May 24, 2011 Obara Meji 1Comment

Understanding  our position here on earth or our journey here can be quite challenging for us, especially if you are not spiritually attuned to the soul connection within your self. The earth and the outer universe is alive and pulsating in tune with the human body. Man has created his own existence and has carved his own fate and is able to redeem his own self when his path gets rocky or rough but has no idea of this! Until we slow down and begin to study our own actions and sense of being and acknowledge the forces that are of nature,…

May 24, 2011 Obara Meji 35Comment

Choose to be kind, Choose to be humble, for the ego has no place in the world unless you accommodate it, let you life flow and never allow the negative thoughts that will sometimes overwhelm you in your every day existence to rule your mind. Make an effort to live a calm life, pull good and positive vibrations into you life, share good knowledge with your friends, family and even strangers. LOVE your self!! (more…)

May 24, 2011 Obara Meji 144Comment

What do we as individuals have to offer the world, what is our reason of being, where do we go when we die, is there an after life or does the body go the ground and that’s the end of that?.. what or who is God? how does he look and, is he really a man, or is he/she some type of alien looking being, if there is a God, why does he/she allow some to suffer, while others strive, why has he allowed some diseases that has no cure which causes the suffering of human being and their families to grieve, this…