Guest Post Guideline

Before Submitting Your Post:
  • Personal Information - Please do not provide sensitive information such as email address, location, school, workplace etc. in your post. This applies to the personal information of others as well.
  • Your Perspective - Tell your story from your perspective. Be mindful of whose real name you use. Please respect the privacy of others.
  • Recommendations - We do love recommendations, but please do not provide the personal information of your local spiritualist/witch/wizard/reader/diviner etc. Recommending a good book, podcast, or article is perfectly acceptable.
  • Self Promotion - Please do not use Embracing Spirituality as a "self promotion" platform. We are interested in your story/topic and the teaching it will provide readers. The "Author Bio", social media, and website links you provide in your submission will be available beneath your post for those interested in learning more about the author.
  • Abusive Content - Please do not submit any content that may be abusive to another person/website. We believe strongly in freedom of expression, so if you are feeling pissed about something, feel free to express! But do so in a way that does not attack someone/something directly.

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