May 26, 2011 Obara Meji 7Comment

It is important for us to realize the importance of an Elder: they are deserving of respect  and honor. Respect is due to all and that is what we were taught as children growing up, where ever you grew up.  If you were not taught this at home by your parents, then the school would have filled you in. Age is honor and for a person to be blessed with long life, it is something wonderful. In Africa when an elder is praying for you the first words that are uttered are  “May you have Long Life”  and then Health, and…

May 25, 2011 Obara Meji 171Comment

There’s a Yoruba proverb that says  “When the normal becomes abnormal, evil is at work” Whenever in life you notice that every thing that used to be bright and sunny, has now turned to gloom;  your husband wants a divorce, the children are acting up, maybe they are using drugs or staying out late, if they are babies they are crying more often and you are loosing your patience with them or you lose your job, your own dog bit you, the house burns down, suddenly you a health nut falls sick or any thing that is out of the norm starts…

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Any one that knows me knows that I am always teaching, and sharing a lot of my Spiritual Experiences with those who care to know.  I have often explained that there is no such thing as death. Only the  physical body dies, but the spirit lives on. We all have a spiritual double that lives on the astral planes. While we are on our journey here that twin of ours, hovers closely by. In the blog about reincarnation, I wrote about the me watching me Obara Meji in the visions, who seem to know exactly what is happening and is not afraid of…

May 25, 2011 Obara Meji 4Comment

I never knew my Grandfather while I was growing up, he died when my mother was still a teenager,  but according to my mother he was a great father, he would come to see her in Lucea, Hanover where she lived with her mother, (he lived in Montego Bay). She said he came often and took her to the fair and spend time with her. She loved him.  We did not have a picture of him, but he lived with us, oh yes he did. Because I was always afraid as a child many nights I slept between my parents, (how my mother ended up…

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My mother was a Spiritualist.  She knew Things.  Lots of things, she worked for the University Of The West Indies, as a theatre room technician, but whenever we were ill and that was not very often, she took care of us, no running us to the hospital to see the Doctor. My mother had a co-worker, I never knew her name, I just remember that she was very dark-skinned, with sad-looking eyes and she would visit my mother ever Saturday and sit on the verandah while my mother prepared medicines for her to drink, I was about six or seven years old…

May 25, 2011 Obara Meji 6Comment

As a child growing up in Kingston Jamaica, I was always afraid, of what, I wasn’t always quite sure, but in the day time I was fine until night began to fall and I would worry about going to sleep especially if my sister who shared the room with me was in the country with our Grandmother and I had to sleep by myself. Something always did not feel right. I felt that there were people around me all the times and I did not know how to explain it.  Jamaican parents insists that their children wash their feet before…

May 24, 2011 Obara Meji 21Comment

This (the above title), consists of quietly concentrating attention on the heart and the region between the heart and solar plexus,  which is the physical correspondence of the Spiritual Heart; for there is the true tabernacle of the divine presence whose temple is the human body.  It should be the focus of our careful attention, in order that we may be able to hear the voice of our Spiritual Witness, and maintain the vital fire. (more…)

May 24, 2011 Obara Meji 4Comment

One night I had a vision that I was somewhere that seemed like a vast plain lush and green and beautiful, with me with an old Chinese man. He had a look like one of those Kung Fu masters with his hair held up on his head with a piece of cloth and his clothes was a light blue smock along with the pant under it. He had a quiet, wise, master full expression and as I stood beside him there was another me that I could not see that was watching the me that was there who seemed along with the man to be expecting something.  (In…

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I once use to attend this spiritual church. The church started at nights around nine and it was a lot of fun, the place was very small but lively. The mother for the church was a short fat dark skin woman who liked to control her members. I was not a member but I use to attend with some of my friends because of the fun-loving friendly atmosphere more than anything else. This was way back then. After a while I started to have a funny feeling about the woman who I felt that something was not right with, and I would go home…

May 24, 2011 Obara Meji 1Comment

Understanding  our position here on earth or our journey here can be quite challenging for us, especially if you are not spiritually attuned to the soul connection within your self. The earth and the outer universe is alive and pulsating in tune with the human body. Man has created his own existence and has carved his own fate and is able to redeem his own self when his path gets rocky or rough but has no idea of this! Until we slow down and begin to study our own actions and sense of being and acknowledge the forces that are of nature,…