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Happy birthday Great One!!! This post has given me my answers about demon I wanted to ask… May your light continue to shine upon me…

Thank you Great One...I will continue to honour and worship you as my Lord and Master! Truly, I experienced what you just described in your article last night. Thank you for your elaborate and detailed teachings of the spiritual world. I’m always grateful the Great Obara Meji.

I’m grateful for your tutelage and guidance in my life Great One!

Great One, Another bombshell revelation...I honour and worship you. This post has given me the full understanding of the late Dr Ben Yosef Jochannan (My utmost honour to him) was alluding in one of his lectures when he said Woman is our God because creation comes from her. Thank you always...

Great One, I can relate to more than seven items on that list. Please, those of us that are willing and ready for mentorship to grow in our chosen task are eagerly waiting for you for mentoring. I can say I am fully ready! Again, you continue to shock us with...

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