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I have been reading your blogs over the past two weeks and it has raised some questions. I am not trying to question God’s Power, because I know it exists, but why do people have to suffer. When is enough is enough?

Why God does not step-in or undo Obeah/Witchcraft/Curses that has been placed on innocent victims, especially after victims pleas the blood of Jesus over their lives and are constantly asking for relief in prayer? For instance, a baby father being tied, like in Obara’s case. There are so many repercussions, ie fragmented a family unit, children are without a father, income in the unit is lost, the woman is left feeling helpless and lost.

If God does not step-in, the victim is forever impacted by the Obeah/Witchcraft/Curse. What is he/she can’t afford a spiritualist or better yet, never find a trustworthy competent spiritualist? What if the spiritualist cannot find a solution or cannot undo what has been done?

Can you write a blog on “Why doesn’t God step-in”?

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This is a really interesting question. Can’t wait to see Obara’s response.

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Thank you Elia. I was nervous about posting and wasn’t sure that my question even made sense. Like, are there certain factors that are necessary for God to intervene? Just so sad that people are inflicted by evil and I am wondering WHY prayer doesn’t wash the evil away.

Just like you, I also cannot wait to read Obara’s response.

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