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  • I have scheduled a reading, it will come up in 20 minutes but I don’t know the number to call. Please, I’m new here

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  • I was prepared to write a detailed post today about something else, but something is happening right now that forced me to stop writing and begin this post.

    The Universe has downloaded a message to me and my […]

    • Definetly will pray some more…thanks Obara

    • You are welcome my dear

    • Thank you for sharing this message! Will remain prayerful throughout the day. I wait with almost bated breath to see who the the crowned individual is and furthermore if the sacrificial death will be due to the virus.

      • You welcome RBH. When the revelation comes, no matter how terrible that person was or how great he or she shall be celebrated and remembered.

    • Ase Kenneth. It is raining and snowing at the same time in New York. Spring has began, why the snow? Snow is icy rain, remember that last post and the revelation? Also today in Nigeria it is reported that in Warri Delta State, there was torrential rain, so much that the roof of Okere prison went off. It has started.

      • Yes I remember the revelation Ma. And it’s raining cats and dogs in different parts of Nigeria as i type this. Yes it has started…. It is real, and I’m grateful to live through this. I honor the universe and all within. Ase!!!

    • Ase ase ase!!! Thank you sister Obara and lil Obara! Love ya!

    • YW Sue

    • Yw

    • Could it be Queen Elizabeth or some other royal that will be sacrificed?

      • I know the word Crown may be indicative of some Eartlhy Royal, but it may not be that. Many wear Crowns but are not Royal as in the eyes of Humans. Some people are powerful, celebrated by many or even hated but are powerful globally.

    • Hey Benjamin, the world and it’s
      Mama knows I am
      Not a Christian. Nor do I practice ANY religion.The Christ Consciousness does not spell Christianity. hence the subtitle which says this is an UN-RELIGIOUS REVELATION…… I have nothing against Christian or any religious group, but I have done my duty with Christianity and now I am with Ifa and Osun, not a religion but a beautiful traditional practice of which the Yorubas are custodians.

      Anything energy is given to creates energy itself l. The Christ Consciousness indicates a force which is applied to humans that has the mindset of the Christ himself attached to the Christian religion.

      Like it or not that force is real and was created by said Christians. So even if Jesus is mythology, Christians have Created this energy by worshipping it and bringing it into being.

      Put blood on a stone and call it Mary and Mary it will become,
      See beyond this mystery ( wisdom) that I have thrown. Anyone who can come up with the correct answer for that parable gets a free reading, lol
      Where are the true neophytes?

      • It sounds like the mind of Christ consciousness can create anything with word.

      • Is it that we are powerful beings? like the saying god is within us. we are gods/ spiritual.
        As long as we have belief and faith anything is possible. Our minds, words thoughts are powerful.
        All power lies within us.

        • Good try, I await others

        • How I see it is there is a collective consciousness that is the all. Based on the total of each individual’s intention and the energy backed by it will determine the general direction of this reality. With that said the more ppl that believe in the same outcome the more likely that outcome comes into being.

      • Thanks for another great post Mama Obara…
        Blessings to you and yours..,

      • What comes to my mind is something my grandmother always say ” belief kill and belief cure”. When you believe that something is, then it is.

      • Lol. Whatever anyone believes in or put ur mind in . Will definitely work for u. Thats it

      • Ma’am you misinterpreted my comment (message). I never said you’re a Christian and I never implied this is a religious revelation. I have read more than 95% of all the articles (Post) on Embracing Spirituality. And almost all the post on this blog are saved by me on my Note Pad and Colour note. So I’m not new to a post like this.

        The parable is – When the right energy force is channel towards anything, definitely that thing will have a place in the spiritual realm and it will manifest in our world.

        PS: Blood represent life. Blood is a power tool. Blood as a powerful force that can make anything happen. With the help of the right human blood in sacrificial magic a dead person can be brought back to life.

        By the way, I know there is a powerful force sustaining Christianity. There is a mystery and a secret.

    • Well done DJ, you are a sensor. You felt the weight of the world and the weight of the healing. Whenever this feeling comes up again to you or anyone or if person just feels strange or mentally exhausted, find a quiet space and pray, if you even just say “UNiverse help me” or “ I wish to unload this burden” the latter for all the non believers of God. Some people do not believe in God, and I do not judge them. Everyone is at a place in their life where they ought to be.
      The Universe has no emotions, so it will not hold anyone in contempt for being a non believer.

    • Oluwaseun, thanks for the comment. You can email me privately. Do you know how often I want to do a medium session or just have spiritual meeting where I teach here in Nigeria or even in New York, but then I always change my mind.

    • Blessings to you also Ini

    • I know as a student you always sat in the front row. Smart as a whip, good try, I await others.

    • Wow. Wow. Wow. Obara I understood on so many levels. Wow. I’ll come back after this has sunken and I’ve disgusted all the experiences I felt while Reading this. Wow

    • @Kay.
      Yes I understand, I did try to delete my last post it seems to be still there.

    • Well done Kenneth, also the Universe did not reveal to me who it is. If I know who it was, then the death could be averted. The person has already died, but death has not caught up to him or her as yet, hence the reason they have not revealed the name to me.

    • I have been depressed for some days of an unknown cause and I feel very irritable.And high level of anger

      • You’re not alone I’ve been feeling the same way. Also my body has been feeling weird, almost like an anxiety/panic attack-ish feeling

      • Pray

      • I haven’t felt any anger,but I have felt more confident and powerful.I have ,however been having a dull ache between my eyes every now and then.This has been going on for a couple of months.Feels really odd.Yesterday,I awoke with a headache that wasn’t really there.Not the usual headache pain.It was off and on the entire day until night fall.I don’t know,I just know I am particularly fearless right now.

      • Me too plus this morning I went to bed with a strange pain in the palm of my left hand then I woke up only to feel pain in the upper right section of my back.

    • You are welcome dear

    • Yw, Long time Carpediem. Didn’t know you were still here

    • I am curious why is there a belief in a sacrifice? i have stopped believing in martyrs, one person dying for everyone.It seems so unnecessary to me.It doesn’t even seem to be effective.I don’t believe Jesus was sacrificed at all.i have been doing a lot of research, and it was a bit weird coming upon such wildly different information at first,but it does make sense,once I opened my mind to the possibility.

      • It’s not so much the belief but more the emotions and reactions it evokes that makes it effective.

    • Thanks for the gratitude in a sea of ungreatfulmess.

    • Ma’am you misinterpreted my first comment (message). I never said you’re a Christian and I never implied this is a religious revelation. I have read more than 95% of all the articles (Post) on Embracing Spirituality. And almost all the post on this blog are saved by me on my Note Pad and Colour note. So I’m not new to a post like this.

      The parable is – When the right energy force is channel towards anything, definitely that thing will have a place in the spiritual realm and it will manifest.

      PS: Blood represent life. Blood is a power tool. Blood as a powerful force that can make anything happen. With the help of the right human blood in sacrificial magic a dead person can be brought back to life.

      By the way, I know there is a powerful force sustaining Christianity. There is a mystery and a secret.

      • No, I didn’t misinterpret your comment, I just wrote what I wrote to begin my comment, not as an answer to what you said that’s all. No worries Benjamin, always nice to see you here.
        Great try on the parable, let me wait for more to reveal who is correct or nah

    • Yes Randy, continue to pray

    • Another good try, I will not say yah or nay as yet, let me give others to come in with their answers. So many have sent it through emails, but it is to written here not in my what’s app or through my email. And for those who say they don’t want to look “Fool Fool”, ( JAMAICAN way of saying stupid), no one knows who you are. Ok?

    • Ase

    • 11:11 thanks for the comment and that dream is no good at all. Thanks for the answer to the parable. Very good try, I will allure of you are correct or not I am still giving others a try. At this rate I may have to give out more than one deee readings as I want as many people as possible to answer and as you know more than one may get the answer correct. Kudos to you. I hope you did the pee thing after you had that horrible dream.

      • Unfortunately I didn’t ( 🙁 ) I prayed and went back to sleep. By the time I remembered, I felt it was too late to do the urine thing. However, my mind still goes back to the dream sometimes.

    • I will remain in earnest prayer….thank you for the message and may you the messenger be continually blessed

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  • On December 31st 2019, I wrote a post of prophecies for the year 2020. In just a few vaguely explanatory words, the Spirit told us of an outbreak of illness that would come from the Eastern part of the world. One […]

    • Thank you peace and blessings.

    • Thank you for continuously showering us with ur knowledge and messages to keep us aware… love and light and the richest of blessings

    • Peace, love and light to you my dear

    • Blessings to you Ibi, thank you

    • Greetings Obara Meji 🙂
      Excellent article…as expected.

      But missis is how long we was suppose fi wait on this word lol? Yuh nuh know yuh shoulda keep press conference an talk to wi live an direct?
      I have been observing the trajectory of this virus, India and Africa, for example, have not been afflicted as would have been typically expected; what is the spiritual reason behind this?

      • IB Places where elders are respected and revered will be safe from.certain disasters the Universe displays upon earth, I’m not sure how it is there in India when it comes to respect the elders but Africans have mastered that. Also, spiritually Afirica and India have surpassed the rest of the world with spiritual understanding. India with their understanding and teaching of the cosmo and more and Africa for its practice concerning nature and all connected to it. More to explain but not here.

    • Thank you again Obara for blessing us with your knowledge. It is much appreciated and noted ! Today I saw the ig post about prayer and I said to myself “I think Obara is trying to tell us something with these posts enuh” lo and behold u mentioned praying in your divination. So di Queen a dead this year or wah??? !!!! Idk why she was the first person to come to my mind.

      PS. A reminder to write the post on rice

    • Kudos to you Randy

    • Yw my dear

    • AH this was such a nice read- Loved it
      Big up Sis just here sprinkling some heineken around because me no drink corona- lolol
      Blessed love-

    • Thanks, Obara.. this is what we ‘ve been waiting for. I know very well this pandemic is more spiritual than physical because once it has been predicted, It has already happened in the spiritual realms. Thanks for creating the awareness that it will soon be over and also the lessons especially on the colour red.

      • You are welcome Delanyo, pat yourself one the back for asking the question on the question platform of the blog and stirring me to write what I should have written before. I am so happy you understand this that you commented;
        “It has already happened in the spiritual realms.”
        Many people do not realize that while they are crying for marriage, the marriage has already occurred but it has to be caught with, as it happened into the realm of spirit, or some people have already died (left the earth) but the bodies are still functioning here on earth, the death has not yet aligned itself with the being here. Maybe one day I will write a post to explain it better, but hi five for you for getting it.

        • I am happy the spirits passed through me to stir you up for this post. Once again thanks. On another note, I would like to ask a question which is personal and will send an email. I am somehow shy so I don’t normally like posting my stuff to the public domain. But if it will help someone else, it can be shared. Hoping to get a reply soonest due to your tight schedule. But anyways I will be ok with it.

    • Woke up this morning saw my neighbor walking dog before work in full red- red blouse and red pants – i just smiled to myself

    • Hi Kay, thanks for sharing. Red is not a bad color nor does it bring bad energy, it’s just that Humans are not able to handle its vibration and through that it manifest things not conducive to the human spirit, mind body and soul.

      Everyone emits Their own aura and if red is present, depending on how it is shown then there will be some messages that could be daunting. Humans who are awake and aware my be nonchalant about this virus, this does not mean that you won’t be careful, but the awakened will innately know that this will soon pass.

      The Universe will allow all this to happen if it is for the greater good of mankind. All and sundry are focused on this one thing, it like someone holding your hand and speaking to you while the Dentist performs a root canal.

      Focus, so we can all move up/evolve, this is what is happening. We are all on different levels Spiritualiy Kay, and so this shift will take most of who are in Kindergarten to elementary. Where they will be once the smoke clears and this pandemic has calmed down, Humans will begin to see it through how their perception of all and everything has changed. For the Most advanced beings, they will now begin a new journey of enlightenment toward the chosen few who they will encounter in their lives.

      The Shift Is Real!

    • I always hated black,almost anything black.To the extent I don’t patronize sellers wearing black or vehicles that are black.For now I have to add the color red to my taboo color

      • There was a time before my spiritual initiation, not traditional, when all I wore was black. My whole house was decorated in black. Even my make up, lipstick, fishnet stockings, eyeliners and all was black. I was Goth Girl.

        During these times I had many “visitations” from some very cool beings some of who still work for me and some visit from time to time, I have met horrible ones who tested me and scared the living daylights out of me, lol. Yeah, punk me out dem time deh.

        One day I complained to a pastor, spiritual man like one of those ones who are gifted not just bible wielding, black frock and collar sweating.

        I told him of the many “visitations”, I had. Spirits taking me out on journeys, my doors opening and slamming all by themselves, all kind of spirits coming to my house introducing themselves and then some.

        He laughed and said” why yuh love black so much? Even yuh whole house decorate in black. He had never been to my house nor knew anyone who knew me. Upon seeing my jaws open, astonished at his knowing, he began to explain.

        He said “you are already an enlighten being, spirits are already attracted to your light, the black pulls and entertain them further.”

        Oh how I miss those days, sigh, when duppy (ghosts) would just walk into my house at will and at times I would have to arrest them like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or spirit would take me and I would shout “who yuh”, from the bottom of my belly with a strong JAMAICAN accent, lol, frightening the kids and their friends. Lol

        Those days when spirits of all walks of life and realms would seek my attention. Pretty cool, at least to me.
        I love black, unfortunately Osun, Olokun and Ifa forbids me to were it any longer. Black is where everything begins, all inspiration, creation, all forms of art comes from the void, darkness.

    • This is so informative, thank you so much for this enlightening post and I have a question… there something I can do to neutralize or balance the vibrations of the color red? …I am in healthcare, working in nursing homes and i have to wear red scrubs, occasionally we can wear black….do you have any suggestions?

      • Yes, but only if you cannot stop wearing it during this pandemic. Go online and choose a crystal that you are attracted to. One that will choose you and not you choose it. Wear it in your pocket or as a chain around your neck. This will balance you out. Do so only if you have to. At this time, no one should be wearing red.

      • Red and black together is extremely powerful and full of meaning, please remind me to write a post on this

        • An interesting thing to note is that red and black also happen to be the colour combination on Freddy Krueger’s sweater in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

    • Hi growing up I was told that red was worn for protection. A red string around the waist or wrist was worn for protection. Also when going to funerals red was to be worn when going to the burial site to protect you from spirits.

      • Thanks for the reply, I have been to a Nigerian church where they also don’t allow you to wear red they wear white gowns they also don’t like you to wear black.

        • Yes they want to attract celestial angels

        • I didn’t know that, thank you Obara for that information, Ccc church don’t allow you to wear red or black, yet c&s church wear red around there waist they will also have red carpet in there church. You will not find this in a ccc church.

      • When children are born, parents in the Carribbean will tie a peice of red string around the wrist to protect them from bad spirits, there is a wisdom in this. The vibration it emits spiritually will stave off beings that may want to play with the new born (who indeed came in as an elder) and that could be overwhelming for the infant
        in this case it works, red at a funeral, this should not be.

        • I remember being in Ghana and seeing red and black worn by everyone at funerals, and I wondered about that…it struck me as very different, but I really didn’t have anyone to discuss or share this observation with. This thread is reminding me of that, do you have any thoughts on that?

    • Greetings to this comment section. thank you for sharing this info Iya. it resonates with what i have been recognizing within. it feels like what the Taoist describe as a yin deficiency – lack of coolness causing inflammation of land, body, passions – excess red
      i’ve been working with these tools and techniques: omi tutu, ori tutu, efun, constant hydration, stillness, speaking blessings into the water used for bathing and drinking, burning frank and myrrh on coal as a spiritual and physical antiseptic, qi gong and of course vitamin C.
      Be safe everyone.
      Ire ooo

      • Well done Brian, thanks for the comment. Burn frankincense not Myrrh, I will write and explain why one day.

    • Marj yuh yoo funny, lol. Advise your kids too,

    • Thx for the correction

    • You are welcome my dear

    • Sorry for the long post??? I wish it was longer, I was beginning to settle down under my blanket to read when braps it done! I liked this part;
      “So I met this super sugar cane sweet girl and at work and we bonded over our spiritual attacks”, super funny, lol.
      I am slightly disturbed that they would tie red around your head. I dont want to say she swapped your luck for hers, spirit needs to tell me that, but I am suspicious of her and the so called holy Christian man.
      You people, when you hear the word Christian, you fall for it. not understanding that bad spirits will wear Parson’s black frock and collar. The word Christian does not spell SAFE!

    • The shift is real :). Please coin that phrase O. Great and necessary post. I’m excited for the rain (cleansing). Thank you Teach!

    • You’re welcome Kash

    • Are these Africans who have you these rituals?

    • Thx for the post Obara. I was skimming through the comments as well and noticed the colour black coming up in the discussions.

      Would black be ok to wear during this time? I mean for some of us it may be easier to avoid wearing red but not so much black.

      Another question I have is would it be safe to wear colours made up of red such as pink or orange?

      Apart from the coronavirus, red is closely identified to the Chinese. Red is their lucky colour, it’s on their flag, they are a red state (communist) and called red skin (due to the sun hitting their skin though some places will label them as yellow skin).

      • Yes Mike, before I came to this earth I had also chose to imprint Chinese upon my incarnation memory AlthoughI had never been here before. I use to keep Chinese feast and was Obara Wong ine kitchen with the wok Making stir fry of all types while Peking duck was on the Menu.

        When spirit first gave me language Kikono Language was the first, the second was Mandarin. I have all Chinese deities in my house so much that when the Chinese delivery man comes to deliver food and we open the door and he sees all my Chinese shrines, he begins to bow and pray. Mike I ain’t normal, Let me stop before they come with the padded room and straight jacket. Many years ago the spirit came to me and toldme……… let me stop here.
        The shift is real!

    • RBH replied 3 weeks ago

      The people that are succumbing to the virus, did they write that in their path or is this the universe removing people who aren’t on a certain conscious level as we shift?

      • Everything that happens on our earth has already been prewritten, this includes how each individual will leave this earth and go in to a new assignment. There are some however who will be able to rewrite their contract according to how they have lived their Lives and there assignment. This happens however unbeknownst to the human, these decisions are made through the humans higher self (Ori) and those in high council in the Universe ( sound weird, but true). Anyone who died because of this virus, had the same “key” as the others who also died.

    • Laugh Kay, it’s a joke and I love to laugh, I use to end my post with the name Obara Meji Chin, I’m pure jest of course

    • My temper use to be something else. But when you are fully conscious and awake, anger or temper has no place in your life.

    • Thank you Lily.

    • You are welcome, I was thinking on this topic up to yesterday. I have other ones (topics) to deal with but don’t be shy to remind me again. And for those who keep reminding me to write a post on rice, I don’t recall promising to do so. I think I teased that I may, but the information on Rice and it’s role in spirituality is not to fall into the hands of persons who may use it in a wrong way, hence I am reluctant to write on it. I may touch the topic topically, perhaps.

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  • Hi Obara, greetings. I have been following your blog for some time now. Most of the things you teach and talk about are very good for our existence here on earth and I thank you very much for sharing them with us. […]

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  • So this morning around 6am I had a dream that my separated husband and i ended up renting a beautiful 4story house from his cousin in rural area. The house was isolated and there was a swamp behind it. I had been […]

  • Please help me. A spirit of a deceased loved one has been living in my home since death a year ago. I have contacted priests and a wraphead(Jamaican term) to help remove it , but all they have done is given empty […]

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