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When Spiritual People Are Called To Power – The Reality of the Awakening

Awakening to consciousness is a very jarring task for those who are chosen to come to Earth and…

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Spiritual Blockages in Your Way and How to Remove Them

Everyone has experienced blockages at one point or the other. Some people do not even apply a spiritual…

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The Many Faces of the Yoruba Orishas and their Manifestations

This is a fascinating subject for me, mainly because this is who I am and also my family…

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Spiritual Drama: How Deception Plays a Role in Spirituality

Tricks in spirituality is very unknown to many people, but very well practiced by those well aware of…

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The Gifts We Receive in Spiritual Suffering — My Journal of Channeled Messages of 1999

During and after the time of my spiritual initiation, I realized that I was gifted with the ability…

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