To set an appointment for a Reading, Ifa Divination, or Dream Consultation, 
begin by selecting an available date from the calendar below:

Please consider the time difference between Nigeria and your residence before choosing an appointment time.

(ex: New York – 5 hours behind)

Calendar: West African Time Zone.
April 2018
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Important Read

Please consider time difference when booking appointments! The time above is the current time for Obara Meji and Oladayo’s time zone. Compare it to your own before booking your date and time.

*Please know that payment is non-refundable.

*Spiritual help starts with you. You must approach this method with two important things: faith and trust. Follow your own spirit and let it lead you.

*There is no specific “length of time” for any of the above services. Reading times vary depending on how much is revealed at the time.

*Readings are conducted over the phone. However, Dream Consultations can be conducted through chat if one chooses, or over the phone as well.