My wife (divorced me) was tied by a horrifically Fat ugly woman who practices wicca

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I was married to my childhood sweetheart for over 16 years when a FAT, UGLY, smelly woman tied my wife and took her from me.  My wife was my best friend.  She was my everything.  I have been absolutely heartbroken when this ugly trash can took my wife from me.  I have tried everything to get her untied, but she along with my Ugly mother-in-law were tied and bound to this ugly creature from the black lagoon.  I am 1000% certain that this was due to a binding because there was nothing anyone could have done to separate my wife from me and my wife would have NEVER divorced me and married this fat ugly, God forsaken beast from hell.  There is no way anyone would go near this ugly creature.  Also, after reading Obara’s post on the symptoms of tying, I found out that it matched my case exactly.  My wife’s personality changed, she disappeared in the middle of the night and she cut off contact with anyone and everyone who loved her and tried to talk sense into her.  She walked away from her entire life and almost her entire life savings and she gave up everything to be with this fat ugly bitch.  This ugly whore has a child whom my wife now takes care of (instead of having her own kids).  I am very afraid for what will eventually happen to my wife.  What happens to people who are bound or tied for many years?  What becomes of their lives or how does their life end up?  Do they ever recover on their own?

Will the ugly wiccan beast who tied my wife be brought to justice in this life or do I have to wait for her judgement?  I have prayed that God allows me to cast the ugly soul who tied my wife into the the eternal fire once he delivers her judgment.  And I pray that God will allow this.

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I want to add that at the time of my wife’s disappearance, i consulted a spiritualist (who I believe is a gypsy) and she asked me for some things from my wife and I believe this gypsy helped bind my wife to this woman…. I’m pretty sure she used the things she asked me for to assist this beast in binding my wife. So, I’m unsure how to break this binding spell and restore my wife to her normal self. I really need help … I have tried so many things and I have consulted people from all over the world.

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Sorry to hear this. I recommend you seek spiritual help and also emotional help because I can see that it hurts you. My area of specialty is spirituality so I recommend getting a divination done first to hear from the spirits (there might be more to the story that you should know) and the right solution will be given. Solutions are not always one size fits all, so divinations are always the best way to start.

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