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Read testimonials from those who have had readings with Obara Meji, or readers who have benefited from Embracing Spirituality. To add your own testimonial, scroll down!

Love and Light dear seekers

Helped with my perspective on life

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2021

I don’t get to speak to Obara much, but I think of her often (she is my spirtual Godmother and the connection is still there). Thank you for the spiritual readings; spiritual teachings; and the genuine advice given along the way. 2016 -2019 (hmm the #3) were very difficult years for my enemy…but overtime things were slowly but surely getting better – light is becoming more visible at the end of my tunnel call life. I pray for continued wisdom, discernment, and intuition. But again, thank you for helping me change my perspective on life, material things, and spirituality. Learning not to be a worry wart 🙂 …to live and let things be and let go. I am still a work in progress, but thank you for allowing me to embrace my spirituality. I feel unique and special (as well all should). Overall on still learning patience, the power of NOW, positive thoughts, staying humble, praying more and trusting God. Thank you Obara!

Avatar for A CHARMD Soul

Big up the Wray and Nephew

Rated 5 out of 5
August 2, 2020

Wow, Wray and Nephew is the truth. Last night I had a bad attack. Dippy hold me dung several times. Each time I wake up and guh back to sleep, it jump on me again. I could hear a frequency that sounded like a sound wave while i was struggling. The last time it happened i jump up and ran downstairs in to the kitchen and draw fi di rum. I flashed it from the downstairs up to the bedroom while telling the duppy den fi cum out. I went back to bed and slept like a baby. Thank you Madame Obara for your wisdom.

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Empress Divine

How the knowledge from teacher (obara) has helped me.

Rated 5 out of 5
July 27, 2020

Grand rising teacher, I just wanna tell you thank you although I do not have the money right now to join your classes I give thanks for the knowledge you give via your blog it has helped me alot. Just yesterday I had to use the information you gave about using your own urine, the road to wisdom and knowledge is a lonely one 😔 but you did tell me I would feel like that and it’s clear to me everyday am not perfect but I want to do my best to help humanity, at one point I was wondering if i was mad are going crazy i don’t fit in with alot of people or things but on your blog I feel a sense of belonging anyways am talking too much, just don’t stop teaching you are helping alot of use I know I was lead to your blog unbeknown to me THANK YOU💛💚💙 LOVE AND LIGHT ✨

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Maybe next time will be better

Rated 4 out of 5
July 22, 2020

I had my first Obara reading in May. I had spoken to her prior to the call to mention my reasons for booking but didn’t realise I had to ask them again during the call. So the reading was incomplete for me, maybe next time once I save up again I’ll be better prepared since I’ll know what to expect. I was also supposed to get feedback about the solutions to what we discussed but I haven’t heard back yet. Fingers crossed I get a response. I received some confirmation that I am already doing my life’s work so that’s good.

Avatar for Ify

A rare breed, a rare gem!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 20, 2020

Events in my life led me to ES and then to Ma’am Obara. From the first moment i spoke to her i just knew that this person is much more than everything she writes on the blog. She made me feel free and relaxed and was direct to the point. Ma’am Obara is a helper, a teacher, a trainer, a friend, a mother and more, and she’s fun also. In fact she’s love and light. Her readings are spot on and her work is best left for anyone to experience and come testify. We started communicating in January this year, and she will always tell me “Don’t worry, you will rise again. Everything will be fine again. Do this bath and do this thing” I kept faith and followed instructions and i have gained much more than what i sought(I am awake, my spirituality has been enlightened, i’m a resilient person but Ma’am Obara has made me realize that i’ve got more in me, she has improved me and i am wiser too. She has even scolded me once hahahahaha). With each bath came revelations, and all my steps are guided spiritually.

My enemy’s cry was for business to go back to the top the way it was before. But i first started gaining life victories, my enemy escaped dangers including an accident unscathed, and barely a week later from the most unexpected place money has come in. I must say that this money came to meet me as someone else forced a deal through on my behalf before telling me that he recommended me for that deal and it all went smoothly.

Ma’am Obara did me a lot of favors that as small to her but mighty to me, but i will not mention because people tend to abuse freely given privileges.

Ma’am Obara you’re a blessing to my life. I thank the Universe, Osun and all other Orishas for you. Divinities will always be at your support and no enemy will succeed over you and yours. Ase Ase Aseeee!!! I know that i will be back on this testimonial page to share more. But let me stop here for now. Love and light everyone… Kay

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