Having spirits on oneself

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Can someone hide themselves with a spirit on them so that no one can read what they are doing?

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Alafia, I’d saved this link and just so happen to see it in the toolbar, it came right on time. I went to see a Palera with a friend of mine because he was interested in knowing who crowned him (I had already told him about setting up an Egun altar), so he asked me to go with him.  She tells us to come back when her husband was there, so we say ok.   But she was already reading us as a couple, which we are not. I did not offer any information other than my name.

So we go back and her husband, the Palero, reads my friend and then they say it wouldn’t read him because I had “the dead” on me. She asks had a attended a funeral within the last 6 months, and I had. So she says to go to the doorway and they were then able to read him.   They say they have to clean me and they sage me off, then he divines who has my head.  It felt very strange and a little off.  They were very nice and forthcoming. The straight up said that if they weren’t a good fit, continue to journey and no offense taken.  Would this be a case of “hiding”?  Is it possible for Egun to be working in a protective capacity?  But I was feeling very drained for a while.  It had subsided shortly before the reading.  I covered my head in white that night after a salt bath. Thanks for sharing this info!

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Hi Alana King,

No, that is not a case of “hiding”. Perhaps when you attended that funeral, something attached itself to you. That is always possible. I may write a post on it.

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