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Obara's Reading
This reading is detailed and can offer solutions with no time requirement. However, solutions can be offered by way of sacrifice through use of the Ifa oracle. This solution is time sensitive and requires immediate action. Through Obara’s Reading, the client’s own spirits (guides, ancestors, etc.) will give their message through the oracle and Obara interprets.

Ifa Divination
This divination uses a divination system called Ifa, done here in Yorubaland. This oracle does not speak as much as the reading above, but it gives important messages and offers immediate solution by way of sacrifice. This solution is time sensitive and requires immediate action. The reason for this is because to divine with this oracle brings down a “live energy”. That live energy will give the solution to a problem and requires the sacrifice within a few days as the live energy does not linger for long. If the live energy leaves without a fulfilled sacrifice, that solution is no longer valid.

Dream Consultation
This consultation is done with our Dream Interpreter, Oladayo. Dreams are extremely important and they must not be ignored. Dreams tell your (and others) past, present, and future. They reveal many things. However, it is also through this channel that spiritual attacks connect. But if one has a competent spiritualist to refer to immediately, such things can be avoided or quickly rendered. Oladayo’s consultations explores dreams/visions, recurring dreams, those unable to remember their dreams, those experiencing intense dreams which need immediate attention, or those under spiritual attack. Oladayo will consult with persons who feel they are experiencing any of the above and proper assistance will be given.


Important Read

Please consider time difference when booking appointments! The time above is the current time for Obara Meji and Oladayo’s time zone. Compare it to your own before booking your date and time.

*Please know that payment is non-refundable.

*Spiritual help starts with you. You must approach this method with two important things: faith and trust. Follow your own spirit and let it lead you.

*There is no specific “length of time” for any of the above services. Reading times vary depending on how much is revealed at the time.

*Readings are conducted over the phone. However, Dream Consultations can be conducted through chat if one chooses, or over the phone as well.


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