Witchcraft broke up my family

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My sons father went to Jamaica for a friends wedding and his ex went as well he came back a few months later broke his lease moved in with her and proposed.11 years and a 5 year old son with him.He never wanted to be with this girl she had a kid after me with him and she was always jealous of us.He had his own place was so focused on getting things in place.and in a blink of an eye he is cold towards me and our son,aggressive,argues over anything,detached emotionally,like talking to a shell with a voice no soul inside.Am I going crazy because everyone is shocked like me this doesnt make any sense

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Lauren, I believe Kaee is spot on with her analysis.

I do believe this is a binding/tying. Too manu factors in this instance are too precise and downright ritualistic to seem otherwise.

1st we see the wedding of a friend so that alone means they would be in an atmosphere spiritually charged. A wedding in and of itself is a ritual.

2nd we see that they are isolated. From what you say my undetstanding is that they were now in a different country away from you.

3rd is the sudden change in personality.

Were it not for the 1st two instance it could have been anything from a mental imbalance to a wayward spirit attaching itself to your husband but the other 2 circumstances intuitively scream binding to me. I also think deep down that you suspect it as well.

As Kaee has suggested you should seek help from a competent spiritualist to further assist you.

thank you how do I find a good spirtulist to help

Well Lauren you are in the right place. Obara is a very good spiritualist so you could just email her.

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Kaee (anonymous) 1 Comment

I’m no expert but girl, that sounds like a tying job to me. If it looks unusual, chances are it IS! Have you read this post? You should. -> https://www.embracingspirituality.com/2015/11/09/symptoms-of-a-tyingbinding-a-person-through-the-act-of-obeah/
But it’s just a possibility… there can be other factors, but that’s what it sounds like. Check out that post and see if the description sounds like your situation.

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yes I read it.i just dont know what to do.pray,seek who,

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