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What Happened to Mr. B? A Mysterious Tale of Money Ritual

Good day all,

This blog has inspired and helped me since I began writing eleven years ago. I did not even know if anyone would read it. I just knew that since writing, it has been my therapist couch and my therapist. But I thank all of you who have commented on the blog, letting me know that I was not here alone and to all who send loving emails to me and to all who I have met along the way. Obara Love uunuh like how duppy love white rum.

In this post I have a story I want to share with you all.

This story was shared with me by one of my Elders who shared with me one of his many experiences. His many stories of touring Africa would be akin to reading Tom Sawyers adventures. He is someone I used to sit with and we would share stories of our lives. I say “we” but in actuality, I would listen to him more than I would speak. Chronologically he is my elder, and he has been traveling the spiritual pathways before I crawled from my mothers good up womb.

As I have told you all here before, I would forfeit food and A/C for knowledge, and Mr. B’s stories to me were like the days when Mama and Miss Ruth would sit on our veranda and talk about things of olden days.

In the story you will now read, I will call this Elder Mr. B.

The Spiritualist and the Mysterious Money

Mr. B told me that he once went to Nigeria and just before he was to come home, he visited a spiritualist (not a Babalawo!). The spiritualist was a very strong and powerful man. Mr. B told the spiritualist that he needed a ritual done to give him wealth, and the spiritualist agreed to do a particular work for him.

–(See ‘important note’ at the end of the post to see the difference between the kind of ritual Mr. B received and spiritual work for blessings, which is different)–

In order to prove to Mr. B that his work would be successful, the man sent Mr. B’s friend to the bank with a 1000 Naira note. He had placed a particular powder onto the money and told him to go into the bank to deposit it, along with some other instructions.

To be honest, I do not remember exactly how the entire bank drama happened, but the man and a woman returned to the compound in a vehicle overflowing with money.

Mr. Br could not believe what he was seeing. He told me that the man commenced his work, and before he left the country, he was given a matchbox which contained three items, and he was then told to place a particular type of paper currency into the box, but he was warned never to spend it.

He told me that after he flew back to America, a week went by when he was at home in the night and heard a knock at the door. When he went to the door, there stood a woman with bright red hair and green eyes, and very well dressed in full black. Further down the street was a black limousine, in which the woman had been driven, it seemed.

Mr. B was astonished. The woman had a sense of urgency.

“Are you Mr. B?” she asked him.

He said yes.

She told him that she had a matter of urgency that concerned her business, and she needed his help. Mr. B let her into his house, and she sat at his spiritual table. But she told him that she could not stay long, and in her urgency she told him what exactly she was there for.

“I want to buy a spirit,” she told him, and named the exact spirit that she wanted to “buy”.

Mr. B was puzzled and mentally scratching his head, but he acknowledged that he could give her what she wanted. In his mind, he had never done anything like this before. No one had ever asked him to buy a spirit. It was either initiation or a person could receive a personal deity to enhance their life, health or well-being… but to buy a spirit? It sounded crass to his ears, because as a spiritualist, he knew how to handle things better.

To do that work was not impossible, and in some cultures, this is done. But it was not the norm for Mr. B, but something within him told him to go along with it.

The woman told him that she could not stay long and she would return tomorrow, but before she leaves, she gave him her card with her phone number. She then reached into her purse and on the table she placed an enormous amount of money in payment for the spirit she wanted to purchase.

When she left through the door, Mr. B felt terrified at the sight of the money, almost too nervous to touch it. But he remembered what the spiritualist in Nigeria told him: that when ever he received any money, he should pass it through the matchbox first before he makes use of it.

And so, because of the large quantity he first received, he decided to deposit it into the bank. While there, he was afraid he would be questioned. Although he did have a legitimate business to be rightfully depositing this amount of money, but still, he was fearful.

He said the following night the woman returned. Dressed again in her expensive-looking full black outfit, and her long black limousine parked far away from the house just as it was the night before. Mr. B knew she said she would come back, he did not know she was seriously coming back. He told her that he had not even started working on what she had requested for the night before.

She fanned him away and said, “I’m not here for that. I want a ring. And it must be a ring made with a ruby stone.”

Of course, this “ring” was a spiritual ring, and she told him for what purpose she wanted it for. And the woman, strange as usual, plucked out double the amount of the first amount of money, left it on the table and left Mr. B’s house.

Stunned after the woman left, Mr. B stared at the amount of money, his heart clicking away like a fast drum. He managed to pass the large amount of money through the matchbox, as he was instructed, and deposited it into the bank.

The woman came everyday for that week, bringing more and more money every time she came. At the end, the money totaled the price of at least three brand new luxury vehicles in cash.

And then the woman never returned.

After a week of never seeing her again, Mr. B told me that he went looking for the card she had first given him (which he had never used before this). He called the number on that card, and an operator spoke that this number was not in service. He tried several times and got the same message.

The money served Mr. B for quite some time, perhaps about two years. But after enjoying that money, Mr. B finished everything and suddenly life became hard. His business was very slow, and he could not make enough money to sustain him.

Almost five years had gone by since the ritual he had done in Nigeria, and one day, when he had nothing to feed himself, he found the old matchbox given to him by the spiritualist, and in it, there was money.

Mr. B had forgotten the taboo that was given to him five years ago, that he should not spend the money in that matchbox, but in a moment of need, he used it.

All hell tumbled down on Mr. B.

If water were not free in the pipes in America, Mr. B might not have even had water to drink. It took a lot of spiritual work to resurrect Mr. B to his normal self again.

What Happened to Mr. B?

Money is a spirit, and can be respected, but like endangered animals, it should not be hunted beyond your need. If a man kills an animal to eat and feed his family, then he is just in his cause for survival. But if a man kills an animal frivolously, just to say he has killed an animal, then in the eyes in the Universe, he has committed murder.

In other words, you can work a 9 to 5, and do honest hustling, but to go beyond a veil of knowledge that you have no idea of what you have dug up, because of money, then anything that comes with it, accept it also.

Money, in itself, is only an illusion, and most of the world has been imprisoned by their own imaginations. And it is possible for the knowledgeable to use your own imagination against you, which is what happens when one seeks what, in Nigeria, would be termed money rituals. Rituals like these are magic tricks. Illusions only. They are effective because the mind, itself, is able to bring about anything that you want to experience.

There are knowledgeable Elders who know how to manipulate particular energies that will attach itself to the greed within the person, and therefore create a play, a drama, in the life of the person, such as Mr. B, letting him believe that what he is experiencing is “real”.

The Magician, himself, may not suffer any repercussion, even though very few ever warn the person of the consequences of the work he requests. The fact that the magician was approached for this kind of work, already tells him that the person before him suffers in illusion. It is most ignorant of those who chase money in the most artificial ways, and this kind of person, is the best victim of money ritual.

And in the words of an author, “In ancient times, some of the most common of natural phenomena were kept secret by those who knew them, as a means of holding the populace in the superstitious awe that always accompanies ignorance.”

What happened to Mr. B can be interpreted in many ways, but I will give you one to think about:

All of the money that Mr. B might have made over time in five years, he had received from that woman in only seven days. He spent out his lot, and so the years that would follow would leave him in abject poverty. However, even though money was physically exchanged, it is not only money that Mr. B would have been “spending”. But each dollar could represent a year of his life, one of his children, his wife, a leg, an organ, an eye, and so forth.

Understand that this Earth is a school, and so we ought to know this and accept that seeking wisdom is the only way to find true light.

Before I leave you to think about the meaning of this post, I want to tell you this, although I know that some of you may not accept, or even want to do it, or even care about it, but my advice to you all is this: want nothing, gain everything.

Obara Meji


Please note that spiritual work for blessings is different from what is termed in Nigeria as rituals used to forcefully grab wealth at once. There is a difference.

Money Rituals is the act of calling upon certain dark forces to bring money to you, regardless of the consequences. This work is done most often by the workers of the dark arts. This kind of work may be similar to what common people term as “selling one’s soul“, although it is not exactly that, but is similar in the way that a “contract” is made to a malevolent force which promises something of equal value (such as life, a limb, a loved one, sanity, etc.) in return for temporary Earthly riches.

This is different from benevolent spiritual work for blessings which only attracts positive energies to the person or aligns you with your true destiny, if you were born to find wealth. This kind of work also removes obstacles and blockages, and provides a way for your own prosperity to enter your life benevolently and justly, without contract and therefore without consequence.

Always remember that any benevolent spiritual work deals with balance, harmony and alignment.

Malevolent spiritual work deals with imbalance and an upsetting of “order” within the person. The upsetting of one’s spiritual alignment manifests in many negative things, such as sickness, unusual obstacles, sorrow, etc. But in the “magic” done by spiritual workers of the dark arts it can be clothed in the appearance of “beautiful” things, such as riches.

However, the workers of dark arts have their role on Earth too, and it is necessary to the evolution of the human who can learn the lesson, or the destruction of the human being who can not.

If one imitates the upright, one becomes upright; if one imitates the crooked, one becomes crooked

Yoruba Proverb.

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1 year ago

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

2 years ago

Anytime you write and post your message for us to learn and understand. I just have to say, WoW….. It just get deeper and deeper. You are an amazing person Obara Meji and also a blessing too. Thank you for sharing and teaching us so many new lessons through your writing. You open up our mind and eyes to see things in New Light. And you also drop & speak the gems to us too. “Money is a spirit, and can be respected, but like endangered animals, it should not be hunted beyond your need” “Money, in itself, is only… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Yes, so true Obara Meji. You have done your job, and I am glad too when I see all the comments others write too. You are always doing your job and will continue to bless us with your messages. You know what, I really love about you; is that you take the time to reply back to your ES family comments they write about on tropic/ or things you share with us or discuss. Big Up to you for that. For reading everyone comments and replying back to other people comments. It like you saying , I see you and… Read more »

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

2 years ago

What a great words of knowledge. But ma, I would love you to write something on these yahoo money that has taking a total hold on Nigeria youth. Almost everyone in Nigeria today are into yohoo. You hardly find a house in which there is no yahoo boy in. Am not saying there is not, but I said you hardly find a house. These boys dupe people of their hard earned money through every form of spiritual work and most of those who have being dupped end up losing their lives or frustrated. My question is, will God or the… Read more »

2 years ago

Hi teach and everyone. Thanks for this post. I wonder if this explains why a certain parish/state within our country is paying the price for these money rituals? Reading it made me wonder about an experience, thinking what was the goal to achieve from it? A revival neighbor who claims to be spiritual who despise my enemy, always watching, sometime sneak themselves into the yard or walks down to the house chanting words and using a machete on the gate columns. One saturday afternoon, this neighbor walks straight up to my enemy grill, kept calling for and insisting my enemy… Read more »

2 years ago

Super!!! Another part2 of money rituals thanks Obara Meji I am learning something from you this year so keep the burning. Positive Vibrations to you. It is pathetic to see enormous people who don’t know what their purpose in life is, so they end up defining the purpose of their life with career and material achievements oblivious of the spiritual purpose for which they incarnated. Money has become the order of the day and many are selling their souls to acquire it; if you don’t have it you can’t be accepted into certain class in society much less our religious… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

E Dupe Pupo

2 years ago

Good day obara another great interesting post I have learned so much from your posts,thank you for sharing this post which has opened my eyes and mind to look at things differently.
Blessings to you and yours ((Bigg)) ((((huggs)))))

2 years ago

Wonderful post and comments… Looking forward to classes …. Spiritual work for blessing is okay but from my personal experience it directs attention from my usual method of waiting to be blessed to think am blessed because of the spiritual work for blessing… From experience if one waits long enough blessing will come.. developing spiritually is faster when we just learn to receive…. Of course if you genuinely Sense that things are out of order… You can do spiritual work for blessing to align yourself with the right forces…. But those who rely on spiritual work for blessing as a… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Thanks so much teacher

2 years ago

Thanks for this eye opening context..

What do you think about rituals done to our businesses or work to bring more money or customers. Is it advisable?

Roxy mac
Roxy mac
2 years ago

Food for thought wondering if when I was taking the old man money we were exchanging energy’s hmmm

Queen Okunmayowa (jojo)

Aboru boye Obara, Everytime the woman drop money he was paying for it in another way. The woman was also a spirit, love this so much to say. eventhough I love food I would Substitute it for wisdom and knowledge too but with that “u mus eat”

My mother use to tell me money is a spirit, “use money don’t let money use you” how quick you receive the money that’s how quick it will go or u would keep having to do things to keep it. Great post Obara.

2 years ago

Thank you so much for this post mama, but why didn’t the spiritualist explain to Mr B the consequences and advice otherwise.. For instance if I want to do any spiritual work I ask my spiritualist to carry out divination and tell me if the work is necessary or not and I follow her counsel

2 years ago

When you want nothing you gain everything I love that because everything that comes is a blessing you weren’t expecting if you want/crave nothing- Funny I had a conversation with one of my friends today about happiness and we were talking about the world just seem to be on edge and people are so jumpy to attack each other- We said people dont know what they want or I should say people dont know what really makes them happy and we often pray and wish for things that ultimately doesn’t add to our well being for example more money and… Read more »

Queen Okunmayowa (jojo)
Reply to  Lincoln

I was wondering if it was within some persons script in life to become rich, which the riches should be used to help better themselves and the people they come across and the ones around them.

2 years ago

Bless up Iya. Peace and blessings to the forum Informative and entertaining as usual.
I had an experience once with an aquaintance who was tryna convince me to ‘buy a money spirit’ to go out and bring back money for me. Alarms went off. I rejected the offer.
Eventually parted company with that one as his character began to show.
Should money rituals be done without consulting an oracle?

Intellectual Bhutu
2 years ago

Greetings Obara!

Thank you for sharing this information.
Money rituals always seem to be taboo. Are there ever instances where a money ritual is recommended or suitably done?
Prosperity rituals are popular and practiced openly, how would you differentiate between both ?

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