Having spirits on oneself

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Can someone hide themselves with a spirit on them so that no one can read what they are doing?

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Yes, a person can and there are many ways of doing it.

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Wow thanks for responding. I didn’t know if it was possible. A psychic told me that someone I asked about has a spirit on him hiding him and she could not read him. I have been having strange vibes from my mothers husband but can not pinpoint what it is. Now I’m clueless as too what he is hiding or doing cause things have not been right in her life as lately with everything going bad. Is there ways to find out what he is up too and why he have a spirit on him?

Also I should mention that she have gotten psychic readings before and at each time they have told her about a man to be careful of that he wants to destroy her but no one can say who it is only that it is a close relative to her husband. She neither her husband are close or even see his family because he decided he doesn’t want to be around them. What I want to know also is, is it possible for him to have his dead brother or relative on him and that’s who the psychics are picking up in her reading?

There can be many ways to hide a person spiritually. One of them is through spiritual work. If he has been doing any bad spiritual work against you or your mother, the practitioner can hide him spiritually, so that who ever you go to to find out who is responsible for the obeah, they will not be able to see him.

To be able to move the spirit is through sacrifice. I just wrote a post on sacrifice so you can read about what it is.

But do remember that psychics are different from practical diviners. The psychics are those who see with their oracle, and the practical diviner can see AND give a solution to what he has seen.

I want to advise you: Do not focus on WHO may be trying to harm you or your mother. Finding out who will only cause vengeance or negative feelings within you. Focus on how to fix it or how to overcome this person instead, and the Universe will handle the enemy on your behalf.

Thanks for your advice. We are eager to find a solution to what is happening. We aren’t revengeful, but it would be good to know who we can trust especially because we live with him.

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