My husband is tied

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  1. cI was told that the woman that’s after my husband has him tied up in a glass jar. What should I do, because he paying her bills etc
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You said you were “told”. Did you get a reading done by someone? If so, that spiritualist should be able to offer you some kind of solution to remove the tie if there is actually is one. If not, then I would suggest getting a reading done first to find out what is really going on and then have the spiritualist give you a solution or recommend you to a practioner who has that knowledge.

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Yes I had two readings. But she has been working on us for a while and she couldn’t get me to walk away from the relationship so she started to work on him. She working his mind

There’s a post on here titled “Symptoms Of Tying/Binding”. Read that post because it gives tips and advice if you’re going through this.

After you do that, I personally suggest you contact Obara. She’s been through your exact situation and knows it pretty well from both a spiritual and personal perspective. In the post I mentioned (I think) she also mentions the different ways a person can be tied and one of those ways are more difficult to pull than the others. So I suppose it’s important to know how your husband was tied, I’m not sure.

However, be prepared to get another reading. Obara doesn’t do anything without spirit leading her, so she will probably want to read you herself to find out what’s going on and the right way to solve it.

Thank you. I’ll read the post first

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