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Is ‘Back to Sender’ Spiritual Work Considered Obeah?

Growing up, my mother always taught us that we should never practice or have the idea of Moses’ Law: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In other words: Revenge. She would tell us that if a person does something bad to you, you should never react. Allow God or the Universe to be your defender in all things, but you should never seek revenge.

This has always been my own teachings, which I still believe in to this day. It was when I got involved with the Ifa Orisha tradition and went to Africa and lived among them for many years, that I realized something they called Back to Sender.

Now let me explain something here…

When I was going through the obeah war, (well, actually it wasn’t a war, she was just sending spiritual attacks (read this post for that story) towards me over my children’s father, I once went to see a Haitian priest, and I have never forgotten what he had said to me during our consultation:

“If a person gives you a hand bag and you don’t want it, you give it back to them.”

In other words, whatever was being thrown at me by this woman, I should give it back to her.

One of my mentors, Mr. Mitchell, when he would read me and reveal the wickedness this woman was sending towards me and my household, he would say to me, “Obara, just give her a sore foot and give her something to go and take care of“.

But when both men gave me their advice, my mother’s teaching always rang in my mind, “Leave them to time.” This stuck with me for a very long time. In the depths of my stomach, I believed what my mom said, that time would catch up on them, and the Universe would be my defender. And so I had always sought solution, but never revenge.

One day, many years ago, I was driving and a big white truck tried to cut me off the road. I swung out of his way, blared my horn and watched in horror as he sped off along. By the time I turned the corner some minutes later, the driver had crashed into someone’s yard. No one was hurt, thank God, but when I saw this, it played in my mind for several months afterwards, and I wondered to myself…

Did the Universe pay him back immediately for his reckless behavior that had almost caused an accident with me? Or others before or after me?

Back to Sender vs. Revenge with Obeah

Now, it was when I went to Africa and sat around wise Fathers and Mothers that I realized that Back to Sender, even through utterance is not a form of revenge nor is it Moses’ Law.

It was deeper than that, especially from a traditional perspective. “Back to Sender” was not obeah, magic or juju. It was metaphysically a reaction to an action, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

The person who sends a spiritual attack has created a negative energy and has given it direction. The person who receives this negative energy is not the creator of it, and can choose to return it to its creator, bear the burden of it himself, or find another host for the energy to take residence (whether human, animal, or inanimate).

Often times, a natural back-to-sender is triggered because the person who is being attacked is 100% innocent. The innocence acts as a defender for the person and creates a reaction to the offensive action naturally, as with, dare I say, that truck driver and the f***kery that he did.

In the world, there are remedies that are meant to return attacks, so that if an offender directs negative energy towards you, it shall not be well with him. And there are some people willing to use these remedies, and I find no problems with it. However, as for my mother’s teachings, I now realize that Back to Sender and Moses’ Law, are two different things. What Mr. Mitchell suggested and what I thought at the time, as to what I know now, are completely different things.

Mr. Mitchell, being my mentor, and someone who loved me a lot, saw what I was going through and that this jezebel (read post) was relentless in attacking me and my children for my own children’s father. He pitied what I was going through. His contention was that whatever she was doing to me, by sending an attack to her that would give her a great problem (such as a sore foot), she would be too busy to worry about me and my children again.

But then this would be obeah. It would be me doing as she was doing, and this is Moses’ Law, an eye for an eye.

Had I done this then I would have casted away my mother’s own teaching. And to be honest with you all, the person I am today, is the making of my mother. I was an obedient child and I looked to her teachings and took them on as my pathway to life. Had I taken Mr. Mitchell’s advice, I would not be better off in character then the witch that was attacking me.

When a Spiritual Practitioner Clears You From an Attack

Now, when a person is under spiritual attack, and they go to seek help, there are time when the practitioner will not ask the client if they would like the attack to be returned to sender.

The reason for this is because the negative work, itself, from once it is cleared, would naturally go back to its own creator, the offender.

This is important to know. Because if you are knowledgable and the practitioner is knowledgeable, you can now ask the practitioner, “Can we send the attack into the air? The water? or into a stone?” This is if you do not want what has been done to you to be done to the offender, if you are compassionate enough.

However, leaving the work to go back to where it came from, in my opinion, is not a form of obeah because the work the practitioner does to clear his client will naturally return to the offender anyway. Again, it is the effect of a cause created not by you, but by the offender. He must gain back what he has created.

This is necessary to speak about because I’ve come to realize that vengeance is very common among the world, and it breaks my heart to see it.

But in any spiritual war or attack, always know that as long as you are innocent, your defense is sure.

Love and Light,

Obara Meji

“When a ripe fruit sees an honest man, it drops.“

Yoruba Proverb
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2 years ago

Can u teach us about the odu obara meji? This was my sign also.

2 years ago

On ‘Back to Sender’, thank you so much Obeah for the enlightenment about the topic because I never knew if the negative attack is cleared it’s return to the sender naturally without you being getting involved. God bless you and keep you safe for mankind. am greatful.

2 years ago

Aburo Aboye ma’am, i must say this(your posts seem like you are speaking to me directly cos they all resonate with me). This post answers questions i ask in my alone time. This back to sender protection is a good tool for anyone who doesn’t send attacks of Obeah to anyone. Thank you for this eye opener, i enjoyed reading this post over and over and you put it so clearly as always. Big up!!!

2 years ago

Greetings, Peace and Blessings Sis, your gift of this platform, your teachings and your experiences you share is much appreciated.
Sending you light and love.

2 years ago

Great post once again, thanks for all these enlightenment.

Once you are innocent, your defense is sure. But how can your defense be sure if you die through the attack

In the case where the attack is coming from witchcraft and whatever that is sent to harm you did not succeed what happens to that person in terms of the position he/she holds and the punishment to be received in the realm of witchcraft

Is there back to sender remedies we can use to protect ourselves from this negative energies

4 months ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Lovely !!! Need not say much we will all die .

Intellectual Bhutu
2 years ago

Greetings Obara Meji! Yuh know dis a my type a topic 🙂 I truly appreciate your analytical approach to that which is typically “taboo”. A dis show why dem seh a “science” cause dis a straight physics, don’t it? Like Lincoln, I have been told “harm no one, but nuh mek nuh boddi harm yuh”…it makes sense to me afterall. It doesn’t seem as if the fine print is explained to those who throw blows, because they would then consider the possible repercussions before doing so. My mother recently told me a true story from when she did likkle, of… Read more »

2 years ago

Sometimes we don’t see what actually happens to the sender when the attack is reversed so we end up thinking they free from the blow but above all things we humans do forget that there is a universal law that governs all things and that is” whatsoever a man sows that he will also reap” sometimes people think when they harm someone and get away with it that’s the end but they forget that death will reward them according to their deeds in great measure. in the case of the lady’s afflictions she has the right to defend herself and… Read more »

2 years ago

My mother would always say, harm no one no matter what and do your best not to make anyone harm you- Always observe and protect yourself and Let the universe/Heavens do their revenge because it is not asleep– Just like you I live by these motherly words from I was single digits and never once in my life I have ever wish bad or incite evil onto someone else even through my tribulations with people- There is nothing like living with a clean heart and conscious ! Blessed Love Sis- I hope people take what you saying about revenge serious-… Read more »

Queen Okunmayowa (jojo)

Aboru boye obara, happy to have you with us I have missed your post. 1 question when the attack is send back would it not create a Tug-of-war ?

Queen Okunmayowa (jojo)
Reply to  Obara Meji

thank you great one, this puzzled me for a while because I too grow up with the teaching of your mother by my own mother. May the universe continue flourishing wisdom on you ASE.

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