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  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Manifestations (and curses) with the Mysterious Power of Word and Sound Once upon a time ago, I needed money to pay my shop rent. During that time, I had been the target of my baby father’s mistress’s spiritual […]

    • The Highest Intelligence know why you are my mentor. I asked you about Igbo yesterday because I identify with true Isreal and had watched a teaching that proves that we are the people of the bible. The teacher quoted the same story of how the priests identified the adulteress through ritual; ritual that is the exact same as practiced in the Igbo community. There is no such thing as coincidence. Look how you come “write” and post the same thing. I am humbled by JAH works. Truly humbled. Also…behave yuself; watch yu laguage..pumpum shorts

      Much love always

      • Mi did have to make it clear that these “shorts “ would not be worn by me Lolol
        There is that ritual actual Obeah in the Bible, that book is a mystical one if you know how to read and understand it!

    • Bravo Randy! L!! Hooray, I clap for you!

    • Thanks very much ma , for another wonderful episode.. it was properly read and digested. But I would love to make one request. Plz can you share with us or with me, maybe privately that particular part of Psalm that the woman shared with you and how to actually manifest it. I am seriously in need. I am broke and having a pile of debt on me. To be honest I just borrowed some money last two weeks to pay my rent. Plz with a kind heart share with me the secret…. Love light.

      • Hi my dear, I cannot share it because what I did not write there was that I had promised the woman never to share it. I have shared this story before but I did not put the correct psalm there, I put another because of the promise.

    • Am sorry for using the word I am broke which is what the teaching was all about.. not me but my enemy is broke. I have enough and manifest abundance of wealth and riches.

    • Father always say if you have nothing good to say about someone or a situation say nothing- One thing I so admire about my father he never see a negative and always looks for the positive and solution for any problems that arise-
      That’s one of the reason I stay away from people who are always talking negative. Stay positive no matter what and train you mind each morning to attack the day with strength and good fortune no matter what you might be going through. Also try to give someone a kind word because we dont know what each other is going through- sometimes a kind word or comment can change a person life – trust me !

    • Okay so now I’m curious about the Psalms and the correct position to pray in and the tone in which we should be praying would you care to share?

      • Hi Sheeka. All those years ago, I promised Shirley never to reveal the instructions she had given to me to others. But there are other things you can do to improve your condition

    • Thank you so much Ma’am Obara, this message came timely. I was just preparing for a prayer.

    • Thank you so much Ma. God bless you. I feel it in my spirit that very soon, I will talk to you hear your voice.

    • Thank you very much ma for the reminder

    • You are welcome my dear

    • Well, let me tell you, Obara! This right here is like a treasure trove of wisdom, and I’m here scratching my head because there’s so much gold in these words, that I can’t even jot it all down.

      I was going to snag a line and toss it into my church group chat to stir up some Sunday sermon discussion, but shoot, I might need a little patience ’cause this blog’s a feast!

      I’m tellin’ ya, I’m lovin’ every word I’m readin’. It’s like a big ol’ plate of jerk chicken with a side of festival—just pure goodness. The information in this blog is like a gift from the universe, and you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to pour me a hot cup of Jamaican hot chocolate, eat two slices of hard-dough bread with butter, and savor every last drop of this marvelous read. Lard this good man!

    • Thank you very much for this information.

    • Whatever words he throws at you my dear, do not allow it to enter your spirit. While he is cussing, pray inwardly against his tongue lashing. It’s not him but something vile within him. Wrath against it silently and you will win!
      Thanks for the prayers my dear, you are in my prayers

      • Thank you Obara. I hear & understand everything that you saying to me. Sometimes it hard though, he get to me & I too cuss him back. I know it wrong.but I then ask God to forgive me for the words I just used. Other then that I try to keep silent, say a pray or sing my church song to myself to not hear him. Yes, I should win. Thanks.
        He has a hatred and dislike for me and women that he is going through. People in general. Man & women. It crazy . He too is a Aries.
        Your Welcome for the prayers p, anytime and Thank you for having me in your prayers too.

      • I will also send you a email message regarding update of my situation. You are totally right there is something vile within him. I will take your advice use silent to quiet the wrath.

    • Reading this post made me reconfirm the power of psalms and not a coincidence. There are 2 chapters I read in a particular position and time, for the next 1 week I will be receiving money for something that is coming up in the future. No one taught me this but my spirit, this has made me believe one of my spiritual guide is wealth. Whenever I ask for something I get it, however one must have the purest heart and not engaged in sexual activity at the time of these prayers.

    • After reading this post, you still went ahead to describe yourself in the way that you shouldn’t.

    • Can you hold back from not using it more than once a year? Can you bear such?

    • Blessed be!!! You hit the point.

    • Exactly

    • Yes I do and you can email me. The email address is on the website

    • I thank you my dear Jean

    • Lilian replied 1 week ago

      This is a simple but incredibly powerful message. Thank you for all you do ma. We’ll never be able to repay you

    • Lilian replied 1 week ago

      And she shouldn’t. Plus, she mentioned why

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  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 1 month ago

    Just Before You Sleep: How to End Your Day with a Spiritual Routine The Encyclopedia defines the word discipline as “an activity that is done regularly as a way of training yourself to do something or to […]

    • KTB replied 1 month ago

      Hey my dear! Obara lol funny you should share this post today. My enemy woke overnight with chills and fright. Just reach for the good Florida water and start pray sed time.

    • Very good Randy

    • Thank you for this Obara, I especially like the part of burning the oils, it will definitely add calmness and peace. Blessings!

    • Ngozi replied 1 month ago

      Great tips obara, Blessings

    • If the water is for fasting purposes and you cover it with a saucer during the night then yes. If you are moved to drink it, meaning you feel a deep urge then go ahead and trust your head. Otherwise throw it out. You boss was spiritual.

    • Hi Obara, This blog is awesome. I can’t wait for Saturday for the Q&A. Thank you for explaining many things, such as removing clutters. I’m in the process of cleaning out my whole home and removing clutters from the rooms and under the bed. This came at the right time.

    • Welcome my dear

    • Change it

    • Greetings my dear and Welcome, Namaste! Thank you for sharing and recognizing the light that is being shone here, also thank you for sharing your own ritualistic practices. Passing on knowledge is our human service, well done. Cosmic Blessings to you and yours!

    • Keep on my dear. Welcome

    • Welcome

    • Welcome

    • My dear do as you wish, I can only advise you all here that it is a part of the night ritual to remove them. Blessings and welcome

    • Thank you for your comment my dear, may whatever is good in your path meet up with you as you travel along life’s way.
      However basic you find this write up, it still is welcomed by many. In case you did not know, it is the simplest things in life that are the most powerful.
      Anything that has glitz and glitter, or is too wordy and preachy usually is a lie, a fallacy or illusory, has no true power attached to it.

      When all say “Amen”, it is felt and it gives some hope to those who are filled with faith, a baptism is being dipped inside simple water and the person is whole again says the Christian faith.

      All who will appreciate my efforts here will appreciate it. When I write it is to assist (for free) those who may need it.

      Please my dear Go with God!

    • Yw

    • Thank you very much

    • May you walk your path dutifully and find your destiny my dear

  • Sim became a registered member 1 month ago

  • Elisa became a registered member 2 months ago

  • Obara Meji wrote a new post 2 months ago

    The Wonderful Spiritual Power of Lime and How to Use it As a child growing up in Jamaica, my mother would take me to the market with her to buy from market women who always wore aprons. When my […]

    • This is why you bath with the limes. Remember or if you didn’t know, it is INTENTION that sets Obeah or Juju or Spiritual wickedness. If a child falls to the floor off the bed, the child will be ok, if someone intentionally throws the child off the bed, the child will be hurt.

      Take the bath and that will cut and clear the Intention of wicked people even through transfer. Jamaicans say “Tan (stay) and see (watch) nuh bruck nuh dance only interference! People have ways of getting around things, be vigilant, but not fanatical

    • Ase! Than you DDIFY

    • YW, Yes it does that,

    • Greetings my sister and thank you for these gems that you give us purely from your heart space. Girl..you da best. Love you always

    • Mama Obara, I do love you.

      Your insights are like a breath of fresh air. I truly appreciate your presence, especially when I need guidance since I feel that “mi head ain’t right now”.

      I’ve always known about the benefits of lime, but you’ve expanded my knowledge of its power. Thanks to you, I now realize I can use it to safeguard our vehicles—something I hadn’t considered before.

      Your suggestion to use lime skin and red onion skin on hot charcoal to dispel negative energies also piqued my interest. Combining this with Psalms 72 sounds potent. I hadn’t heard of this technique before and am keen to try it.

      I have some duppies I need to get rid of that this witch keeps sending to my home to attack my family. Pity I can’t send some lime and salt to melt her backside. Cho! This dutty gal never seems to give up!

      Nevertheless, as a long-time follower, I’d love to delve deeper into the bath addition you mentioned. I’ve been an avid reader for a while now; you can check mi records! Mi, a long-time follower, mi legit (and a subscriber, too, LOL!),

      Obara, I so love your blogs, and thank you once again for your invaluable advice.

    • Watch mi teacha!!! I so love u obara, thank you for helping me on my journey. These blog post are Gold I can’t thank you Enough. Love and light Teacher I Honor you.

    • Hey Sis-
      One my uncle uses, he cut the lime and put salt on it and rub the two pieces in and around his hands and let it dry. He told me it is for clearing. Also when you are sleeping over someone house take a lime and put it in the room behind the door or under the bed.

      Blessed love

    • Love you too Juliet❤️❤️❤️

    • Much love to you my dear

    • You are welcome my dear

    • KTB replied 2 months ago

      Cut and clear! Cut and clear! I love a good bath! Just feel lighter after. Spirit even feels like I weigh less. First bath I ever took was one you taught me Obara! This just reminded me how I haven’t had one in a minute but definitely taking it soon. I still buy and use my other ingredient (wink wink).

    • So many everyday stuff we have just in our cabinets at home can be so helpful spirituality but we have been so removed from the essence of these items.
      lime, salt, garlic, even orange, your cinnamon and list goes on- so many everyday thing area so powerful.

    • mike replied 2 months ago

      Thank you for this post Obara.

      The home protection one is one that I will definitely utilize. I have heard my mother tell me and my sister at times to travel with a fresh lime in our pockets at time but had no clue that it could be used in similar manner to protect prosperity and finances in such a manner.

      • Is this my long time Mike? Mike with the jet Li look but born ah Jamaiaca? Ah lie!!! If Ah yuh time massa good to see you

    • YW

    • Yes, Face book and Instagram under the same name. Welcome

    • It’s been a long time you have given us something like this, keep sharing more.
      Thanks a lot.

    • Yemi Tope read the article again my dear. It says EMAIL me for the rest. Also for all who are sending messages for the rest, read again. I will only send it to the people who have been here and commenting. I know Temi that you have made comments in the past. Send an email to me

    • Thank you for the additional ingredients for the bath Mama. Blessings to you.

    • I’m convinced that my coming across this blog was divinely orchestrated! Thank you so much, ma.

    • Sue yuh too funny lolol

    • If it’s the bath I gave you that has done this Randy, give a testimony so others can be encouraged

    • To think nature provided us with all we need, this is a great insight obara grateful for this.

    • you little rascal you, I had to tell you to give a testimony? Lol, thanks for sharing Randy. Sharing is caring, you have been with me for a long time and I appreciate you, I appreciate loyalty.

      I will do the most for my loyal supporters. Peace and love and more blessings.

      When people ask yuh how you doing even family, just respond, “one day at a time, mi dear, in aGod we trust”

      Do not testify, not everybody glad to see another doing even just ok.

    • Ase! Thank you my darling

    • Welcome my dear

    • Amin

    • Yw

    • Welcome

    • Thank you for this spiritual insight mama, I’ll always make sure I have limes at home. Can’t wait to try this at home. Mama can I email you for the additional insight. Thank you

    • Thank you so much ma, for this wonderful post. I am indeed glad to read this over and again. Ma I actually wrote to you via email, but am still awaiting response. Thanks and more blessings to you and your home.

    • I just got my other ingredients for this bath, thank you my Goddess for that email on the bath, CLEAR ROAD FI MI DEY thank you once again my teacher people pay alot for things like this and you offer with gems to us. Love and light always Obara

    • Thank you for this an All the Wisdom you give.

    • Sim replied 1 month ago

      Great post Obara! It’s interesting to see you talk about the meaning/reasoning behind things like these. As a guyanese, I’d see my family use lime often (i.e. put them in certain places in the house) – I knew there were spiritual reasons but they’d never really explain.

      Hope all is well!

    • Ase O!! Bien Gracias, Renaldo. Thank you so much for your prayer. In my real life and as I grew up I have always been a very kind and generous person. Compassionate, loving and caring, I am not perfect, as I do have a temper but it is calming down as the years go by, although I make no apology for it. The world is rough and I am a single parent, so I must defend them ( my children) and others.
      However as I grew life showed me that most humans are selfish and not really nice. There Harley any love in the world among human beings. I did not let their personalities change my views on life and how I treat people. I am saddened by the state of humans, however I am hopeful. Nice seeing you here again.
      This comment from you made me smile and I feel happy, thank you.

    • Yw my dear

    • You are welcome

  • Key Signs Spirit Messengers Wish to Speak to You Many years ago, when I was going through my spiritual initiation (unbeknownst to me at the time), there was a night when I could not […]

    • Me too Ayo even Friday gone I was surrounded by them and later got the message I needed.

    • At the end of the post I wrote that people who don’t dream are very powerful. What I want to say to you I will just synopsisize, but the real explanation will be too long to make here.

      Kehinde, you do dream. Every spirit of the human body leaves the body when the body falls asleep. Most often it walks what is called the “Spiritual Earth”, other times their spirit is able to resonate high and travail to different realms and dimensions. Most of us even visit the worlds where we are from. Yes, it is great to remember your journey when you come back to your body and wake up. However, it is even greater when you don’t remember.

      The reason why we want to remember is because everyone speaks about their dreams, so the few that do not, thinks they are the odd ones out, and of course people saying that you are “weak” if you don’t would make anybody feel bad.

      But I, Obara Meji, (and by the way the Odu Obara Meji is said to have brought dreams to the world), am telling you that because you do not recall your dreams, it makes you psychically aware. Extremely intuitive and instinctive. Because everything that you have seen when you travel to the invisible world while the body sleeps is recorded and placed within your psyche to only come forth when needed. That, itself, is a blessing.

      However, if you want to recall your dreams, you can email me and we will have a discussion there where I may be able to tell you somethings there.

    • I get mad synchronicities, coincidences and deja vu’. I also dream every night and in color. Sleep paralysis way too often for my liking but it is what it is. Nothing surprises me anymore. Much love to the tribe/family

      • Tha sleep paralysis is indicative of something abosolutley fascinating, I will discuss this with you when we speak, it is a dreadful feeling but it is fascinating if you really know what is happening to you within the moment.

    • Thank you for sharing this story

    • Wow I often wonder why I don’t remember my dreams thanks for sharing always appreciated

    • Backside Obara, you did it again! This post is an absolute delight to read. Imagine my surprise when I saw the post in my email. I swear, I did a double-take and clicked on it to make sure it was real. Yes, it was!
      I eagerly read the post and went back over it for clarity. I guess I was reading too fast, so I had to slow down.

      My husband brought me my dinner of bully beef, cabbage, and rice, and I choked on it reading the section where it stated that “If a person suddenly starts to feel hot and uncomfortable, to the point of feeling miserable,” It might be “Key Signs Spirit Messengers Wish to Speak to You,” because that’s happened to me a few times, and I was wondering if menopause a come down on me, but now me a wonder if a Spirits want come check me. LOL

      Obara, every time I come across your writings, it feels like a splash of sunshine on a cloudy day. The fact that you did another post in just a few days is absolutely magnificent!

      Keep sprinkling that joy and wonder, and I will eagerly be here waiting for more of your brilliance. I can’t wait for more of your blogs and teachings, as well as your books.

      • The Books are in the works and will soon be realesed especially one deh whey you all will not want to put down, even I can’t stop reading it lol. Bullybeef and cabbage with hot white rice, why yuh wicked suh, yuh know how long mi nuh nyam dat!
        Anyway, you chastised me in the last post when you said “Obara up your game”, I needed to hear that. When I write posts I put my all in it and at times I really ask myself what’s the use, but comments like yours pushes me on, so this second post and so quick is actually to your urging. Encouragement sweetens labor this is a true saying, see it deh! Love you my darling.

    • Ase!

    • Obara! I like the frequent post! You know from ever since I hardly ever dream. Probably once or twice a month I can remember snippets of a dream. I also experience #6 & 7. I am like the lady I wake and drift back to sleep not knowing I am sleeping. During that time I can see me or others doing stuff. Those always seem so weird as I don’t know I’m sleep.

    • Ase!

    • It’s so funny that the post is not about dreams and everybody is focused on dreams, what didn’t I do right? I mentioned dreams but that was not the main focus.

      Lol People the post is on Key signs of when Spirits wata to speak to you. Read again. It is a very important pat with lots of gems their. Where are the Students?

      Thanks for the commmet Juliet. Peace and blessings my dear

    • Source God will make it possible my darling

    • People over here love dream topics

    • You are so welcome my dear

    • I love you too my darling

    • Yes Kay and especially when it comes at a particular time, your messengers are ancient

    • NAH – This can’t be !! all these things happen to me regular-NO JOKE
      I have had many incidence of premonition also – where things happen and i felt like I have been through it before or in the moment I knew exactly what was going to happen next. My friends tease me that I have ‘GOAT MOUTH’ as Jamaican people would say and another one always say where am I hiding my bones because everything I say always comes to fruition.
      So Sis you are telling me all these stuff are spirits trying to Contact me?? or active in my surroundings?

      When I was young like 10-16 I would always hear my name being called and one time I ask my mom and she said I must NOT answer, but on so many occurrences of hearing my name from the other side of the house of outside and it was nobody so I just thought it was childhood imagination.

      Wow two post in a week- must be a blessed week

      Blessed Love

    • I am thankful to my spirit guides for this post Asé!

    • We just speak out aloud to them or send a prayer or even a whisper. Best place to pray is in the shower. I won’t tell you why

    • As you evolve the dreams will reduce

    • While I have have an inclination of what this maybe, it is not appropriate for me to say it if i have not personally accessed her. Have her go to a competent diviner and ask the same question.

    • Greetings my teacher, I hope all is well with you and the family. It’s always the simple things lol decoding/Interpreting isn’t easy. Someone would see the frog in the dream and say a enemy looooooooooool. I have experienced all the signs mentioned here teacher, when i do, fear most times take over cold sweat, Anxiety, wanting one of my children to stay with me (at my big age lool), i use to think something is wrong with my enemy. Please, teacher any tips on how to over come so that one can receive the messages? oh and how about the one where you Suddenly feel this cool air moving around you ? Thank you teacher this post is beautiful, Love and Light always ❤️

      • “wanting one of my children to stay with me (at my big age lool), i use to think something is wrong with my enemy.“
        Yuh Mek mi laugh, Lolol. We can discuss this at the next Q&A in a couple of weeks

    • You are very welcome my dear

    • Long time Mike, just seeing this comment

  • The Spiritual Mystery of the Color Black One of my children, the youngest one, taught me through her character and how she handles things that no matter how harsh a situation […]

    • Mind opening post I have now got an additional depth of knowledge about the color “black” it’s not always negative as it’s described to be.

      Thank you Obara Meji!

    • Email me personally and I will put you through Randy. You have been loyal here with me for many years.

    • Yep we need a post about colors- I remember one time you mentioned about wearing red- I often wonder if that’s why red cars percentage wise have the highest rate of accidents.
      I like blue! maybe because I like the ocean!

      Blessed Love

    • Another great post! I certainly like the color black to wear as it always looks classy , chic and smooth. However I do not sleep on black sheets or tie my head with black head scarf or sleep in black. Always think it will drain me while sleeping…. Idk. I don’t believe everything black is bad. It can’t be as there is good and bad in every thing

    • Wow, Finally! I’ve been on the edge of my seat, waiting over 8 weeks, 5 days, guzzling down roughly 1200 cups of Jamaican hot chocolate tea, and riding a whirlwind of emotional rollercoasters just to indulge in another one of your gems,

      Obara! Your insight on the color black resonated with me deeply. I’ve always had a special fondness for black, since it’s my favorite color, and know i understanding its spiritual significance only deepens my appreciation. Thank you for that enlightening perspective.

      But Obara, you’ve got to up your game! Do you have any idea how many of us (me, in particular) are going through nail-biting anticipation every day, hoping for a new post from you?

      If anticipation burnout was a thing, I’d be its poster child. And I swear, my dog’s side-eye has never been so intense, almost as if judging me for my daily “Obara blog check.”

      Save us from this daily quest, and bless us with more of your wisdom soon! Your blogs are nothing short of addictive!

      • “But Obara, you’ve got to up your game! Do you have any idea how many of us (me, in particular) are going through nail-biting anticipation every day, hoping for a new post from you?

        If anticipation burnout was a thing, I’d be its poster child. And I swear, my dog’s side-eye has never been so intense, almost as if judging me for my daily “Obara blog check.”

        Save us from this daily quest, and bless us with more of your wisdom soon! Your blogs are nothing short of addictive!”

        This comment sweet meI will up my game. Thank you so much

      • lol I completely agree with your statement. Her Blog is what gets me through my lowest and darkest moments and makes me feel not alone.

    • Great blog as usual sis. You really have an intelligent mind. It shows your connection to the Highest Intelligence, Gratitude for your insight. It just makes sense

    • You may have the high vibration needed to carry this power

    • Greetings Selam

      There is no such thing as “Black” people neither any such thing as “White” people. Humans are just humans, and as humans go along their spiritual path, biases and differences become less perceivable and will naturally fade away, because they are only illusions. However I get what you mean.

      Black is a power color and it represents power. Those who sought to spread lies and make it seem that those classified as “black” were or are not worthy people do or did this out of fear and economical/political propaganda. Egypt is in Africa and the ancient Egyptians (from which most world government run the world from their teachings) learned many things from the Ancient Cushites which we know as Ethiopians, and Egyptian mythology still exist today in many other parts of Africa as traditional, (i.e. Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, et al.)

      Civilization began on the continent of Africa. The propaganda which was artfully slipped into society, dividing humans by skin color (a concept which never existed in history, and as recent as the 18th or 19th century, I’m not sure which), and it was perpetuated by citizens, both black and white, who were successfully affected by the propaganda, and it continues to this day. Before only recently in history, humans were classified only by the Gods they worshipped, not by skin.

      The worst of the effects of the propaganda is what it has done to the spiritual growth of many people. Victimization keeps many mentally imprisoned by false realities, holding them back from evolving in consciousness. If you want to know the Devil, this is it. Through the victimization mentality (the tall tale of slavery, which was exaggerated) black people have accepted that they once had been conquered, and it’s a belief taught to each generation, keeping entire groups of people deluded.

      Until the so called “Black man” sees himself (as an individual and not merely by his skin color) as powerful as he really is and stop lamenting over the legends of slavery, he will forever go through his lamentation. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

      Read Dr. Ivan Van Sertima book They Came Before Columbus.
      Black is always all the way very powerful and also black is beautiful.

      However with spirituality as it relates to humans and race, there is no separation of any color. All are spirit existing in human form, and many of us have been other races in other lifetimes. The lines become blurred the more deeper you look.

      Love the question.

      Peace my darling.

    • Hi Belinda, I have never (even when I use to wear Black everyday) subscribed to wearing black to funerals at all. Yes in most countries this color signifies mourning but death (the transition from one state of consciousness to another) is a time for celebration not mourning. It is the spirit being free from its human restrictive vehicle and has gone on to another journey in the realm of possiblities. Being born somewhere else. Still alive but not on this Earth Plane.

      There should be singing and dancing and celebration. This wearing of Black (which is supposed to signify sadness and dread) is because of the collective belief that Black represents this funerary procession and occasion well. White would be a better option I believe.

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