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    What Happened to Mr. B? A Mysterious Tale of Money Ritual

    Good day all, This blog has inspired and helped me since I began writing eleven years ago. I did not even know if anyone would read it. I just knew that since writing, it has been my therapist couch and...

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    • Greetings Obara!

      Thank you for sharing this information.
      Money rituals always seem to be taboo. Are there ever instances where a money ritual is recommended or suitably done?
      Prosperity rituals are popular and practiced openly, how would you differentiate between both ?

    • Peace and blessing mi bredda. Money Rituals should NEVER be done.

    • When you want nothing you gain everything I love that because everything that comes is a blessing you weren’t expecting if you want/crave nothing- Funny I had a conversation with one of my friends today about happiness and we were talking about the world just seem to be on edge and people are so jumpy to attack each other- We said people dont know what they want or I should say people dont know what really makes them happy and we often pray and wish for things that ultimately doesn’t add to our well being for example more money and more material items but in the end or we truly more happy?

      I see alot of very wealthy people alone when they are old, estranged from their kids, multiple divorce and I ask myself was the goal of one life to be material rich worth it when you have nobody in the end? but too many of us fall for that because we are selfish…

      Blessed Love Sis

      Love that you are in back in the swing for things with your posts..

      I hope it helps you as much as it helps us

      • Awwwwww Lincoln, I love you

      • I was wondering if it was within some persons script in life to become rich, which the riches should be used to help better themselves and the people they come across and the ones around them.

    • Thank you so much for this post mama, but why didn’t the spiritualist explain to Mr B the consequences and advice otherwise.. For instance if I want to do any spiritual work I ask my spiritualist to carry out divination and tell me if the work is necessary or not and I follow her counsel

      • Money Ritual is not something that many spiritualists indulge in, only certain types who deal with “darker” spiritual works. Also I mentioned in the post that not all of them will tell you the repercussions. Some will, others do not. If you ask, they may tell you. But if you do not ask, they may not. And then it should be kept in mind that these types of spiritualists deal with malevolent work. The spiritualist you may be talking about work more benevolently.

        The malevolent spiritualists do not work in terms of healing or getting an enemy off you, the work involved is specific to your own desire. No, they will not tell you about the dangers, some might, but even so, many are determined to take the risk.

    • Aboru boye Obara, Everytime the woman drop money he was paying for it in another way. The woman was also a spirit, love this so much to say. eventhough I love food I would Substitute it for wisdom and knowledge too but with that “u mus eat”

      My mother use to tell me money is a spirit, “use money don’t let money use you” how quick you receive the money that’s how quick it will go or u would keep having to do things to keep it. Great post Obara.

    • Kehinde, the Babalawos are trained for many years in the understanding of Odu. One Odu has over 4,000 interpretation. Whatever Odu came for you that day, that BABALAWO must have been well versed in it. No one Babalawo knows all the verses of each Odu, but the more a Babalawo knows the better he is at his interpretation. Babalawos study ifa verses everyday no matter their age. This is why you cannot just initiate in Ifa and tell me you a Babalawo as many foreigners love to do. Nope, I do not accept!

      If you are drawn to a certain person for divination then it is your head that leading you. As simple as that.

    • Yes Steven, if you read the post again you will see where I explained this in a section at the bottom marked IMPORTANT NOTE.
      Blessings to you and yours.

    • Good day obara another great interesting post I have learned so much from your posts,thank you for sharing this post which has opened my eyes and mind to look at things differently.
      Blessings to you and yours ((Bigg)) ((((huggs)))))

    • Super!!! Another part2 of money rituals thanks Obara Meji I am learning something from you this year so keep the burning.
      Positive Vibrations to you.

      It is pathetic to see enormous people who don’t know what their purpose in life is, so they end up defining the purpose of their life with career and material achievements oblivious of the spiritual purpose for which they incarnated.

      Money has become the order of the day and many are selling their souls to acquire it; if you don’t have it you can’t be accepted into certain class in society much less our religious settings. I doff my hat for Jesus Christ for going into the synagogue to lash and drove out those using the church as a business platform to extort money from people. Money is a good thing to have as it aids in the exchange of goods and services but having a perverted desire to get it through any means at all would lead one’s soul into utter poverty; No one dies and he is being asked how much material wealth he has acquired but rather how much of a spiritual knowledge he has acquired.

      Obara I would suggest you write a post on part2 of karma and reincarnation there are many lessons to be learned.

      Looking forward to it ️
      Thank you in advance!

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