December 1, 2017 Obara Meji 29Comment

The world we live in is chaotic. This is how it has to be for all of us to find ourselves and rise to who we ought to be. It does not matter if you are from what you may call a “third world country” and have never seen a television before or have anything that is considered “modern” at your disposal, if the world is to know you, if you have a message, something to contribute as a part of your written destiny – you will be highlighted. However, as with everything in life there comes something to stifle or encumber…

February 20, 2017 Obara Meji 47Comment

Reggae artiste Capleton refers to himself as the Fire Man and also as King Sango. Sango is a deity within the Yoruba pantheon who represents lightning and thunder. He also represents fire and his devotees wears the colour red. According to the Yorubas, when we hear thunder it is Sango within that realm of power, pulling out thunder stones and throwing them to the earth. This results is us finding stones shaped like a 3 sided axe, these are used as insignia’s  (deathly representation) of Sango (mi love him ei si), and are given to the initiate when he initiates…

February 17, 2017 Obara Meji 74Comment

  There are so many mysteries here in this earth realm and about our lives in which we live. Many of us have no idea of water people or other dimensions or other realities. Many of us are so caught up with trying to get through life and it’s encumbrances. Survival for most of us is what is on the mind, some finding it difficult here and others play it a day at a time. I have always known somewhere from deep within, that although I was human, I was different. (more…)

January 27, 2017 Obara Meji 23Comment

Since the other day, I have been hooked on a Netflix original series called Travelers. One Sunday Night, when all had quieted down and I settled into my bed, I wanted something new to watch. Cable has a thousand channels here in Nigeria but nothing good to watch except food network, so I decided to go to trusty Netflix. I searched and found Travelers. The look of the characters advertised did not seem like vacationers to me, there was something eerie, out of place or to my taste there, so I checked it out to see what exactly was the series about. Here’s the…