Can you please help me to be free from what has been plaquing me since childhood!!!

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Hi Obara, I was led to your site since yesterday and I have not left it…I have read,,cried and even felt anger and pity towards myself concerning what I have learnt…I am in DEEP HELL!!! Please help me.. I have no joy, no peace, no happiness, no family, no friend, no home, no man,nothing…infact I tried suicide a few times and even tried presumptuously to walk into moving vehicles just to end my life in this miserable world…I don’t know if this is a hex, spell, generation curse, egbe or whatever etc…I am going through so much that I am even ashamed to write it here…please I beg of you i know and believe that you are capable, able and knowledgeable to help set me free from these bondages I’ve been in since childhood till now I’m an adult and its WORST… Mi pass zero…mi cyaa tek it no more!!!! Help me please!!!

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Give your life to Christ and it shall be well with you

I feel your pain. I really do…

I wish Obara would give some hope to those who are trapped in what seems like a never ending series of trials, tragedies and/or misfortune. Maybe tell us a story of someone who survived and came out at the other end? Maybe interview that person? Thanks

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