Spiders and cobweb

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What must be done to clear away spiders and cobwebs from inside and outside of my home. My husband keeps walking into them

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I will be honest. I really did not know what to make of this question which is why I did not make an initial comment.

I’m glad Obara was able to grasp it as now I too am enlightened.

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Hm. That definitely is not a good sign. It is an indication of juju (witchcraft). It is not natural. Or it can be a message from his ancestors.
The obeah part may be for many reasons, I can not tell for sure unless you get a divination. But if it is a message from nature, it means that there is a secret that he doesn’t know or something that he doesn’t know, Othat his way and/or progress is being blocked. Either way, it’s only if you seek some sort of divination to find out if it is an obstruction of his progress, a message from nature, or something he just needs to know.

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