Good day to you all. I just wanted to share something I think is important. Many of you may not be able to wrap your heads around this, but never mind. The day will come for some of you, when you will begin to understand. In the mean time, it is my duty to let you in. These conversations have been around for sometime, some of you may know and some may not. Never mind scratching your heads about what is written here, read and later one day, it will eventually resonate. You will have no choice, as the world is changing. All I hope for is for all of you to realize that there is no suffering unless you buy into the idea. No sickness unless you own that energy, no deluge unless you call it to you. Life has its challenges, but face them and win. Use your own individual power, realize it. A rough road ahead, signals an unpleasant journey, but just for a little while. If you endure with little murmur, you will encounter the sweetest sap from life’s mystery tree. A smooth road may be fooling, choose well. Adjust your way of thinking and envisioning life. Try to pray for wisdom, and if it graces you, teach from it. No one holds the key to power, it too is an illusion. Take control of your own life, never release it to anyone. I have a job to do and I am doing  it. Continue reading



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That old saying “curiosity kills the cat” may be true, but have you ever thought that curiosity could be a lead way to finding your destiny? That finding your purpose could be done by what interests you most, what fascinates you, even to what could be the detriment (hence the saying) of you or perhaps the betterment? Yes, curiosity can lead you to your own demise, but perhaps it was written by you that way.

After all we all have a key to go home (leave this earth), something that will signal to the invisible world that it is time and we are ready. I will do a post on this later. Curiosity is something that could lead you to who you ought supposed to be, as in finding your purpose. If you study babies as they grow they are naturally curious, and it is this curiosity that teaches them. Curiosity is a very distinct part of the human mind and make up, something so natural we often pay it and its importance in our daily lives no mind. Recently one of my students asked me how will they know their purpose or find their destiny, why was she here? A simple automatic response came from me to her, “follow your curiosity,” I told her. What are you curious about? Continue reading



Have you ever placed your keys in a drawer, the same drawer you put it in every night when you come home, and wake up in the morning and it’s not there?

Or have you ever visited somewhere, a place that you have been before perhaps more than once or twice, but one day you go and everything looks totally different? You are not able to find the street, the gate, the tree that marked the turn? For a moment you become confused, and wonder if you are even losing it?

Most often you end up finding the key exactly where you left it, after turning the place upside down.

Did you really put those keys where you think you did? Or was it never there at all? At least while you searched for it.

What if I told you that both observations are true. You might wonder how exactly is it possible for something (or someone) to be there and not there at the same time? How is it possible to have been there and yet it remains unfamiliar?

Can you imagine, or accept, that time as you know it does not exist? Surely you have heard of this before, but if it doesn’t exist, then can you fathom that although we are in the year 2017, our history and future are happening simultaneously? No? How do you describe the spiritualist who can see tomorrow? How can we see something that has not yet been created… unless it already is created.

There are a number of answers to these observations, but to find even one, you may have to stretch your imaginations a bit, and I will ask you all to open your minds a little further before you read on.

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I am home today, and as usual, I love to sit on my bed, stare out my window and think. I am an Aries, this is what we do most. Think. While in thought, my mind took me back to the days when I was just beginning to become awake. I know I have repeated this often, but my awakening (like most) was jarring. To this day, I still wonder how I survived it.

I was being gifted, or rather, what I came into the world with, was beginning to unfold. I realize now that to say I was being given a gift is wrong. We all come in to this world as who we ought to be, as long as we are able to find our way and to survive it. What I came into the world with was plenty, my mission was big and so it took a while to get access to them all. Among them was the gift of mediumship. Out of everything that I am, I cherish this gift the most.

Mediumship was actually the hardest gift to unfold, and it could have traumatized everyone around me. When it began, folks wondered if my enemy [me] had gone mad; even I begged my creator to relieve me from this distress. It affected me in every way. My children became afraid of me at first, but my guides had placed a certain wisdom within my eldest (a little girl at the time) and so she assisted me and others into understanding who I was becoming… Continue reading



Whenever I pray for myself or for others I always include peace, love, unity, prosperity, happiness. Yesterday I sat on my bed and stared through my window. It was daytime, noonish to be exact, and as usual the estate is quiet and peaceful. I began to think as I stared out my window, about life and what makes us happy.

The “us”, here means humans, I often think of us here on this planet. In my mind I began to answer the questions I was posing to myself. The most obvious answer was money. To many people having access to money was happiness. Some people in my head (the interview I was having there), said they just wanted to be comfortable, others said they wanted to live like a rock star, that would make them happy. Others wanted to be able to afford whatever they wanted and never worry again about money, to be able to splurge on whatever they desired. Then I began to visualize examples of people, two to be specific, in certain positions in life. I saw them clearly in my head. Continue reading