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  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 5 days, 21 hours ago

    The Untouchables – Why Some People Are Unaffected by Spiritual Attacks In my Jamaican culture, there is a saying “Belief kills, and belief cures”. This was a saying that Jamaicans would often use to kill the […]

    • Lard Obara, mi did a wait fi dis one, yuh know.

      Thank you for sharing such a thought-provoking piece on purity and protection against negative forces.

      The idea that purity is not about being perfect, but about having a neutral, objective point of view, is a strong warning of how complicated people are. It questions what people usually think about what it means to be pure and good, saying that real purity means being as innocent as a child and being able to ignore the bad things going on around us. Mi still a try wrap mi head round dis one”.

      The story about the vision of the elderly woman demanding rum and the revelation of the underlying chaos in your home is a striking example of how unresolved energies can manifest in our lives. Also, sound like yuh did have a duppy wid a serious rum problem, yuh shoulda gi har a margarita instead!

      Your call to practice love, light, and innocence as our greatest protection resonates deeply in a world filled with fear. “Plus, it might just keep dem pesky duppies outta wi house”

      Obara, thank you for inspiring us to seek purity in our thoughts and actions. I enjoyed reading this post.

      • I use to place run down in my altar for my own spirits so she saw this and demanded it for herself.
        Yes it seemed as if her energy was still there and she made her presence known.
        A child comes to the world naturally pure and good until the evil of the world begins to teach him or her their ways.
        However a grown person with a pure heart (even if he or she have their own ways and characteristic flaws) will smile and laugh with you while you openly mock them believing that you are just joking.

        Even when others point it out and say “Georgia, this person is mocking you”, they will perhaps laugh and say “don’t mind her, she is very jocular, she means no harm”.

        They refuse to see the darkness inside of a character even when it is being displayed.
        Are they stupid? No not at all.

        Their core bejng knows that humans are flawed and do not fault anyone from displaying their human self even if it is characterized as mean to others.

        If everyone could ignore trivial things, take the higher road if they encounter things that could be ignored, this world would be a better place.
        Love is always the order of the day, not just words but in manner.

        I love you Georgia

        • Ah, Obara, thank you for your reply. I wish I were pure in heart, too.

          However, some things people do to you will make you fi cuss di “rass” outta dem. Like this evil witch who keeps riding her broom in my life, trying to sweep hell and domination in my home. 

          Mi say, if mi did have a slingshot and mi aim good, mi woulda knock har off har broom and put har fi sit down

          Nevertheless, I agree with you when you said, “If everyone could ignore trivial things, take the higher road if they encounter things that could be ignored, this world would be a better place.” 

          This is absolutely true. I wish mankind were like this. Then maybe we would have peace on earth. 

          Love you, Momma Obara.

    • Good to read this great piece from you again. I will settle down to read and thoroughly digest it. Thank you very much, Momma.
      God bless you. Amen

    • There are also those who are naturally, spiritually fortified, almost as if an invisible force field surrounds them, that when attacked by an enemy, if it were intended to create some dead sickness in the body, a boil or a rash or a pimple occurs instead. This is like instead of delivering a lion, a gentle baby kitten passes through. And even so, when the boil or rash or pimple appears, it is merely a signal to the person that an enemy has struck.

      Even criminals possess innate purity, but not in the eyes of human law.

      This post has opened many layers of my understanding. This is soo deep.

    • What a Blessing… This post shed so much enlightenment and knowledge.

      When you said, “Purity does not mean good at all times.. but this is a post by itself.” I said to myself I can’t wait until you write about this topic. Is should be very good, when you do.

      Rhetorical question Obara; Are these people the “Chosen People ” from God? or as others would say, they are apart of the hundred and 144,000 from the Bible that God talk about in this earth now? As you mention and describe in this post…

      Also, your Welcome back Obara regarding your Birthday & Mother Day greeting. Thank You. You Always Appreciate too. Love back to you..

      • We are all chosen people my dear, some are here to do bad things and some are here to do good things. Earth is a school and we are not from this place, we are here to learn and then leave this all behind.

        We are not judged by who we are but by how we use our lives to elvevate, influence or teach others either individually or collectively.

        A theif can be a chosen one, how? He can use his skills ( being a theif) to reform many (unintentionally of course), he can steal, get caught, thrown into prison, There is work begins.

        There he has time to think and reform then begin to tell his experience to others and they may also leave crime behind.

        Even if he or she reforms one person, him being a theif and changing the mind of even one person, he has done something great!

        There is a lot to learn but only if we can step outside of ourselves and see from everybody’s perspective and realize how to deal with various situations in a meaningful way.

    • Ogbo Ato Asure Iwori Wofun.

    • Happy belated birthday and Mother’s Day, Obara Meji. May you live long and keep prospering.
      Another heart-opening post from you means lots to read, digest, and integrate. Eseun!

      Peace and blessings.

    • Sorry, Those type of people I like to stay away from in conversation.

      • That was really mind blowing to know that. We are all chosen people. I had the believe that chosen people are hand pick from God, like Mose, Abraham, Samson, Saul, David , Jesus, etc & now the New chosen people in this era or generation. That is walking in this earth now adays.
        It shows how limited my thinking was & belief. But, because of you Obara I was able to see this in open mind perspective.Thank you again.

    • Nice meeting Timothy, thank you for the birthday wish and thanks for the commmet

    • How are you and family Jean Maurice? I pray all is well

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