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  • I woke up in the middle of the night to a video sent to my phone of George Floyd’s murder. In my haze of just waking up, my eyes squinted at the background brightness of my phone, as I watched a murder happen. It […]

    • Sue read the post over, I had forgotten to add something and I just did.
      Why do you assume there would be punishment? I will write a post on this one day, it is too lengthy to explain in a comment

    • We are entering into a new era of consciousness…the shift has begun! Thank you Obara for awakening our minds to a new age!

      May the Spirits continue to guide and lead you for the benefit of mankind and humanity

    • They always are, thank you for the comment

    • Marc replied 4 weeks ago

      Of a true, i have come to conclusion that Obara is truly gifted and truly commune with spirits. I actually attest to this part of the the prediction;
      ((((being someone impactful who will save a race of people through his or her sacrificial death, which will settle humanity.)))).
      More grace to you.

      • Thank You Marc. I tried my best when I was being prepared for this duty to run, but I could not. So many believe this is work is easy, but I now know why the bee stung me on my right hand and the little sea creature stung me on my left.

    • MomoLan, it is so hard to accept, especially when you watch the video. I know his family is grieving so hard. The spirit said, “it is not who will die, but how” , and for sure, the “how” this man died was hard. If the Officer, had just the compassion to ease his leg a little. Yet, humans will mourn. George is resting. He carried a heavy load while here on earth, and his death was hard as well. His new life he will be uplifted into higher ranks, and influence the world with the likes as himself who left as a sacrificial lamb. Rest in Power Mr. Floyd.

    • keep reading

    • Candy replied 4 weeks ago

      There is a lot of things that you have spoken in your blog that have come to pass. Since I found this forum it has been an inspiration and have unclog my mind and put me on a clearer path. Helping to understand that there are reason why things happen.. George Floyd might have been that sacrifice you have been speaking about( but as the blogger said I was looking for a celebrity) but George now is a celebrity and his name will live on forever he change the focus of the entire world and ppl all over now know his name.
      You mention earthquakes happening more frequently and they have been all over the world.
      I read and try to understand all that you post as there is real ness to what u post.
      Your a gift Ms. Obara and u share ur knowledge and gift to us all. If ur don’t post I get concern I try to message to ensure ur safe. Your a Gem to this world.

      • Yes Candy, you always check on me, and you don’t know how good that makes me feel. The power of care. Like you and others I too thought it would be celebrity, but Spirit made me know that I was Obara Meji from Daddy buss a wine and mommy conceive. So George was a celebrity before all of this because he was DESTINED to become one or he born as one albeit the circumstances.
        As I said all have to be synchronized for the human spirit to settle back into themselves, some with fear, some with compassion, some with anger, some with fighting.Emotions fuel the humans and make them just that.
        It was him the spirits spoke of, I even asked the Ifa Oracle and Ifa confirmed it. This post was written since a few days ago, but I was still in awe of Spirit, and numb, I could not post it.

        • Candy replied 4 weeks ago

          Dah juice deh did haffi buss enuh becuz u did haffi come into this world.
          To teach and enlighten us
          Continue doing the good work
          Love and light… thank you for all that u do becuz u could’ve been selfish with ur gift but you aren’t and I hope people stop taking u for granted and give you ur credit.
          The world now is fix with mix emotions to set ur on the right path shifting the world’s focus

          • Candy the amount of people that love me and don’t even know me. one mawga to de bone gal whey use bad mine and try mi, but I leave her to de Universe, one nedda bwoy, Nigerian, whey mi feed, clothes and shelter, mek bad mine tun him inna eediat and deh deh ah fight himself, caws ah cyaan me , and so many more. But God above men and all things. When I get messages, I give them how they are given, I do not embellish or distort the messages in any way. If you read the predictions, the language is slightly strange.
            I thank all these beautiful beings who have been my teachers and who are still with me. I love and appreciate them. Big hugs Candy, mi nah lie, mi llike when you and Rebecca from Hinglan and some more check pon mi, it mek mi feel good. Blessings my dear.

            • Me reply and it nuh post… but I love when u respond to me it mek me feel happy like pickney pon weekend… big up the spirits I love and appreciate them too without them I wouldn’t know u…
              Big hugs to u Ms. Obara ur love and appreciate I know what ur blog have done for me. I ensure I check in for me becuz that’s the least I can do and your human so u deserve to know and feel wanted.

              Nuff watch the hate the fight that u enemy get inna life becuz a time ppl a waste. God above all and me know u a beat and teach a surpass all that they trying to do.
              Nuff love and light.

    • My dear Lincoln a change will come, but it will be more like a swap. The Chinese are about to take over where the white man has left off or is leaving off but the swap will be for power and racism will dwindle some what but the power struggle for the world will be the next oppression. I cannot break it down now but I will one day

    • You are welcome my dear

    • Sweet words DivineLight, I am humbled

    • Oh Wow Marj, that was so wrong. Both were wrong, but the woman, chai!

    • Asé !

    • Greetings obara, Another great post, Your prediction was spot on
      In the post, the colour of Corona, it said the ‘One person’s death especially would shake the world”.
      George Floyd‘a death has certainly done that.
      Never have I seen people of from around the world protesting about the death of a black man killed by a white police office.

    • Asé Asé Asé Oooo

    • Thank You Dellie, Blessings!

    • KTB replied 4 weeks ago

      Obara you are the best! Thanks sender you were spot on. George Floyd! He will never be forgotten. Let us all pray for conviction of all 4 officers. Big up the young lady who video. May she keep an updated phone to capture any other cruel actions.

    • Dezi replied 4 weeks ago

      Yes I think George will find peace in the other world , May is soul RIP. George Floyd thank you for changing the world . (.Black lives matter).

    • Kay replied 4 weeks ago

      Great post Ma’am,

      The protests are ongoing. The key ascribed to George Floyd is really powerful i must say. I’m in awe of the Universe and the powers controlling everything from the ethereal.

      This earth is really a magnificent experiment and since i began to see things the way they should, my jaw keeps dropping with each new enlightenment I encounter. It’s so easy to live in ignorance and keyed into the physical/human construct, but when spiritual awakening happens you just keep having wow moments.

      It’s a privilege to have a teacher of your caliber who makes these intriguing things easy to understand.

      My questions are;

      “Africa is a holographic ship which assists the world” but i want to ask why such irony in the sense that it is Africa that’s underdeveloped and if it’s ok to tell, then please tell what this assistance?

      When you say spirit showed you the place for keeping souls of aborted babies and those working tirelessly to rotate them, does this mean that the souls of those children and resent to be born from the same woman, or is it going to be another woman?

      When a soul leaves one body and realm to another, will it have knowledge of the previous one?

      Have a good day Ma’am.

      • Hi Kay,

        Good questions.
        As usual questions are answered in the order asked.

        1- First, by “underdeveloped” you mean in comparison to other countries in the world, Africa appears less prosperous, more impoverished, less opportunities and poor infrastructures, etc. “Underdeveloped” is a term that’s only used when comparing wealth and the appearance of wealth. In this sense, Africa is very well developed but is at present and has been for many years terribly exploited by the so-called “world powers”. Therefore, Africa’s massive wealth does not really belong to her, but to others. In fact, those “developed” countries are not developed by the resources, for if it were measured by resources then many of those countries would be in the same state if “underdeveloped” were to mention things such as morality, then much of these “world powers” are gravely underdeveloped as well.

        But those are all illusions of what is really at play.

        I was asked a similar question recently by someone who was worried about the fact that the world was becoming more and more digital and will become more technologically advanced in the coming years. But the person wondered, what will happen to Africa in the shift? If it even tries to become more technological, it won’t be able to catch up to the advancements of the rest of the world.

        But what many people don’t know is that Africa has what these digital countries do not, Africa is attuned to nature and the oneness of the creator. Nature has never fought Africa, no hurricanes, storms, tsunamis or earthquakes. Africa’s advancement is not in what we know as “the material”, but in what is the spiritual. In spirituality, Africa is highly developed, and it is in spirituality that the material plane exists at all.

        Many on the continent have adopted foreign ways and foreign religions, but the core of the African is community, respect, and nature. These disciplines are the result of age old spiritual philosophies which are then mirrored into physical life in order to live a balanced life between the Spiritual and Physical, as they are One and the same.

        The Kola nut trees are only grown in places where people respect the elders. There are also very strong spiritual values and traditional practices that are apart of the culture and are respected by the government even.

        What is fascinating is that in what the “developed” world views as “underdeveloped” is actually what surpasses them true development: spiritual knowledge.

        Festivals are held for masquerade and also for entities that cannot be explained, in other words, the unknown and unexplained are recognized and venerated. In this Africa is very advanced, as they are more attune to the Nature of Existence. Development is in the spiritual system of a nation, not in its material abundance.

        As the Earth shifts, the world will return to its thirst for spiritual knowledge and advancement. When they return to this thirst (as it has already begun), it is to Africa they will turn for guidance.

        2- The aborted spirits go into a place of possibilities to be born again, it will be born within the same soul family. If the person who aborted it later have a child, then the child may carry the spirit back to earth. it is a place of possibilities where the aborted spirit will return to.

        3- Not right away, it will have no concern of its body or earth life, unless it is earth bound

        • Thanks for answering Ma’am,

          Your answer to question one settled my curiosity…. I’m enlightened and speechless right now.

          To question 2 “if the person who aborted it later has a child, the child may carry the soul back to earth”, so does this mean the child could still carry another soul that’s not from the aborted one?

          If the person does not have a child later, will the aborted child’s soul remain in the place of possibility?

          When you say the same soul group, does this mean that the aborted child’s soul can come back maybe from the sister of the person who aborted it if the one who aborted doesn’t have a child?

          To question 3, “unless if it is earthbound”, so can i conclude that an earthbound soul can be reborn? If yes, will it be to the same parent or family?

          Peace and light!!!

          • 1- Yes they can carry any amount of children assigned to them.

            2- it will not remain, it will choose or be assigned to another host

            3- no earthbound can be reborn, the spirit has to ascend or defend for it to be among the light of possibilities

    • Wow Miss Obara! Great post! I was going to message you a few days ago to ask what your take on George Floyd was because I too saw the correlation between him and your predictions on your recent posts. Thank you for confirming. This shift that’s happening is incredible. So many people were choosing to turn a blind eye to racism and remain oblivious to the fact that it’s still happening in America. Now due to the passing of George Floyd, a lot of those SAME people are educating themselves, protesting, and choosing to fight racism. It gives me hope for mankind. Anyways, hope all is well with you Miss Obara. Take care. Blessings <3

    • It is amazing to see your messages come to pass! I too was expecting a celebrity, but as you said – our perception and spirits perception of celebrity is different. Hope you are doing well and staying strong in these overwhelming times. Beautiful post.

    • Nope! You’re not crazy at all

    • You are welcome Omo

    • You are welcome Jojo

    • 11:11 it’s awesome that you’ve been to school in the ethereal realm! That’s quite an honor!!! Can you go there willingly or is something that just happens to you as you sleep? How is being there?

      • Hello Nelly,
        Thank you!

        I have never tried to go willingly. It’s something that just happens to me as I sleep. I didn’t understand why I was having these dreams until I started reading Obara’s posts, so I’m only just starting to try to pay more attention to these dreams.

        It feels like actually being in school. Every dream is a different experience (as with real life). What is strange is I don’t seem to remember what I learn (although what I’m learning all makes sense while I’m dreaming).

    • Beeby replied 3 weeks ago

      Insightful post thanks.
      Please I sent you a mail and I have not received any reply.
      I have a question.
      what becomes the fate of the police who murdered George if he is being elevated in his new live

    • Which of the thinking are you challenging?
      Is it the Black Lives Matter movement or the way and manner Mr. Floyd was killed in relationship to the prophecy from spirit?

      You asked he was killed by a black civilian, would there be a riot?

      Now i want to ask you;

      If he was killed by a black civilian on camera will it take days before that suspect is arrested?

      Will the case not be on and speedily tried by now?

      Will the police go and form a protective barrier at the black civilians home to ward of attacks from angry people?

      Do you understand that the fact he was killed by a uniformed officer in broad daylight and in such is different from a civilian committing same crime?

      I read you comment thrice and I couldn’t really get your point.

      All lives matter you say, and that’s correct. But do you think a white person can be killed same way Mr. Floyd was killed in the US?

      Have you experienced racial profiling? BLM doesn’t mean All lives don’t matter. It means that the blacks should be treated equally and not second class. The whites who see themselves as superior are expert at hiding their dirty linens in public by controlling the same media you’re talking about, and you just ridiculed black people in your comment. Does it not seem like same media controlling your perception?

      Think about it.

      Peace and light.

    • Hello, I am wondering where I can send you a question, it does not let me on the tab you have for asking questions.

    • This is a touchy issue. George Floyd’s death is bigger than race, it’s bigger than social class, it’s bigger than nationality, etc.

      It symbolizes a flawed system that abuses the people. Floyd reps the people and the policeman reps the system. Don’t get caught up in the specifics of it. Same thing that happened to Floyd could happen to any one of us and it doesn’t even have to be enforced by someone of the other race… It could be enforced by someone of the same race. Point is any situation can be spun to suit any agenda.

      We live in a dynamic world and not an ideal world. So the playing field will never be leveled and that is where “the system” comes in. It is supposed bring some harmony/equalizing to an unleveled playing field but that is not happening.

      How do we fix this “system”? I do not know but what I do know is you cannot fix it by focusing on a specific group of people and neglect the others. Otherwise you will just perpetuate the cycle.

      • I disagree, his death is not bigger than any race or social class. His death is nothing in comparison to so many awful death in Africa especially Nigeria. I have seen worst. Police, Military in Nigeria is………

        Though I agree with some of the point you made.
        Thank you Mike.

    • This is quite an epistle for a quick reply and you would have answered my questions instead of going of topic. So i must say no Mr. Benjamin you do not think exactly like me. You’re throwing already known information around but failed to enlighten me by answering what i asked. As a serious thinker who portrays himself to know a lot, you’re to share that enlightenment by really answering instead of being subtly arrogant by saying do your research. Ma’am Obara will answer questions and not tell you to go do research and if it is information that’s not be shared just anyhow she will tell you it’s not for general public , or did i ask some questions that you cannot share the answers?

      Anyways, take care and good day.

    • Benjamin, there is only one race and that is the HUMAN RACE. It is humans and in his case the whites who began this thing called separation of races, however in ancient times blacks and whites lived on earth without prejudices, or If anything, there was and still is classism. Meaning, I have and you do not, so I am better, much of this i see even in Nigeria. Nigerian’s Ego needs a book!

      This BLM, is an important movement but perhaps you do not understand the spirituality of this. And let me tell you, as a spiritualist, I can only see life from the spiritual angle.

      Whatever needs to be MUST be called forth. White people seem to have figured this out. So they made everything good WHITE and Everything black bad, this is taught to ALL and sundry.
      White angel food cake, black devil’s cake.
      white lie, black mail, White Archangel Michael with his foot in the black Devils neck, much like that police man did to George Floyd, google the image.

      White Jesus is depicted pictorially and used as the symbol of goodness, peace and love and accepted by all, even though in Revelations he is described as black, and if you know you religious history the Romans who INVENTED Christianity first had no depiction of the Christ and when they decided to have one (image of Christ) he was black, albeit a made up character Jesus the Christ was.
      (I’m not in the mood to argue with any fanatical Christian, so if you comment I will not answer, go and wake up!)
      This was so smart in the Whites side, because that is where the indoctrination began and Black people began to see themselves as inferior and the White superior even YOUR SELF ( let me dabble in a little pidgin), when you wrote this,

      “The same white superiors you talking about are the ones sponsoring and promoting the movement.”

      Referring to them as superiors Benjamin.

      The reason I say the movement is important is that the Black race has been oppressed for a long time and mostly due to this man made false religion, Christianity and others. They (The black people) have been enslaved within the mind (Worse type of slavery) and it is now time for them to call forth themselves into being.
      I do not consider myself human, and I am spiritual so I do not see color, I accept all and sundry, but I am
      Mindful of the oppression of one set of people to another.

      In other words what I am trying to say is, that this BLM movement will create/invoke/call forth an energy/, bring into being and invisible force created by humans and that force will take on a life force of its own to change what has been happening to those that see themself as black (a derogatory term) that has been accepted).
      Just like the Christ energy was invoked and has become a real energy that is celebrated and just las how white people sold their stories of superiority and of conquest to the world, (even though slavery may have been a lie or not have gone the way it has been told or written, I have always been curious, so I have no victim mentality). They created stories or a history where they were the conqueror, they created movies and shows and mythology where they were the victor in all things and the most powerful. They even created themselves as the image of God.
      The lie was told so repeatedly, it now becomes their truth.

      They invoked to themselves who the world sees them as now. So now the Blacks must do the same, and this can be achieved through BLM.
      So Benjamin, you are not speaking from a great place of understanding sir, you are speaking from a place of blame and of ridicule and of judgment. Wake up I pray and you will see things from the spiritual first, then and only then you will understand life.

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  • nadir7878 posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    The universe has been wonderful to me… I’m 41 years of age and a recipient of two heart transplants….. Yes! the universe is/has been good. I’m ready for new adventures and feel nothing is moving. I’ve noticed that in my neighborhood as I go on walks, I see a lot of male cardinal birds!!!! I know there a is a spiritual meaning to this….…[Read more]

  • Negative energies are forces or spirits, if you will, which humans encounter everyday. They exist everywhere in “invisible” forms, in places such as hospitals, police stations, courtrooms, public transportations, […]

    • Oh I practice these in my life- once a week burn Frankincense and never sleep without some from of light (instilled by my mother). I started using water throughout my house after talking to you years ago and use a touch of ammonia after visitors leave my house on the floors-
      I also travel with Florida water in my car. Whenever I go out in crowds or around anyone I dont feel good about I spray down myself with it before I even turn on the car.
      It is good to practice these simple stuff

      Blessed Love

    • Greetings Obara
      This was a very good post, it could be a whole certificate course wid exam an a bag a tings.
      Mi like it!
      Mi know yuh neva leggo di heap a knowledge weh yuh have, but you have provided so much that will definitely assist humans fi get rid a crosses.
      Mi nahve nuh question todeh because mi been a come yuh school long time
      The interspersed humour made it an enjoyable read.
      You go girl!

    • you are welcome

    • you are welcome

    • I was (in about 2013/2014) told not to wear at all because of my temper and it’s just not a good color for me. However most recently Ive been told that Eleggua who’s colors are red and black, has been fighting for me spiritually. And before I even knew anything about deities and Orishas I always wore black. My whole wardrobe is black, gray or navy blue. I’m really confused about the colors.
      Have I been subconsciously attracting negativity with black?
      I just can’t see myself with any other color. My sheets are never black though and I’m not a big fan of red except for on my toes.
      So are the red and black colors a no no because of Eleggua? Is Eleggua associated with negativity?

    • I definitely have used urine, around my house and it kept the living devil away and I’ve had spiritual attacks attempts in my sleep that I’ve used Obara’s teaching and drank my pee (read in the urine post). Long story short I dreamt a spider bit me I was watching it bite me and when I woke up there was a black dot where the bit was made on my hand and then I drank my urine for 7 days in a row and by the 3rd day my finger swole up and my hand as well and by the 7th day it was gone.
      I also learned from a post in here that when an attempt is made on you and you are able to deflect it (for lack of a better word) there will be a blow but it will not be as powerful or successful as intended. I also had a divination a couple months before warning me of an attack that would affect that side of my body.
      I’m a huge advocate for urine use. Cause it kept me and mine safe during some really trying times. Thanks for that one Obara!!

    • Bay rum is good and work like Florida water, but it has been around so long that Florida water is the nowadays Star. In the classes on Negative energy I will go deeper into more recipes and a whole lot in de good old JAMAICAN white rum

    • Thanks for this one Ma’am Obara. This is information most will normally charge an arm and a leg for. I wonder what else you didn’t touch on if your call these tips topical.

      “Your first inner thought is the spiritual and wiser you, and the voice that disqualifies that voice, is the human over-logical you.” I cherish this statement Ma’am, you just solved a mighty puzzle on listening to yourself. I had 2 experiences recently that corroborates this. I didn’t listen to the first thought and my enemy got in an accident but thanks to the Orishas, my Ori and my Ancestors i came out unscathed.

      Today i was heading out , i had two options to get what i needed but I’m more used to one, at the crossroads a thought said why go that way and i just changed direction to the second option and i suddenly felt this peaceful feeling that i made the right decision, in the end i got what i went out for and it was as good as going to the main area I’m used to getting it.

      My questions are;
      *What can be substituted for Florida water to add with lime for washing thrift items?

      *Red and black should not be slept on (the means as a bed sheet). Does this apply same as using it as a covering cloth (like duvet)?

      *If i want to give out stuff I don’t use, like(clothing, footwear, kitchen utensils etc) do i wipe them down same way with wiping down thrift items so as not to give it away with my good energy attached?

      Thanks again Ma’am, this post is da bomb.

      Big up Ma’am!!!(with both my hands in the air)

      • 1-`You can use what Nigerians in th Celestial Churches use called Grace Divine perfume, but the best thing to use in this case if you have no Florida water is Gin as it is more popular in Nigeria than white rum

        2-Yes, Red singularly or Black the same, a combination of both no, no, no!

        3- it is not advisable to give away anything you have worn on your body, let me say this first. Keep it in storage forever and trash it. If someone finds it in the trash and takes it, no problem. However if you want to give utensils, a television pots and pans, there are words to utter before you do. I will tell you in class, no need to make the enemies wiser

        I made reference to Adewale foot back, (his heel), and no one saw that?, lol.
        Adewale, my driver (a nice man), was about to drive me yesterday, when someone alerted him that he had left his shoes at the door. He was shocked to see that he was not wearing his shoes, and I was shocked to see that he could not feel the hot asphalt of the ground. I laughed all the way, home until my enemy got an head ache. I told him I share it on the blog and we laughed again today.

        • I saw the comment about Mr. Adewale but missed it. I wanted to ask if his not wearing shoes was caused by him wearing a red cap?

          Thanks for the tip about trashing what i have worn. And the other one, yes there is no need to make them bomboclat wiser. Lol.

    • you are welcome Carpediem

    • Obara if mi love you and your knowledge 1 more time. Long time you’ve been my teacher. to this day I won’t sleep in or on red and black sheets or pjs .Still burning my frankincense. It’s been on my mind to do a steam. Remember these teachings forever

    • This was very informative! Thank you very much!!

    • “Are there plants we can plant to protect against negative energies?”
      Good question Mike, I will write in this soon.

      • Woo hoo! I can’t wait to read that. That would be great.

        I know as there is defence there is also offence so if you could I hope you can also educate us on negative plants or atleast on plants that malicious persons may plant in their yards for malicious purposes. I’m not sure if stuff like that happens but if I thought it I’m pretty sure someone has thought of it too.

    • If you can’t manage Florida water use Bat Rum

    • Great post Obara very informative, each day I am learning more and more, my eyes are wide open.

    • Thank You

    • you can sleep on the bed with the limes in between the mattress

    • Ase!

    • Ase o!

    • Perhaps this can be an alternative but Obara, or others, may correct me if I am wrong: One could take a glass of water and mix it with salt then place it under the bed. In the morning you could just throw it down the drain then repeat if you are staying another night.

      I believe Obara had posted this method in which you can take off the bed spread and just sprinkle salt all over the mattress and put the spread back on and sleep. Though that method may be impractical for hotel stays.

    • Hi obara hope you and yours are well blessing protection and prosperity to you and yours. another great post please keep them coming. I’ve learned and you have confirmed so much.
      Thank you.

      I wasn’t able to post before while logging in. You advised me to use another email Address which I have been. just thought I’d log in and see if it’s working now.

    • Greetings Ma, clinically I read sleeping in dark helps the body, also that forms of color light reduce the melatonin hormones in the body.
      I do both though.
      Great write up! I’m highly enlightened.
      Thank you ma!

  • Oko posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Alafia. First, let me thank you for coming to this realm to help us in remembering our true selves and our mission. I have been reading and learning a lot from the posts and comments. Been living on your website. It is now 10:30a.m. an de bed dis a spread jus thro reading. I awoke at 6:30. I send you much love, safety, security and excellent…[Read more]

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  • All animals are messengers. They all have their specific spiritual messages that they carry to the human in ways of warning or good news. The messages are carried through to humans in dreams or in the awakened […]

    • Got 9/10- But I have a big question!!!!!
      Well I know the answer- when I was a teenager and attacked by my enemies- I dreamt of lizard jumping on me from a coconut tree at the side of my house- I had this dream like a dozen times during the time – it wasn’t till years after on my quest of knowledge I read something about lizards in dreams means spiritual attacks

      So lizard is one right Sis? lizards are enemies using magic

    • The Vultures along with any other bird or certaain animals are messengers for witches. Also witches are a malevolent group of beings which brings about the same as described about the vulture. They (witch people) are not animals (they do use them as messengers or disguise, if they need to materialize into the physical world, the animal becomes the host), but forces created to cause choas among humans and as such they to have their place in the world, However the Vultures (while can be attributed to them), are not solely beholden to them or what they are about.

    • 7/10 – Very interesting quiz. What does it mean to see yourself killing an animal in a dream? One time it was a blackbird (I couldn’t really make out the exact type it was, but it was medium-sized); another time it was a lion charging towards me.

    • I got 4/10 what a shame. Am I not learning anything in here. You mean mi jus a read and naa retain a ting? Obara I need schooling. Help! But now I have some insight on some revelations. Like the bats. And the wasps.

    • mike replied 2 months ago

      I got 6/10. This one was tough. Especially the one with the bee. My gut had the right answer but I chose to appeal more to the my own characterizing of the bee and got it wrong.

      I also got the one with the bat wrong because both are each other’s enemies at night. So I had my own views as to the characteristics of an owl and thought the bat must be something else and that got me wrong. Hmmm it makes me think of Star Wars in that both the Jedi and the Sith are one in the same with the only real difference being their philosophy and how they use their powers.

    • I didn’t even see which ones I got correct but I got 8/10

    • I didn’t even get to see the ones I got right and wrong but I did score 8/10

    • I am no expert Sue but seem like you might have some issues with possible spiritual enemies. Obara will soon chime in I am sure

    • Recentlly, i was sitting down burnin a spliff in my backyard and suddenly a butterfly flew toward my chest region lightly grazing my heart and flew off just as suddenly.

    • 8/10 not bad.. Wish I could see what I got wrong.

    • nice quiz! got 7/10, pls is the grey flies same as houseflies?

    • I got 6/10 twice. I didn’t see the questions i failed and the answers to them. I failed some questions on insects. Please ma’am kindly reveal the answers to me.
      Thank you.

    • I hear birds at my window at that time as well. And it even made nest right in my window sill. And it use to fly away when I got close to window. Now he just be chilling there. Like it’s our window.

    • .

    • I scored 4/10, then i took it again and scored 5/10, so I’m going to the corner to sulk now for not being a good student Lol…. I honestly didn’t know about the spiritual meanings attached to most of them. It’s a fantastic quiz though. I later found a way to see the correct answers while taking it the 3rd time, so i now know the meaning to those that I failed.

      • It’s ok, although it’s a quiz it is still a teaching tool where you will learn what you did not know before. Trust me, there are people here peeping who are doing spiritual work who does not know the answers either but they will never comment and admit it. Kudos to you a lay person who even scored 1. Big up yuhself!

    • Hi Smoke, you could have greeted me abi?

    • Thank you Obama Meji for all that you do to empower and enlighten us. Blessings to all members. Light and progress to our ancestors. Good morning Teacher and classmates. A long time me a walk me feel like me reach home. So me ago tek aff me shoes and siding roun a back. So if me nuh seh much a because me come fe lissen and learn. An me tired so me also need fe ketch me breath. Plus newcomer need fe have manners to de Elders. I bring love and blessings. I did the animal quiz and learnt a lot. I have been reading the comments and they are a source of comfort, courage, love and inspiration. Thanks again

      • Siddung mi dawling, ketch yuh Brett. Relax yuhself, welcome. Ice watta inna kitchen roun ah back when yuh ready, gadda yuhself and guh roun fi a tall glass.
        Lata on we wi wheel an tun til we tumble dung.

    • I was waiting for someone to ask this question. Seeing these Hornets HAS to do with the New Earth. They have been around i know, but the Earth is at a certain part of the shift where it will see and feel the wrath of creatures like these. Remember we have not settled into the new Earth as yet, although we have entered into its environment. A lot of strange discoveries will occur and animals like these will be discovered in places where they were never seen before. Also Alien life, (as you saw when NASA declassified some UFO videos recently) will become more apparent. They assisted us with the shift. So many things for me to write in Stella, but when I get an audience where we can talk.

    • Cats have an Esu like quality to me (don’t come for me, I said to ME). Like Èṣù, they do not take ANY human personal. They are just messengers. No matter if it’s a tame cat or not, and no cat is tamed. My experiences with them at a young age, made me to realize now that I have grown just who I am, but this story is lengthy to tell in a comment.

      The fact that the cat chases the Fox shows you Stella that that was no ORDINARY fox. Animals are susceptible for non- physical beings to use them as host. The squirrel she irked because he saw the danger that around you, these animals are good messengers and will only act out of the norm when there is spiritual danger .

      Yes Flies can be used as monitoring spirits but again, they have to be described with a certain look.

      The snake and crocodile dream showed you that you were in great dangerous company, and that or those dangerous people had only MONEY on their mind. They will do anything to get it.

      I’m the quiz there were just 10, animals but when the bloggers who want to learn comes to the blog some day I will share even more.

      Love and Light my dear

    • Thank you for this Obara Meji.
      I scored 4/10, mostly because I was overthinking some questions

      What about walking into spider webs that you can’t even see?? I had those happen to me a few times before and it just seems bad and hella suspicious

    • Stella I have felt the hands and wrath of “so called spiritualist”, In AMERICA and in Nigeria.

      Always remember this Stella,

      Remember Obara Meji told you this!

      Once you are innocent, YOUR DEFENSE IS SURE!

    • Hi Stella. I second your comment that Ma’am Obara is in the 1% benevolent spiritualits, because i would even say 0.1%. From experience, I understand where you’re coming from. Big up Ma’am, i raise both hands high in the air.

    • Everything is metaphysical. I cannot tell you all that this suggest, only that it made me smile while you recalled descriptively what happened. The image you presented in my mind was clear, well done. You are no stranger to my blog and you have taken some of my classes before, so you ought to know that these animals you speak of belong to the same masters. They are messengers for some great ones, so perhaps the Crow came to tell a tale. As i said, I picked up on some of what you described,, but it would be irresponsible of me to sum everything up just by your recall only. However, there is a message within the story that I spotted and those who are true students should spot it also, someone in that environment will die, Listen out.

    • @Stellamari , good day to you. Are you asking Ma’am Obara if the death strike is intended for your enemy or you directly said it’s intended for your enemy?

      This is a really intriguing occurrence right in your presence.

      Much love too.

    • The F word is expressive within the story, why should I strike it! Lol

    • Well done TCZ!

    • Don’t see him as an enemy, see him as a Teacher, a pathway opener, he is mere Human and so he is no more than you. If you believe he wants you to die, then fight for your life, he may have been sent into your life to teach you how to do just that!
      Peace be onto you!

    • No word is bad, they are just expression of you emotions in the moment of action or annoyance or even joy. The English language carries the lowest vibration so there is not harm . The Yoruba language and (most AFRICAN Language, Igbo, Language from all over the continent and even the Hebrew language (fire language)) with its tone, that is a different story. The tone within the languages opens up certain portals, so if well expressed with temper or calm, they can be a curse or blessings.

      Remind me to write in this. Or have I done so already?
      I love Jamaican bad wud and will Claaat dem dung if I am laughing or annoyed, (I don’t get angry anymore) Iba Orunmila and Iba Osun! And trust mi, I have a temper that is like a roaring thunder when crossed. But time-has calmed me down somewhat, lol

    • Hi Stellamari,

      Try making it a point of habit to refer to yourself as “my enemy” when talking about negative stuff concerning you. Don’t claim it for yourself. Please endeavor to do this as Ma’am Obara has taught us.

      You will overcome this man, learn and rise Ase!!!

  • Good day everyone,

    Most humans are not aware that the whole human body operates off of what is called Vibration and Frequency. Of course, the human body is multi-dimensional and has many facets to it. What I mean […]

    • Yes IN, Spirit Possession is that, I wanted to go in, but didnt want to make the post long. Waiting for bloggers who love to read, so I can REALLY GO IN

    • Yw Ibi

    • Good evening Obara, very interesting read and well written. I had the opportunity to be around Obara a few years ago and I must say that whenever I was around her, I could feel my vibration raised because she is a higher being. Whoever finds Obara must hold on to her tightly because her presence is enough to raise a person’s vibration. Thank you Obara Meji

    • You always mention Little Johnny, but I cannot remember what I said about this person, can you

    • Ase! Thank you Nelly

    • NAH – This post is the BEST post ever- BEST of the BEST. When I was growing up I was the ‘Guy’ at school, social events everything! I paid to go anywhere, everyone wanted to be around me, etc etc. through the years and the agony of the enemies and events I have turned from an extreme extrovert to an extreme introvert and now I barely have any friends. I can count my friends and associates on 1 hand plus 2 fingers lol. I have heard people have hard conversations about my change but to be honest it was just a personal evolution and I guess the spirit moved me that way.
      Funny enough I totally embrace myself as an extreme introvert. My wife bless her heart (she has known me for nearly 30yr, so she has seen the change first hand)….many times have said she is worried about me and ask if I am suffering from depression because I rather just be in my office and read constantly. I told her I am totally fine but she doesn’t understand. I started to realize this change was spiritual in nature when I would go around crowds and feel totally uncomfortable unlike when I was younger and that was my comfort zone. Now I can barely stay at any gathering for 2-3 hours without my head just start to spin. My wife says I have turned very anti social but it has been a total natural transformation.

      One the Note on vibration, Within 5 mins around people I can catch their vibration- Its amazing almost like a 6th sense.
      Thanks for sharing this totally! as I said in a comment once, Obara you share so much that i dont feel like I need to go see a psychiatrist lol like my wife suggested based on how much I. have changed lol. I KNOW its the Journey and I totally embrace it


    • wow, really?

    • yw

    • Amanda love you too, text me tomorrow

    • mike replied 2 months ago

      Thank you for this post Obara. This pretty much sums up the second half of my life.

      “Thus, you might be forcibly removed for your own good.” Hmmm, this resounds with me as this seems to happen to me often. Maybe I am too headstrong? I would much prefer a subtler path but perhaps this is how it must be for someone like me.

      I believe you on this, not just because I see this happening to me and my family, but because I have observed atleast one other person that this is happening to as well.

      Wow! What a heck of a journey this path we take.

    • Greeting Obara and everyone reading.
      I feel at home whenever am on this blog . This post has made clear the things that am experiencing now, the loss of friends , the shocks and aches and pains. I believe am growing spiritually and reading from this blog has improved how I live my life.
      Thank you Obara , I pray and hope to schedule a reading with you soon.

    • Thank you Obara ! This gave me so much clarity !! Blessings to you for continuously giving us these gems and assisting us and blessing to your family. happy belated birthday !!!

    • I have taking the weird decision never to get married and if it must become legal,then living separate will be it.

      “You will search yourself first before (and if ever) you ask Google, and you will find answers, becoming gradually unsurprised that you are correct.”

      “I and my father are one”. You are the spirit of the universe and the spirit of the universe is u.All that is known you will know

    • you are welcome

    • Great Post Obara.Its an inspiration, blessings to you.

    • Your stage of awakening has to do with your spirtual growth and perception as you clmb the ladder of consciousness..Your understanding of life from another perspective, a newness whch shines light from within and readiates out for all and sundry to see.
      Ifa teaches Iwa Pele, good and gentle character. If you came to Ifa with anger, as you grow with Ifa you will learn, calm and patience.Ifa is wisdom beyond what you can imagin. More to say about my beautuiful Ifa tradition n a post

    • Could you tell me about the saying “Little Johnny” please?

    • The first stage is unlearning. And that’s probably one of the most difficult parts of awakening. Because naturally you want to make an association to what is now to what was then.
      Then if you’re like me you want to get guidance and their will always be those from the past to remind you of what you’re unlearning. And if you’re a doubtful Thomas like myself then the one time someone or something doesn’t go your way, the extra doubt kicks in and more questions. And unfortunately everyone that can help isn’t available to hold your hand through this process. So you have to kind of find what information you can. Then realize 90% of the information is inaccurate. Then further create doubt. Then more questions come.
      But I hope one day it will all make sense for and I’ll come to an understanding and further awakening. Where I no longer have doubts.
      The alone part I feel like my life from a child till now has prepared me for.
      But I still want to experience love outside of my maternal motherly love for my children.

      • Pray for it to come and believe it will

        • That’s one of my biggest issues “BELIEVING” I’ve been disappointed and let down so much that it’s hard for me to allow myself to believe then in turn become excited and happy with belief that something will happen. I’m not a negative person. I encourage and am excited for others. But I protect myself with negativity which am I’m hearing myself and typing this realize how foolish I sound. I need a miracle at this point to really believe. Even prayer is hard for me these days. The other day my friend had some good news about a reading she had and I told her not to tell me because my energy is off and I don’t know where it’s coming from so to not ruin or delay her good news. Don’t share it with me until it has manifested.

          • Hello PYFISH. I can understand how you feel. Sometimes you get so let down and you develop some form of ptsd that blocks you from believing. But Ma’am Obara teaches us to always pay attention. From admitting this to yourself about not believing it seems to me like you’re not hopeless and have actually paid attention to yourself. The lesson is glaring that your inability to believe is causing this. Haven’t you seen that the endless worry and gloomy thoughts haven’t changed things to your desired state? So please love yourself to a fault and be greedy for good things and good thoughts, act on it, prove to yourself that you’re learning a thing or two from ES okay?

            You have a lot of love and it shows in your selfless act not stopping your friend from sharing that news. It will resonate to the universe and this act will bring good vibes and progress for you i pray. Ase!!!

            This shall pass. Love and Light to you and ES Family.

    • Thanks so much for working on my browser. this post has really opened my mind and given me the understanding to the things that are happening around me. How I wish I knew this earlier, when a colleague told me plain she dislike me and it’s on my birthday too but to me it was the worse birthday wish I had ever received to hear such words without knowing I carry a vibration she couldn’t contain , I went home and cry feeling empty and lonely because my life has been the lonely type compared to others who have what I see as fanciful life. But now that I have come to know this am at Peace. Nuf wisdom love n strength mi ah ask for yuh HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
      *Pls my question is does disappointment and promise and fail come as you grow spiritually?
      * Who chooses the life partner before coming to the earth , is it the man who choose her woman before coming to the earth or the woman rather chooses the man already on earth?

    • Thanks for another juicy and enlightening post Ma’am. You always make me ask “is this the end of this post?”

      You totally described how my journey has been. “The curious mind is the fastest to evolve” I’ve always been the curious mind, I’ve always asked questions and I always try to dig up more info when i see, hear or read something new, it’s always on auto (read more on this thing you just heard).

      Since I embraced my spirituality i found beauty and meaning in a lot of things. So many things from the past began to make meaning and I understood better about the things i use to say that sounded crazy to a lot of people.

      I recall back in high school we where talking about Adam and Eve. So i said wait, the bible says God knows it all, then God would have known that Eve will make Adam eat that fruit so why put the tree there in the garden and tell them to not eat when they humans are not infallible? Nobody could answer this, they just told me not to ask about things with now answer hahaha. So i said “don’t you guys think God is using us for an experiment on this earth” they looked at me like a demon hahaha. Then i also asked, how did humans populate the earth if the offsprings of Adam and Eve are Cain and Abel which are male? Still no answer, and the sad thing is that the indoctrinated ones don’t ask this glaring question.

      As I understand better about vibrations and how they clash with people of lower vibration, I realize that i have always had a much higher vibration than my peers from a very young age till now because I’ve always been a curious cat hahaha, but I didn’t have the guidance and understanding that i now have because of you Ma’am and I’m infinitely grateful to have stumbled on your blog. Right from time i was called mysterious, others will call bad guy out of the blue, I cannot count how many times people will tell me that once i enter a place the mood changes and brightens up.

      I stay away from people easily and feel totally fine by myself. When people moved to big cities after University i moved to a smaller one and my reason from inside of me was that i want my peace of mind. Is it the ended friendships? I’ve suffered a great deal of betrayal. I’ve lived in my current location for 5yrs and my neighbors have never seen me receive a visitor, even my neighbors have never stepped into my apartment. And i like it this way.

      *When I’m in low spirits inside of me it affects everyone around me and once i snap out of it everyone else brightens up (pls tell me Ma’am Obara, what phenomena, frequency or vibration is this?)
      *Are goosebumps a sign of spirit being near as well? I ask because i have this experience at different times(when praying, when talking about my ancestors, when I’m in my thoughts creating my reality and sending it out to the universe). If it is, what level of frequency and vibration would that be?

      *I’ve also heard footsteps running around my building at about 2am and i looked out the window and saw no one. Is this the spirit allowing the footsteps to be heard, and does spirit have weight enough to hear footsteps?

      I’m grateful that I didn’t have to fight being awake and the indoctrination attempt didn’t go deep because i kind of had this resistance and never took it seriously so i did not have a tough time unlearning, instead it was quick and exciting for me to understand things and it has been a beautiful process. I’m unlearning norms and attitudes that hold me back more than unlearning religious indoctrination as i was never a serious church goer, before i would go in a church just once or twice in a year. So i was just floating but now i have found my spiritual house as i have understood myself better and also found Ifa (Iba Orunmila).

      “There is a particular knowing that often accompanies these stages of awakening that may often lead you to finding some type of guide, guru, or mentor for clarification.” This is true because it is this knowing that gave me the final push to find your site. And do you know sometimes i wonder about the fact that i found your site just last year even as I’ve always been the curious mind, but it has been on the internet for almost a decade. So that knowing came upon me when it was time.

      I’m paying attention and I’m noticing the changes in my life, I’m having victories that are a not monetary, and money cannot buy them. For this I’m thankful to the Universe, my Ori, all Orishas, my Guides and my Ancestors.

      This post was a great read. I’ve read over and over and it leaves me more enlightened each time.

      Thanks Ma’am…. Love and light to you, your loved ones and those who love or like you.

      • Iba Orunmila, Iba Osun and all Orishas!
        Love and Light to you also my dear

        “So i said “don’t you guys think God is using us for an experiment on this earth”
        Brilliant, you have stumbled, in this question, on a very deep mystery. I will tell you in your own. Please remind me.

        *When I’m in low spirits inside of me it affects everyone around me and once i snap out of it everyone else brightens up (pls tell me Ma’am Obara, what phenomena, frequency or vibration is this?)

        This is because the energy you emit is one of strength and power therefore your “Light” is very bright. People feel when the “Light” is dim due to your mood and it affects them, but when it is turned up again when the moors change, the effect is also there.Your mood will change the vibration you aura emits, people ( although they may not know what they are feeling) can be affected by this.

        *Are goosebumps a sign of spirit being near as well? I ask because i have this experience at different times(when praying, when talking about my ancestors, when I’m in my thoughts creating my reality and sending it out to the universe). If it is, what level of frequency and vibration would that be?

        Yes, this happens when non-physical draws near, or tune into your frequency..

        Thinks for this comment, I am
        Happy you find favor with embracing spirituality. Kudos to you, and please STAY AWAKE!

        • Thanks for the answers Ma’am. Yes i found favor with ES and the sweet thing is that these favors are spiritual which is priceless.

          You teach so well, you just make understanding these tricky things easy and you can make a dullard become sharp because you awaken the deeper parts of a person thoughts with the way you present your messages. And your ability to share your flaws and weaknesses with us while not losing your strength, character and superb self esteem is uncanny. You don’t paint a picture of perfection like religious teachers do and i raise both hands for you Ma’am.

          I’m going to remind of what you prompted me about.

          And yes I’m so staying awake “energizer bunny” lol…


          • I am as real as the nose on your face. Enemies have tried me so many times and are still doing it, but GOD ABOVE MEN AND ALL THINGS! I am no ordinary being. I thank you as well Kay for your participation here, it gives me the drive to continue. One day when I delete this whole blog, people would have them realized the value.

            • Big up Ma’am. Please keep that drive, more people will join in and participate. The shift will make sure of that i guess. Enemies will never defeat you because you have many who offer prayers for you. If you delete this blog i will cry o!

              Being awake is not just about reading this blog. To me it’s understanding, unlearning the indoctrinated lies, relearning yourself, inner self and knowing your true self. And that cannot be achievable by being passive so i must participate because you’re not talking to yourself but writing for us. If you didn’t want discussions there wouldn’t be a comment section of course.

              Good evening to you.

              • Thanks again Kay, this is a part of my journey, so if only one come back and say, yes Obara, I get it, it is all good to me. Bless up mi Don

    • I concur with Ori that said “This is so deep”. Wow, thank you Ma for such an excellent excellent piece. Everything you laid out is spot on. You are truly a gem.
      I think it’s fair to say that most of us who read this blog all have had similar experiences, hence our journey which led us to you through the blog. In fact, as I read the piece, the emotional vibration was emitting very strongly, one of pain and joy. I love your quote “When one “thinks for one’s self” one frees himself to finding Truth”. The quest to finding the truth is what brings about spiritual growth and enlightenment, enabling us to connect more with our higher self and in doing so sets us free and so the process continues each time, increasing our spiritual evolution.
      Once again, thank you Ma for empowering us with the truth.

    • I love the consistent use of “my enemy” as you write, because the words were negative. There are many reasons for “hol down”, and we are visited by emeritus ALL THE TIME. So benevolent as in perhaps The one who assisted you, and also malevolent ones as in the one who was behind you. There are many reason why this may occur. And the feeling is awful, trust me I know.

      In your case it may have been a wayward spirit passing through, or something that was sent to you with a bad “message”, (obeah). If it was obeah and it came to you like that, it’s because it wanted to enter you dream state but you’re heighten sense ( the light you Carry and the ability you have to detect when a spiritual intruder has arrived) caught it before it could enter.
      It’s vibration is higher than yours, hence the slow motion and matrix feel. You are a mere “human”, lol.

      Big up your guides who assisted you, I hope you woke up in the morning and set a glass of water down for them.

    • Thank you Benjamin for your comment and honesty. Love and Light to you my dear.

    • Ase Violet!

    • I think this explains my life, because I have lot of friends, went to school where rich parents kids go to, all of a sudden I started loosing much of these close friends in my growing age. Started to know my self more, realize myself. Now in this age I’ve gotten to the point of being used to it and always suspecting anyone who wants to try to be a friend, cuz I feel I’ve gotten a bit spiritual sort of coupled with problems I’m facing at the moment such as lost job, no girlfriend, or a personal home, I feel fear a lot which got me to be more prayerful of which this releases some fear in me. And also cuz I watch Yoruba films which shifted my thoughts on friends which always got me suspecting maybe he gonna “do” me maybe cuz of the area I come from a lot of fraternity societies around my school and home eg. maybe he’s jealous of me, this kind of feeling makes me retract on sparkling a friendship. So I rather stay with me and trust me, except for some of my career budies, good friends which I call from tym to tym. I tend to keep in touch with some of my close friends feel I’m not the guy like before, now I’m tight share less news or talks abt my self….
      Well to cut this short.
      I guess I have a higher vibration. I wish I was more freer tho, cuz sometimes I like expressing my self to someone give a gist how my dad got a new car, not necessarily this but gotten more mature now to understand pple can be jealous atimes. Cuz as an emotional gemini i could get cranky nd spill beans out but this journey got me track . Thank you OM for this. I also think this keeps me on my lane. BLESSINGS !

    • ”Hello Teacher and ES (I am sorry to greet you again but I would feel so impolite to start a post without acknowledging you and especially the person taking time out to share knowledge and wisdom)“

      Well Done Stella❤️

      I remember you had said this to me before and
      BLESS UP MY DEAR, It was yesterday i wondered where you were.

    • Thank you for re-minding me of the person who chooses spirituality over money and power!!!!! I know God is real and have too many experiences to mention.

      Love being reminded,!!!!

    • Boom!

    • Hi @SpiritualTravelings, welcome.

  • Reborn became a registered member 2 months, 1 week ago

  • This morning, I awoke to a lot of texts and emails, wishing me a happy birthday. Babalawos and some of whom I have initiated called me and offered prayers that made me smile so much I felt like a child. To all […]

    • Thank You so much Oladapo

    • Thanks Sher

    • Ase!

      Olórí Olomi tutu!!!!!!!!, omg, how are you???? Thanks so much, Glad to see you here, blessings to you and yours!


      Thank you for the questions Kleo, above is the link to the Mayan post I had put up sometime ago.

      The Earth’s Shift’s I have written before in other post is a Conscious shift, Shifting of Earth beings through collective consciousness. It is a movement as if in a plane, bus, or train. While humans all may not be in a physical moving transportation, the shifting of the mindset (consciousness) in all humans is what has brought us to the New Earth.

      Many are not able to feel the shift as yet and that is because the shift is not complete but with this pandemic we have arrived at a place where it seems as if the plane is being Towed to the where we will disembark, so the captain has told us to stay in our seats with our seat belt on. In other words we have some years before we settle in.

      This pandemic has heralded us in, and at this very moment all minds are in sync with the same mindset, at this moment The Queen is just a Human being, vulnerable and ordinary as the bank teller or the cashier or the plumber. Corona has no favorites nor does it care who you are in terms of celebrity, success, or wealth, and greater than that, the “threat“ of Corona or the “fear” of Corona plays on everyone’s heart strings. No one wants to die. The death angel is powerful.

      There is no such thing as an old earth. The Earth as we knew it has shed its skin (rejuvenation), and later will not be remembered at all. Humans have evolved ( some) and the many who have died ( my prayers goes out to the family who are grieving) were apart of the great wave of wonder that will now become the reality of those who have survived.

      The sleepers are still here but remember the plane is still being towed, things are not completely settled as yet. Enlightenment happens daily and these times along with this crisis will give humans plenty time to contemplate and wonder.

    • Hi Kleo, thank you for appreciating the posts and not crying about the length. Real students will do as you do and ask questions as you do. I myself am willing to forfeit food and eevn comfort, just to sit at the feet of knowledge. I appreciate peole like myself.

      Yes it is possible to dream of Myans or people looking like them.

      Some yars ago, I was taken to the bottom of the river. There I was in a room, I did not see water, but I knew that was where I was. I was on a gurney, it seems, and the room looked extremely neat and clean, clinical even, and there were silver drawers there like the ones in morgue.

      The ladies there were bare uptop but wore floor length skirts on the bottom. They all looked like indeginous people of the Carribbean or South america, the Tainos, or even like the Mayans. Google the Jamaican coat of arms you will see what mean.

      I have told the story on the blog, so I won’t go further into it.

      Your dream spoke many things, and even closing the door on the guy who irritated you, most likely meant closure in some areas of your life that perhaps still tickles your subconscious unbeknownst to you.

      The cups, and plates floating in the air, and you commanding them to stop out of worry of people seeing this mystery, is perhaps showing some inner powers that maybe is suppressed within, for same reasons, not wanting to be judged. I dont have the time to break this down, but that is the gist of it. As to why you dreamed them, looking like Mayans, perhaps those are some of your guides and this is how they came to show themselves. Life is a beautiful mystery.

    • mike replied 2 months ago

      Great post, thx for the gifts and happy belated birthday Obara.

      I was trying to post on thia topic days ago and it wouldn’t go through.

      Glad I am able to post again.

      Well I only hope the shift brings some true equilibrium.

      • Mike you should have what’s app me and told me, thanks

        • mike replied 2 months ago

          I should have. Sorry. I had recently upgraded my browser and thought that that may have been the cause.

          Next time I will whatsapp you should anything similar arise.

    • You are welcome Nickie

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  • Hello Obara, thanks for creating this informative blog, God bless you. Please I need an answer to this and if a remedy. My dad died 2009, actually I noticed in  dad’s family, anyone that becomes notable usually […]

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