November 9, 2017 Obara Meji 35Comment

Good day to you all. I just wanted to share something I think is important. Many of you may not be able to wrap your heads around this, but never mind. The day will come for some of you, when you will begin to understand. In the mean time, it is my duty to let you in. These conversations have been around for sometime, some of you may know and some may not. Never mind scratching your heads about what is written here, read and later one day, it will eventually resonate. You will have no choice, as the world…

September 8, 2017 Obara Meji 20Comment

Someone sent me a link to a woman selling or advertising Obeah products. The woman is African American and has a very pleasant personality making her video interesting to watch. I believe she specializes in powders and told would-be customers how to use this or that powder for good or bad. She also said that if people have carpets in their homes or businesses it is perfect for sprinkling the powders. For all the powder sprinkling Obeah workers, this is true. This is why I often advise those close to me to avoid using carpets in their homes or business…

July 21, 2017 Obara Meji 53Comment

Good day everyone. There is so much that I have to share with you all, but recent concerns have forced me to put the excitement aside and deal with two very important issues. I implore everyone who has ever had, thought of or plan to visit a spiritualist of any kind for ANY reason to read this post. (more…)

June 6, 2017 Obara Meji 42Comment

I gave somebody a reading once, and as soon as I opened the oracle the words that came to me to tell her was: “the spirit says you feel like a bird perched upon a thin wire.” I must admit that in that moment as the words came from my mouth, I had no idea what it meant. I did not know why the spirit would tell her that and I was somewhat puzzled by their use of language as immediately a small bird perched upon a high wire flashed through my mind. As I told her this, she seemed…

May 31, 2017 Obara Meji 37Comment

There was a time when I was younger that I allowed my imagination to shield me from the harsh realities of life, or to breathe happiness within my mind. It was an escape when I did not want to pay attention in class, or while I did my chores, even to conjure friends I didn’t have. My imagination was wild and vivid, (this makes for a very creative person) so I traveled the world in my mind, experienced many things in my mind, was anyone I wanted to be in my mind, and it was comforting. The power of thought…

May 10, 2017 Obara Meji 25Comment

I laid upon my bed on my back, the ear phone pugged into my computer, listening to Lana del Rey, one of my favorite artist. A playlist with some of my favorite music by her hauntingly appealing voice serenades me. Summertime Sadness, followed by Born to Die, then Video Games, after which Blue jeans began to play. I suddenly paused her and came to my dashboard to write. I am spontaneous like that, have always been. they say it is an Aries trait, and that I am. There is something about Lana’s music that makes you (perhaps me alone, but…

May 5, 2017 Obara Meji 36Comment

No one can claim to be an expert on life, we can certainly testify to our experience here, but to say we “know it all” would be a fallacy. Yes, this plane, this earth realm with all its joys and sorrows, is a school, but how does it serve us in the after life? What is the purpose of this schooling if we only ought to be here just for a time? The ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) lived their lives preparing to die. Although they had life, they communicated often with what was beyond this life and worked earnestly in preparation…

May 2, 2017 Obara Meji 19Comment

Some years ago I had been observing some wasps at my bedroom window. There were lots of windows in my room and I did not use curtains, so I loved to sit by my bed at the windows and stare out into the nothingness of my environment, quiet and scenic. But these wasps that came, to a person like me, a spiritualist, was not a good sign. I expected problems. Nature speaks to us always. If you pay attention, you will know and understand, then appreciate. I would sit and watch the wasps in my window hovering as if they were…

April 3, 2017 Obara Meji 18Comment

This past Saturday we had a lovely time in the Obeah class. My students and I connected. While I will not go into what we discussed there, there were a few revelations that I had given to the class which gave them some “Ah hah!” moments. There is so much to know in this life, so much to understand. I am now at a place where nothing surprises me anymore. (more…)

March 28, 2017 Obara Meji 16Comment

“Moses Moses, take off thy shoes, place where thou stand is a holy ground. Moses Moses take off thy shoes, place where thou stand is a holy ground.” When I attended the Zion revival churches years ago, they would sometimes sing this song in 6o revival. Of course this is from the Bible, Exodus Chapter 3:5. In our beautiful tradition of Ifa Orisa, we do not wear our shoes before our Orisa or before Ifa Orunmila the progenitor of our tradition. Standing before our deities is knowing that we are in a sacred space and a sacred space ought not to be…