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  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 5 days, 15 hours ago

    How the Spiritual Bloodline Chooses its Next Heir In ancient times every town had a village priest or priestess that was the go-to person for whatever problems that the community had. […]

    • Lolol@like the second coming of Christ, lol. You are very welcome my dear

    • Oooh my this answers the conversation we had the other day .You nailed this to the T ,nothing can be added or taken away from your article.Can’t wait for the lecture .

    • Caperdiem! Long time!! Nice to see you here, you are welcome!

    • Hey Randy, hope you are doing great!

    • Nice seeing you here, peace and blessings to you.

    • Peace and Blessings to you Ann!

    • Lawks bread fruit!

    • I went through the same things with my parents

    • Greetings Kehinde welcome. Hmm the scenario that you wrote here of the five brothers that like to smoke and drink may not be what I described within this post, but if this is a true scenario, then it makes sense that you are observing it or have observed it because while other people may see it as a “normal” practice (and it very may be for the brothers), it may be a “curse”, generational or otherwise.

      Humans tend to normalize things that they see are happening but if you’re consciously awake, things that do not seem normal like all 5 brothers drinking and smoking excessively, something can seem odd in the eyes of persons who realize that the Earth has 2 suns (meaning a person who sees beyond the normal).

      I can not speak precisely on the scenario that you placed here because I don’t know every detail about it, however it is curious. And if these people are close to you, you might want to take a closer look spiritually.

      When the normal seems abnormal, it usually is.

    • Blessings Obara Meji

      As mi deh read an a guh tru all mi cudda tink was “nuh mi dis!”

      If this were a reading, well, technically it is, you’d be spot on. The crown, is heavy in the beginning but as purpose becomes grounded through knowledge and spiritual connection, it gets better.

      Awesome post!
      Worth a repeat read

      I’m gonna remind you about to do the lecture.

    • You are very welcome

    • Their are many ways to know which I will discuss in the live lecture I will do

    • You are welcome dear

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing. It is good to share so others know that they are not alone.

    • Just Gwan read and yuh will learn plenty

    • “And then there are those who drink.” AHA!!!! Thanks for enlightening us with this information! I know it helps a person to receive messages clearer from Spirit but it’s very fascinating to get insight on what it means as an heir.

      “This knowledge is a crown.” Question regarding this…does it have the same symbolic meaning when it comes to being crowned by Orisha(s) or is that different?

    • Greetings teacha, u know sah dis post give me goosebumps. I can attest to this during a difficult time I had a dream were a mermaid gave me a hat which turned into a crown. Lovely post as always teacha I can also attest to the habits.

    • Attend the lecture

    • Yes that’s how it begins

    • We are preparing to do it, make sure you attend

  • banner posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

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  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 4 weeks ago

    Spirit Visitation in Dreams – Do All Spirits Tell the Truth? Every human being on the face of the Earth dreams, whether you remember your dreams or not. But it is not every dream we have that are […]

    • OTS replied 4 weeks ago

      Quite a few gems I’ve learnt from this reading today. Thank you Ma. 1 question Ma, are there warning signs presented to us that tell us / give us a clue that the dream we are having is false / the dream itself is a spiritual attack?

    • I have stopped dreaming not by choice but i dont remember any if it happens , I get visitations pleasant and unpleasant but it sometimes take a day or two to realise hindsight that a spirit gave me a visitation through this interaction. Reading this made me realise also the kind of visitation that one can have from ghost unbeknownst to them and it seems my husband is the one who experience this a lot .

    • Good day teacher, beautiful post how I have missed them. lool it’s not easy for an Undeveloped mine to understand, I have an many dreams of ghosts I recall one where a guy that use to live in my old house dead and I saw him in a dream outside the house looking at me and I him but I was in my bed, but he could see him and he knew I could see him it was like a Staring contest lool then I got up. another one was a lady that use to live in another old house of mine came back and I saw her in my room I knew I wasn’t crazy because my mother had a dream about the same woman, it’s funny when they know u can see them that lady even asked my mum to move over on her bed but my mum run her loooooooooool one question teacher what does it mean when you and another person in your household have the same dream same time ?

      • At the same moment both were operating in the same frequency. England full ah duppy

        • mi say teacha a mi fi tell you loooool, I want to also bring something to your attention yesterday Saturday you know the king Coronation was in full effect, but I couldn’t help but notice the energy on ground in the U.K it was one of Anger and rage I can’t speak for the U.K on a hold but from the lil spot I Occupy here, what is that teacha sorry I came off topic. yes teacha duppy ova yah nuff looooòool old England, and you think back home duppy dem Mischievous check old lady England looooooooool

    • Omg Lincoln please share the “lot more”! I have a feeling that he was not a bad spirit but perhaps belonging to your ancestors and was there to guide you guys. Or he may have been a kind wayward that was making sure you guys were ok.
      People do not see Spirits, spirits allow you to see them. They manifest themselves to those who they want to see them and that feeling that you felt is them raising your frequency so that you are able to see them.
      Please tell us more, I am here with pop corn and butter!

      • Teacha I like him loooool, Mr Lincoln Have you ever thought about being a guide or a mentor to youngsters? I felt to ask that.

    • Greetings Obara!

      Mi a read an a tink seh bwoy dis ting trickify bad! However, I found solace in the last sentence “…you will be able to see and understand as you should.

      Thank you for sharing this information with us

    • Deja Vu happens alot more than we know-

    • Nice post, “I’m dead to the world” as they say in Jamaica, in other words, I don’t really dream, but this is good to know should in case

    • Teacha why don’t sum people not dream or think they don’t dream ? why can’t you bring back some messages after seeing them but yet you was shown it ? I remember an unfriendly face in a dream showing me herbs she came in to my backyard telling me about some herbs she had in her hands but in reality I can’t remember them.

    • This is so informative Obara, I’m getting a lot of nuggets here to meditae on. Thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Thank you my dear!

    • Happy Mother’s day to all the Earth Angels on the blog whenever it arrives where you live- Special greetings for our beloved mom/sis Obara!

  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 1 month, 1 week ago

    Venerating the Water with Offerings: What You Should Know Once upon a time I went to the river, and this was something that I usually had done when ever Spirit had directed me to do so, both going […]

    • Thank you Obara for this post. Very insightful and very detailed. This is very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us about the the water with offering. Thank you again…..

    • Greetings Cheif Iyanifa

      This post has truly highlighted the depth of these bodies of water and the intricacies of our interactions. I am grateful.
      It brought me back to the first time I visited the river to give offerings. I had followed the instructions, given by a competent spiritualist , to venerate with as soon as mi arrive….to be honest mi did likkle bit nervous but I still felt safe. This was very early on a Sunday morning and I had entered the area by myself and gave the offering. Shortly after I had finished, 5 men entered the river and greeted me….thinking back, I now wonder if they were human beings . That was an awesome experience for me and I’ve been back many times since then.

      There are times when the river or ocean will “send call mi” fi true. Its sorta complex to describe, its a knowing or yearning to “meet with water”. It’s as if the energies of the water can embrace and soothe issues away.

      On another note, I have noticed that in recent times, some young men have been gallivanting at flat bridge, dem deh guh live pon tiktok and a run joke bout dem si mermaid and dem swim guh, dem swim come fi prove seh the water harmless. Something about it nuh sit well with me.

    • Awesome post Sis-
      Two questions though- just for clarification- you said Oshun is for the river/Water spirit? I dont know why I had it as Olokun. Or is Olokun for the ocean.
      Secondly, when you say if you goto the Ocean/beach and you take something like a shell or stone you should exchange payment for it – how do you do that? Do you just leave coins in the sand or throw it into the water? I would think throwing into the water might be littering and offensive to the water God/Goddess.
      What is the best way to leave something in exchange?

      Blessed Love

      • Nice to see your here Lincoln. The name of the water goddess in Yoruba land is Osun, however there are several water gods and goddesses of the river and that includes Osun, Obaa, Irinle, Yemoja ,Olokun and some more. Each residing at different areas of the water and owner of that particular place.

        However in the diaspora Yemoja and Olokun is venerated at the Ocean and that is because they say that during the middle passage both accompanied the enslaved to the new world. In Africa they are worshiped at the river named after them.
        In Brazil there is a yearly festival to Yemoja at the Ocean and the Haitians refers to her as La’siren. Or Erzili of which they are a group of water deities.

        It is best to throw coins to the body of water river or Ocean and it is not littering at all because at the bottom of any body of water you will find metal. The amount of sunken ships at the ocean floor.
        If you throw coins to the sand it is also hood however it will be shared among the deities and the invisible guardians there. If you like you can do both. I generally give the guardians their own gift and the deities their own to the water.

    • Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you my dear

    • Thank you always

    • Obara please I have a question, in a situation where one knows the particular river that their Goddess resides/rules but for reasons such as security, stigma and illiteracy of the community members (Village where the river is) when it comes to African spirituality, can the individual go to another river
      and invite her water family there for rituals and offerings? Also, what’s your take on dried up river bodies?

      • Yes you can venerate your deity even over a glass of water from
        The kitchen sink. The wate is not the deity, it and all it embodies entertains the deity and as so you can generate the deity there. However the diety isnwith you always. I will do a post on dries up rivers and the reason why. Thanks for the comment, stay blessed!

    • D’jaunae, depending on the time you had this, this may have been an experience for real. I wouldn’t call this one a dream.

      But you have to understand that the quality or personality of Beings that are not humans are not 100% understanding to the human mind. For instance, if a Being seems stern in your vision/experience, that sternness may not mean the same thing as how it means in our reality. It’s hard to qualify the look of a Being in a dream to say that this is how that Being is/feels. Remember, those that acts outside of the human body, do not operate through emotion.

      • More to understand but one thing I must tell you is that when ever you have dream experiences of any non-human beings, you must always approach your interpretations from a spiritual perspective if you want to understand it best.

        You might see an emotion in a dream because your brain translates these images to you through the meanings you have learned about them, but dream emotions do not hold the same meaning as they do in your reality. Use a more spiritual approach to strip away the images attached to the message until you find the message itself.

    • The items that are brought to the ocean or river has to do with your intention. So the intention (your mind) sets the stage of your offering. However, while the ocean is salty, the river is sweet. And both accepts sweet things but the minds of men can be bitter in what he wants and desires from unseen forces.

      Normally, we do not give Nature what it does not ask for and this is why it is always good to be guided when doing anything with spirit or unseen forces. While I would love to tell you what to bring to the ocean or river, I don’t want to mislead people by telling you that any particular item can work for any desire. However, if you are in the position to visit these places, try to seek out a mentor or guide who is competent enough to point you in the direction of what to bring and this should match your intention.

    • Thanks for the comment and thanks for being here Marcogie. It is always good to go into Nature and sit by the river side or ocean side and just meditate and feel the energy that is there and put your own energy out, communicating with spirit around.

      However, the same thing is done when you go to your kitchen sink and fill a glass of water and speak to it. It may not be the same ambience as sitting out by the river bank, but the same energy is within that glass of water that your just filled. Again, everything is intention and intention works through the mind. So if your intention is to bring something good and prosperous towards you, and you hold a glass of water and are able to raise your consciousness enough to align your intention with the energy that is filled in that glass, then you are able to do anything or to command anything that you wish.

      The only reason it will not work is if you doubt what you are doing. Always remember that water reacts quickly to positive wishes. So try to keep all intentions within that realm.

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