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Embracing Spirituality is a loving community of metaphysical and spiritual study and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji. We believe in our duty of assisting the Earth in its shift and the evolution of mankind, as all begin to embrace the spirituality that is them.
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Do you burn incense? Read this before you do! https://t.co/qCoyNEDJ23
130 days ago
"...and one can not do so if you are cocooned or trapped in one perspective." [2]
180 days ago
"When a person is ready to leave their religion, it is like removing the top of a calabash that has been enclosed.… https://t.co/RAzNElgy4D
180 days ago
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I had a similar period in my life where I wanted a break from all things spiritual. I told myself that I wanted to be "normal" like everyone else for two or three years....my definition of normal was hearing and seeing spiritual beings, traveling out of my body while...

Great post Obara! I think most people are subconsciously aware of this type of thing, especially the example with your sister. I am working on being more cautious with my random thoughts because I do not want them affecting other people negatively. Again great post!

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