Nature Realms

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Are there nature realms other than water and fire? If so, have you done or will you do any posts about them? Thanks!

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Hi Each week I travel 2.5 hours away from my home to temporary rent a room in someone’s home weekly for college. I stay about 2-3 days a week then return back home. She’s an 85 year ole lady from a Spanish culture & from Colombia. Recently, I started having lots of headaches & stomach aches. Other strange happenings were occurring around me negatively. I noticed I start to loose a lot of energy & feels tired and sleeps a lot getting no college work done. Often feeling confused on things. I found water beside my bed hidden in a small container. I poured it out then the headaches & tummy aches stopped immediately. She’s always asking me how long I’m going to stay and will I stay with her forever! One day she left a note by the bed for me that said “Hi! Wellcome Home!” It had an evil smile and a flower on it.

Of course I was lead to open a small bible, pray and let it sit on Psalm 91.

I wanted to see if the ole lady has been going into the room when I’m in school & not present. So I started to chant and ask the Spirit to show me and to my amaze she has been…A couple days after my arrival she brought me another token knitted in the form of a flower just like the one on the note that she left by my bed. I placed the knitted flower back in her bedroom. Each week, she tries to give me strange tokens. One time a scarf to tie on my head. Then an old vintage spray perfume bottle. Each week I leave the items at her home; never taking them with me. She’s getting restlessness & agitated and I see strange anger outburst behaviors from her.

I honestly believe she has been trying to sabotage me & my college education. The strange happenings have been affecting me and my children.

What must I do to break this evilness? Is there a way to place an Oracle of protection around me? I really can’t afford to stay at another place.

Wow! Seek divination from either me or a competent spiritualist for the right solution for this.

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This was suppose to be a series, I did not finish. Most often when I write, the conditions I write under are strained. I am in Africa most of the time and at times there is no light, it’s hot and miserable. I am sweating and uncomfortable. My enemy back hurts and more. When i write and there is no interaction, as in people showing interest in all my efforts which i know they read, but they stay silent, I say why bother. People tend to want to email me with questions or text me instead of making a comment so others can learn can learn and we can all interact. I am all about us learning from each other, even I am still a student, still eager to learn from you.

I am not sure if I will finish the series. Sometime I’m feel like Mi ah waste me time writing all these things.

When I stop write and disappear off the internet, that is when you all will know the value of this blog.

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I’ve been hanging around your blog for days now, and i think i exhausted all the topics already. You’re indeed an eye opener and you write just what i wanna read. Keep writing ma’am, we appreciate you.

Thanks Bernice, but trust me there is way more for you to read, there are over 800 post or more.i have been at this for eight years now. It’s nice to be appreciated, thanks once again.

I spend a great deal of time on this blog and am very grateful for all the info you share. I hope you are moved to continue writing. The nature series was a very interesting read…that’s what made me ask the question.

Please do not get weary OM you are appreciated and loved and I need these lessons

You inspire, motivate and educate me. I’m a free thinker, am someone that is very curious, very intelligent, very ambitious and a big dreamer. So reading your articles in this blog is a reminder of far I have come and how far am willing to go. Reading your articles give me more understanding about this world and expand my perception for life and my perspective on life get deeper every single day.
We as humans has been kept so IGNORANT of REALITY and the fluid nature of reality.
Anything is possible if you realize how fluid reality is and how your perception becomes your reality.
And We have been kept in this tiny little box of ignorance.

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