most human beings on the planet,…

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Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched? Yes, There Are Spirits That Spy On Us

Good day one and all. There are many different spirits that have access to our world, some benevolent…

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Classes Are Up – Healing, Tarot Cards, and Mystical Experiments

Greetings everyone, This is a short post to announce that classes begin once again! The first 4-weeks course…

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