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The Strange Reality of Life Contracts Made in the Spirit World

Season greetings to all and sundry! I had to take a deep breath to write this post because I know it is going into another degree of spirituality and most people would prefer the comfort of the surface.

Every human being is here under contract. A contract that we have made in the spiritual realms before coming to the Earth. Of course, most humans do not know of this contract although we may get glimpses of these contracts in our visions and dreams, or as experiences throughout our life journeys but rarely do we understand them or connect them to our purpose on Earth.

I want to start this post with a peculiar vision that I had been told many years ago, and in this vision, I want you all to pay close attention and observe it objectively.

The Vision

In the vision, the young lady was in a white clinical laboratory. In the laboratory, there was a man, white in skin color, and dressed in his lab coat. The two were fighting– the young lady knew she had to defeat this man because she knew that he was after a priest she had known well. She grabbed a sharp object and stabbed the “scientist” in his eye in such a way that he fell to the ground and stopped moving.

As she walked away to find the priest, the “scientist” stood up again, healed completely as though never hurt at all. It was then the young lady knew this to be a humanoid creature. He sent a telepathic message to the young lady and told her that her desire to kill him is futile because the priest had already “signed” himself and his family over to him. In her mind, she was transported back to the time the priest had “signed this contract” spiritually.

She saw him sitting behind a desk, dressed in his full white priestly clothing, and across from him sat the humanoid, who looked harmless but without emotion. In the meeting, she knew intuitively that the contract was that the priest would agree to become a humanoid as well, and the priest hung his head sadly and agreed on the condition that his family would also be taken, as he believed this would protect them from the humanoids hurting them if he alone would be captured. The contract was made binding. The humanoid telepathically told him that it (the humanoid) would change their reality to a new one, which would prevent the priest from knowing he had ever made this contract, and prevent him from escaping it.

The new reality would be that the priest would be a white principal of a High School, and the humanoid would be a 17-year-old black student in America. In these roles, the priest would be enslaved to the will of the humanoid, because if as a white principal, the priest were to ever “wake up” or have any sudden realizations or recognize the humanoid as the black student, the society would perceive his actions to be either racist or pedophilic. If, in his haste to be freed, he continues to pursue the black student, the ignorance of society will persecute him or imprison him for the appearance of either racial hatred or pedophilic interest.

And so the priest’s fate was sealed. The reality shifted and they were in their new roles. The young lady is now present in this new reality but is the only one aware of the true nature of the High School principal and student. She searches to find the priest in his new body, and when she finds him she bursts into his office and screams, “Why didn’t you wait for me? Why did you agree to that contract!” Of course, the principal does not know this young lady and has no idea what she is talking about.

The young lady called the priest’s real name three times, and a sliver of recognition appeared in his eyes for a brief moment. The young lady now searched for the humanoid in his new form among all the “normal” faces. It was when one boy passed her by that she looked back instinctively and instantly felt a dislike for him. She rushed towards him and grabbed him and asked him, “Why do I know you? Who are you?”. People looked at the young lady as though she were out of her mind, but the boy himself did not react. A friend of the young lady tore her away from the scene, and she could not take her eyes off of the boy, she felt a hatred for him.

She told her friend that she was not from this reality, that she was here on a mission to save the priest from his enslavement to the humanoid, and that if she failed, the priest would live several lives in many bodies that were always in opposition of the bodies of the humanoid. In each of these lives, he would never know who he was, he would never know of any “contract” or perhaps even believe in “humanoids”, and so he would never be free.

I was excited to hear this “vision” or “experience”, this young lady had, especially since I knew that during the time, the young lady was going through an awakening. I explained to her life before coming to Earth, and the many different contracts of different realities that we sign before we come here. One of the most important things on this Vision is that things that divide us in this Earth realm, like race, culture, belief, class, etc. are preset in an invisible world before we come to this world to make the Earth’s journey more difficult for the traveler.

Also our spiritual family that we have beyond this world depends upon us to complete our mission regardless of how terrible it may be for their evolution. So one or two persons have to represent the Spiritual Family in an Earthly body.

In the vision, I can look at the humanoid as the antagonist, or perhaps the person who negatively sets the rules for the priest who “signed the contract” to lose his way when he comes to Earth. On the other hand, however, I can also look at the same humanoid as a godly figure whose role was to increase the difficulty of the priest’s life for the human to summon his intellect to find his way out of enslavement.

And lastly, I look at the young lady in the dream, as every human being has a helper, a guide (often more than one) unbeknownst to them. She, within the realm of spirit, was witness to the controversy and also as a Cosmic Being descended to assist. But rewind your mind… remember that the young lady was allowed to see all of this, to the point of fighting the humanoid and stabbing him. She was chosen or volunteered to be apart of this contract to assist the priest, but in human form. We all have guides in the invisible form, but we do also have these guides in physical body!

It took me a while to recognize that my own mother was not my mother, but my teacher. The baby father and his mistress were not my enemies, but my teachers, and they taught me by means of brutal and vicious attack. When I was about to become initiated into my spirituality, one of my first teachers was the Mother of the church I started to attend, and she taught me how to fight by first attacking me.

Some of you who are reading here, your teachers are your own children, your spouse, a shopkeeper, a bus driver, a homeless person, a friend, an author, etc. But know that the person to assist you in waking up to who you are supposed to be or to give you a glimpse, a sliver of recognition of who you are, these guides also take on human form. At times these figures may just be passing through our lives and will not linger for long, but the lesson they leave with you is great and powerfully impactful if you recognize it.

Often times humans will even oppose the help of their guides. Many can not comprehend the language of the guide in their invisible forms, and when in physical bodies, the human will begin to find some fault in the guide whom they do not recognize despite the guide’s service in their life.

Nobody knows the wisdom of God or why we go through certain things, however, we can try to familiarize ourselves with things that are not natural to the human state but are played out through nature and Natural law. In other words, life is to be studied and understood to the best of our ability knowing that we are all test studies and knowing that we are here to fight a battle to win our freedom.

Spiritual contracts are like physical contracts. Even though persons are bound by contracts that they sign, there are still loopholes to aid the person to get out of this contract if they are smart enough to discover them. In the venerable tradition of Ifa, Orunmila is called ‘Witness of Fate’, as he knows the outcome of all things, regardless of the contacts that we are under.

There are always ways for us to win at life and its obstacles, but the secret is through our own character and personality that we shall find victory in any battle.

I love you all,

Obara Meji

Human things never prosper when divine things are neglected.

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5 months ago

I really like when you talk about these topics. When you write, “pay close attention and observe it objectively.” It has me ready to pay close attention to everything I going to read. I enjoyed this what you told us, about young lady. Some much to learn from. When you said this, “your teachers are your own children, your spouse, a shopkeeper, a bus driver, a homeless person, a friend, an author, etc. ” So, true…I tell my kid this. We are here to learn and teach each other. Help each other in some form away. Obara, you are our… Read more »

6 months ago

Aburo Aboye Ma, You always outdo yourself each time you write. Always breaking down these complexities to easily assimilate and digest, no matter her technical the topic is. You’re an emblem of knowledge, i must say this. This post just makes me think all over again and i can pinpoint so many lesson’s from past hurt to my enemy and say, yes that was a learning moment. Your teachings have made me feel so detached that sometimes it upsets people around me, due to my lack of obvious reactions to situations, but they don’t even realize that my stillness and… Read more »

6 months ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Ogbo Ato ma!

Thanks for your answers.

You response to number 5, describes you, lol.

Number 4, you confirmed my assumption.

Number 3, I understand. But question. Am i write to say it wasn’t in the contract that we would get to a point where we rewrite it, but as you said (we write our stories), so this makes us get to that point in time due to rise in consciousness?

Number 2, is it higher consciousness of the individual?

Number 1, Noted.

Thanks again ma’am.

6 months ago

Greetings very Good read, with this knowledge and insight I understand more clearly why certain ppl come into my life and certain things happen seem bad at the time but is just a hidden lesson to be learned. Thank you as always

6 months ago

Quote of the century Queen mother. Human things never prosper when divine things are neglected. For the pass few years have realised, experience and understand that the closest way to God and the universe it’s through spirituality and that’s the best way to self heal, connect and know your true self in depth.

Thank you ever so much for all you share. Sending you love , light and abundance.

6 months ago

life is to be studied and understood to the best of our ability knowing that we are all test studies and knowing that we are here to fight a battle to win our freedom. This sank deep.

Can one’s contract be rewritten by sending petition through their spirit guides to the higher beings?

Obara Meji it’s about time we go deep into spirituality most of us have outgrown taking the milk.

Majid Adam
Majid Adam
6 months ago

Very deep ,Thank you very much Teacher.

6 months ago

This is very fascinating! Thank you for sharing

6 months ago

I know that in the Malian/Dogon-Khemetic cosmology, the theory is that these contracts or some contracts are crafted by a matriarch 7 generations before. She feels that the experience is one that will be good for the individual/the lineage. They also say that these contracts can be negotiated and rewritten during the manifestation of the experience. I need to approach the bench and demand a review because this experience/contract is str8 bull crap…no man, for real. It too hard man…BIG SIGH. I demand a review!!! Thanks again for your insight and guidance Queen Obara. Love u

6 months ago

And I Love you too my Teacher Obara…….I have learnt to be happy and grateful. And all things come to me.

I found your blog complaining and wondering why I am broke all the time. But I was never hungry and always had bills paid.

So now I trust the process and look for the good in every situation. I am blessed and highly favored with money abundance running over.

Reinaldo Medeiros
Reinaldo Medeiros
6 months ago

Eu sempre acreditei que há muitos mistérios e estão além da nossa compreensão ordiena, acredito também que há muitos entre nós humanos, mas que não são humanos, estão humanos

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