Why palms should not touch when shaking

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I’ve been hearing more and more from some ppl that you should not shake hands with palms touching and instead shake by holding above the wrists.
I know there is a spiritual rational behind it but I never bothered to ask. I figure that maybe it has something to do with chakra points but not sure beyond that general view.
So are there any dangers in making the palms touch?

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Hi Mike,
I don’t have a metaphysical reason for this because I’ve never heard of it but I have my own personal reasons (I personally do not shake hands). Let’s take obeah, for example, a person can destroy another person’s progress with a handshake. This is done through incantations. A person speak certain “power words” into their palm and shake their target’s hand and this can do a number of things: swap their glory, remove their money, stagnate their lives etc.
But in metaphysics, this is also an act of dominance (if the person knows how to do it). In shaking hands, the person can either retain dominance over the other person or he can give over his power.

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Thx for the reply Obara. I appreciate it very much.

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