Aboru Aboye Abosise!

I greet you all in the traditional Ifa initiate greeting.

Today I want to share with you a story. This story is from the sacred “scriptures” of Ifa; specifically from the Odu Ifa nicknamed Ogbe/Sa or otherwise called Ogbe (ug-beh) Osa (Oh-Sah).

What is an Odu? An odu is a live energy. Everyone on earth has an odu they were born with. That live energy tells your life destiny on this earth. I suppose it can be likened to the Astrologers way of determining someone’s chart based on how the planets are aligned at the time of your birth. But the difference with an Odu is that it is not determined when you are born, but instead it comes with you from “heaven” (or the realm from where you came). So it is something that the soul spirit chooses before it comes to earth. Your odu (your destiny) can be discovered only through Ifa initiations.

Now, in Ifa there are 256 Odus, of which there are 16 majors. These 16 are the “Mejis” (Meji means two in Yoruba) or the sixteen Kings (although the 16 major Odu’s are feminine energies) and 240 permutations (born from the 16), equaling 256. Odu can also be likened to the womb, here the reference is to life. The explanation on this is much.

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Good day all.

In a few days Oladayo and I will be in Jamaica, and I will be having a meetup with those who wish to meet with me for spiritual discussions, consultations, and more. In the past I have had a few emails of those in Jamaica who ask when I will be coming back to the island. This announcement will give you sufficient time to get yourselves together for the meetup. For those who wish to schedule an appointment for readings, or any other spiritual concern, send me an email for more information regarding the meetup.

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Hello all. In the navigation section of the blog, you’ll find that I have some book picks for you all. Reading is important, it’s my favourite thing to do. I should have been born in a library. I love to share what I believe will help others, and so today I have decided to list 6 books that I believe can assist those of you who are on a spiritual path or those wanting to know.

I’d like to make it clear that the books I am recommending will vary in beliefs, religion, or philosophy. I believe that there is wisdom in almost all doctrines and it has to do with you and your search, and how it resonates with you and your spirit.

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Generational Curses


I had written the part 1 of Generational curses and posted it read here, but prior to that post I had already written this story. I did so in an attempt to show you all one way how this thing can affect a person/families  through their lineage. There are many circumstances, but to write on them all would be too much for me, and also the audience here is slightly non-responsive, mostly preferring to email me instead of dialoguing on the post itself, they may be shy. I had kept it in draft, turned off from posting this second part, but today my daughter brought to my attention someone high profile who is ill, a young man. When I read his story, I realize that what was affecting his health was created from a generational curse. She wanted us to help him, even though we don’t know him and perhaps may never know him because of his celebrity status. After she left my room, I could not concentrate on anything else other than this young man, (having too much compassion can be stressful, and at times it can work against you, sorry to say). It touched me to see what he was going through, I ache for so many who are hurt, sick or sad. I will help him, even from afar and without him knowing us. We are all our brothers keeper, we must help each other. I have dug this discarded post out of draft just for this purpose, to help you all, through story form, of understanding the horror of generational curses and how they impact families. It is real. Continue reading