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Frequently asked

What is Embracing Spirituality About?

Embracing Spirituality is, at its core, a blog of Metaphysics. We make the nature of reality and the often complex and mysterious topic of spirituality easy to understand. We hope to make the awakening process less harsh and jarring (as it will often be). Embracing Spirituality and Obara Meji acts as Spiritual Mentor and Guide for all who just need answers from someone who has been there.

Our author Obara Meji teaches from her own experiences from the painful beginning of “waking up” (or the process of “unlearning” and the Continuum of acquired knowledge, wisdom and understanding), to the metaphysics all things of our Universe and daily lives.

We provide many tools to assist your spiritual learning process, including stories, breakdowns, classes, quizzes, and soon, videos.

No fluff. Only the pure raw truth of reality and the often bitter but rewarding road to your spiritual ascension.

We hope that through the aid of Embracing Spirituality, you shall get through life a little easier with every new understanding you achieved, and may you achieve it always.

How are readings done?

Readings are mostly conducted over the phone with Obara Meji, or (in rare cases) in person. Ifa Divinations are usually consultations done without the client on the phone, and then Obara will call the client with his or her report, and further consultation.

Unlike traditional spiritual readings, readings with Obara Meji are very personal and almost “therapeutic”. The client is free to express and ask questions as he is untimed, unrestricted, and most importantly, free from judgements or criticisms of any kind.

What is the difference between Obara's Reading and Ifa Divination?

Obara’s Readings are divinations which use Obara’s personal oracle, or herself as the oracle to divine for the client. These readings are untimed phone readings. They are information-focused and more detailed, extremely accurate, and will also provide solutions.

Ifa Divinations consult the Ifa oracle and consults the “destiny” of the client, so to speak. These readings provide solutions in form of symbolic sacrifices to reverse negative situations or bring forth positives. These readings are extremely accurate and solution-focused according to the destiny of the client.

Both readings often work together, often with one oracle confirming the message of the other, with exception that Obara’s Reading is more of a transmission from Spirit, whereas the Ifa Oracle is a translation of one’s destiny.

How do I contact Obara Meji?

Send Obara Meji an email personally to: |or|

I contacted Obara Meji but did not receive a response

In the world of technology, things are not always perfect. Perhaps your email was sent to our spam inbox or due to the volume emails that may be received, your email might have been overlooked. This is OK! Simply send another gentle reminder and Obara will certainly reply 🙂