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I have been reading your blogs over the past two weeks and it has raised some questions. I am not trying to question God’s Power, because I know it exists, but why do people have to suffer. When is enough is enough?

Why God does not step-in or undo Obeah/Witchcraft/Curses that has been placed on innocent victims, especially after victims pleas the blood of Jesus over their lives and are constantly asking for relief in prayer? For instance, a baby father being tied, like in Obara’s case. There are so many repercussions, ie fragmented a family unit, children are without a father, income in the unit is lost, the woman is left feeling helpless and lost.

If God does not step-in, the victim is forever impacted by the Obeah/Witchcraft/Curse. What is he/she can’t afford a spiritualist or better yet, never find a trustworthy competent spiritualist? What if the spiritualist cannot find a solution or cannot undo what has been done?

Can you write a blog on “Why doesn’t God step-in”?

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Hi Jesuslovesus, I can see and even sympathize with why you ask these questions.
There was a time when I wondered the same. A time when I was not spiritually awake. I had no idea that we were all here on separate journeys and that we all had light to shine so others can walk within our light and we walk within theirs. I did not know that we are all here to serve each other, and that ALL we experiences here on this planet could never be ALL good, because “good and bad” equals balance which we need to find upon our journey. I did not know that the world we chose to come to was chaotic, and as such we wrote these painful encounters into our life book, our destiny.

How could I have know that “The wicked baby father” was appointed by me, to wake me up to who I am supposed to be, and that what he and his wicked women and evil family did to me, assisted me to finding my self, albeit painful. How could I have realized from early, through sadness and pain that they are my helpers, and that what they were doing to me at the time was allowing me to grow, evolve, learn, become stronger. They were shaping me to BECOME me. Who would have known that the day would come, like now, that I would thank them. My mother whose love I craved but did not get, was my greatest teacher.

Now unto God. God had done its job. We were created. A Mother gives birth to the child. He attempts to walk, he falls. If she picks him up every time he falls and cry at his knees being scraped, if she make a decision to shield him from hurt and pain, will he ever learn to walk?
Will the child grow, become independent, can we learn if we do not experience? Can we fight if we have never been in a fight, or have experience fights, or been in a battle?
When you are awake you will see what I mean, and will never ask these questions again. Most of your enemies were chosen by you before you came into being (others are fillers, clashing engergies etc.) . See them, and try to understand the lesson they bring and are teaching you, then learn and teach from the experience. In doing this, you become elevated.

Spirituality needs to be taught in schools, so that humans can begin to understand what is suffering, and how to endure or surpass it.
Everything begins with the understanding that we are all here to serve each other.

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