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Hi!In the last months I have been having very difficult and serious fights with my boyfriend.These had a very bad influence on our lives.It became very toxic.He is initiated in Ifa and recently we asked for a divination for myself (I have heard about Ifa only when I met him). Ifa said that I have a very strong presence of Egbe and that I never sleep alone, cause they visit me in the night. Some of them don’t want my partner in my life and make his stay uncomfortable. The truth is that I have been having vivid dreams my whole life. Especially about and with water. I sleep talk and walk quite often. Sometimes I would go to him in the middle of the night while he’s working and talk in my mother tongue, which he doesn’t speak. In the morning I wouldn’t remember it.Quite often when I had turbulent periods in life I dreamed of presences in the room (under my bedsheets,in the closet,standing at the door etc).But I thought it is stress and my imagination.

I started reading about Egbe a lot since but to be honest I am afraid, because it caused so much pain,instability and tears. The ritual will be done in Yorubaland, but I would like to know why is it that this energy is this much disbalanced and causes so much struggle and suffering?With every partner I have ever had.

Our friend suggested Egbe initiation but right now it is not possible. I am a bit scared and feel like I have no control

Thank you for your wonderful blog and I will keep reading it!

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Hi Dina, I will give you a scenario for your better understanding.

Imagine a world that is far away and perhaps different from the world you know. Now imagine that in that world, you are “special”, meaning you hold some sort of powerful position (does not have to be President or Queen, it can even be the leader of a club, or perhaps you’re responsible for something important).

In that world, you are loved, you are happy, you have a husband and children, social and professional life. One day the Government calls and you have to go in to see them. They tell you that you have been assigned to go to Earth and “shine your light” there (“shine your light” here means to play your role in the Earth society which will bring about change of some form, however small or big).

Now in your world, you are all aware of Earth, but you lack certain knowledge about that realm. You, especially persons like you who are socially active and/or politically so in your world are held in high regard or esteem among your society, and you know that the day will come when you may be DRAFTED to Earth, but that was just a “may be”.

You inform your husband about your new journey and he is outraged; the children are crying and your society will ask who will be their leader now? Yet there is nothing that you or those outraged can do, the law is the law, and your number was chosen for this specific mission.

You meet with your group and assure them that you will be back soon. You hug and pamper the children promising that you will love no other children but them. You embrace your husband and swear to him that when you arrive on Earth, you will never marry nor have any intimate relationship with anyone else.

All of these promises are oaths and contracts that you have created and signed.

Now unbeknownst to you and your spirit family, you have no idea that upon arriving on Earth, your memory of them and that life would be wiped clean. As you come out of the womb, the spirit enters the body and you shout, crying at the 9 month arduous journey. You’re now in human flesh. In a new world. On a mission and a new life to experience.

As you grow, your spirit family watches you from the shadows; your husband watches, the children play with you as a baby/child, your human mother sees you smile at odd times or giggle at “nothing” as babies tend to do. At times you as a baby, your eyes look around as if seeing something, but speech is not given to you as yet, because the Universe does not want you to relay what you are experiencing to humans. As you grow, their presence is still around but you no longer have the ability to acknowledge them. The human world sets in and you have now lost awareness of their presence.

The spirits grow confused, the husband is outraged at your first kiss and also seeing you with “that boy”. He begins to let his presence be known. Now, all of your relationships fail, or miscarriages begin to happen, the society you led now makes it impossible for you to have friends.

Dina, you are not from this world, neither am I. Earth is only a human experience, before it and after it you are from somewhere else. You came from a place where you once had a family who you made a promise to. They are not evil or bad (that is our human emotions that makes us interpret it as such), if anything, they (the Egbe) just loves you too much and does not want you to enjoy your earth’s experience. Why? Because then you will return home. They do not want you to forget them.

Initiation is the only way to appease them properly, if you get it done be sure it is done by competent people.

I have a definition on Egbe in the glossary that might be helpful as well.

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In relation to this question…. Can someone’s egbe/ spiritual family be powerful enough to kill their member here on earth in order for them to return back to the spirit world and reunite.?

Absolutely, it happens all the time. But death of the human form within this world is not anything that those beyond our world see as “wrong”. We mourn the loss of those we are familiar with or love, but in actuality what we mourn is their physical form, the relationship we had with them, and how we feel about them. They, on the other hand (the spirit) see death as a release and so they return to their family or to another assignment.

Also, even though this is how we wrote our contract to come to Earth, while here we do have the ability to rewrite bits of the contract (i.e. lengthen our lives if we were destined for only a few years, elude sickness or death, etc.) and we can also renegotiate our contract with the Egbe family to placate them while also being able to live our lives normally. As mentioned before, if Egbe will kill someone to return them home, that decision can be seen and changed by renegotiating the contract through “initiation” (the initiation process is really about receiving a port of contact between you and your Egbe and keeping them satisfied thus keeping your life undisturbed).

I should also mention that “renegotiating” means that the contract will now work positively for you rather than against you.

The Egbe is not emotionally aware of what they are doing to your life on Earth. They are simply acting according to the contract created by the spirit before coming to Earth.

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