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Day before yesterday I spoke with my son, the first child I had for the wicked baby father, he asked me if I heard of the fight between the wicked man and his son, not my child but a child he had after we had broken up, he fathered two more children and their mother died 18 days after the last child, a girl was born.


I told him no, I had not heard, as I do not communicate with him or any of his wicked family. He told me that the boy, about 15 or 16 years old broke a bottle and tried to stab the father, there was a big fight with the two of them as the boy was now trying to be a drug dealer and is not listening to what his father tells him to do. Monkey see monkey do.

My son was complaining to me that the wicked man called him called him and told him what happened and he said he sat listening to him while thinking to himself “what does he want me to say, this man is no father to me, why must I hear his problem”? My son told me that it was too late for this man to want to be his friend now, he was never there for he or his siblings in any way. There was a time he lived two streets away and he never came to look for them at all, as Jamaican people say, not a line nor a letter or even a fifty cent stamp, not even to come get his boys for a hair cut, he paid them no mind, these are his first set of children and he acted as if they did not exist this good for nothing dranco!.

I listened to my son very well as he spoke and I said nothing, but my thoughts went back to a time of suffering with the world’s worse man, worst father,Satan’s apprentice, a person whom I care nothing about. I did not feel good about what he was experiencing, rather I knew that days like these would come for him and the worse has not come for him as yet. This I know for a fact. It is how the Universe works, you cannot plant corn and reap peas. I am no longer bitter about him and how he treated us, I have gotten over that, so what would have made me experience schadenfreude upon hearing of his misery is no longer there, and trust me it is within my right to experience the sweetness of schadenfreude, but experience, knowledge and a certain wisdom has taken that away from me.

Yet, I do not feel sorry for him in anyway whatsoever, and the reason is that he must go through this phase of life, the misery he gave myself and others, I am sure not only me, must be returned to him someway and I know that as a parent this must be very painful for him. These two children who lives with him now are the ones he pampered and cared for, while forgetting his first set, not even phone call, they will be the authors of his demise, he has more challenges to go through, he is also currently fight deportation over something minor, which happened twenty years ago although he is a green card holder, again I am not rejoicing, but this is how the Universe works and the power of tears when in pain and distress, read that post it is on the site.


Read the throw back post below;

When I lived with my  children’s wretched father, there was a time when he began to make money and with that brought the women, so I became the one that did not matter. Never mind that he went to prison and I, not knowing anything about prison or prisoners began taking the over night bus while pregnant to Clinton maximum facility, where they held this scum bag until he could be placed into a minimum facility.

There I was in the visiting room, filled with murderers,rapists, thieves, pedophiles, drug dealers, still a teenager taking pictures with him in his prisoners uniform which was full khaki suit and black combat boots. I Should have seen the Bongo man in him then and skip, but love was blind, at least I thought it was love, actually no I didn’t. Because while I was with him I always wondered in my child’s mind how come my heart did not skip a beat when I heard his name, like it did when I was twelve years old, and saw Delroy Jenkins coming home from school. How come I was shy when Delroy waved hi to me and for a second could not hear anything. This did not happen with this man.

Perhaps I had just accepted my fate and stuck by him because I was pregnant for him and even though he was locked up he still made sure I was provided for. His horrible mother took me to a thrift store and bought me a living room set with the ten thousand dollars he had left to furnish our apartment. My mother had already bought me a bed, as Jamaicans mothers often do to give their children a start. The black and white T.V (this was in the age of colored TV enuh, but de mumma neva like mi, and gave me a television she had parked in her garage) only showed when there was an antenna in it. He came out on a work release program and with my help got off probation early. So here he was lavishing in money, wearing the latest designs, which was a far cry from the days of Clinton maximum prison in upstate N.y.

One of my sisters lived with us at one time, the oldest one, who despised me, she had always hated me because of my light complexion, which was so sad, because I was and still am just as black as her despite my outward appearance, we are of the same race regardless of skin color. She was dark skin and in my opinion very pretty back then. Her looks has changed drastically I guess because of her ways, and the consistent bleaching. Her inner attitude is now showing in her face and sagging body, so much that she resembles Cruella Deville. I loved her and as a child I was sad when people praised me instead of her saying, “yuh brown an pretty eeh”. At nights she would pinch me and cuss me, telling me that my parents had found me abandoned in a basket. In Jamaican society there is much focus on color, being very dark means you are no good, or you are ugly, so much that there is a Jamaican saying that goes “Anything too black nuh good”. Such a pity.

Back to my sister, (who eventually moved on her own time), the baby father was not happy that she lived there, worse she never contributed to the household not even a bottle of water, and had put her belongings out many times while she had gone to work, while I had to struggle to put them back in before she found out. He complained that this was one of the reasons why he did not give me his money because I allowed my family to take advantage of me…..Lies!!!….he was just wicked, and his signed off on all his cruelty to me…… Enough of this lamenting!!!, let me get to the point. During the time when the baby father was in his shining glory with all his women and money, I was neglected and there were times when I was denied some basic needs.

One Saturday in particular, he had not come home the night before, (there were many nights like this). I woke up without any provisions in the house, no groceries at all, at least for an adult to eat or cook. The children had their canned foods and apple juice but I had nothing. I called my mother and asked to borrow money to cook , she said she had none. I called my sisters boyfriend who was my good friend and told him my plight but he sadly told me how broke he was and apologised. I called the baby father but no response. By mid afternoon, hungry and frustrated I placed both children into their stroller and decided to go for a walk to clear my head.

As I got to the end of the street a green Acura Legend turned the corner and the driver blew his horn as if he was greeting me, I waved back not knowing who it was and he stopped and reversed. He came out of the car, still standing by the door and I recognized him as being my sisters ex boyfriend. He asked the usual about everybody’s health and well being and I told him fine and as he was about to go back into his car I said “gimme something nuh”….(side bar) this is something I would have never done, I had too much pride and everybody knew that my childrens  father had money, so for me to be asking for anything was ludicrous, and shameful. To my astonishment he took  a hundred dollars out a coil and gave it to me. I said the customary thanks and silently sent up a million thanks that to God and prayed tons of blessings for him. He unkowingly had just given food to the hungry, which was me. I went to the supermarket and bought food to cook and juice to drink, then I called my mother who had told me earlier that she too was broke and told her to send someone for thirty dollars and my sisters boyfriend cmae for twenty. The baby father came home later on in the day with a friend, he went into the kicthen and shared food for himself and his friend not caring where it came from……..Life!!!

Whenever you believe all is lost God always sends someone, an angel in physical form. Just keep a clean heart and a good mind towards all and everything, and PRAY! I lived to see the day after we had broken up and he hit rock bottom while I had steadily risen and had even gotten a new business, him coming to me begging money for food, and to pay his bills, and I gave it to him, my soft heart could not say no. The horrible mother use to call and tell me thanks for assisting him. One morning I was on my way to open my business, I took a taxi, the driver, an old Jamaican man and I began to talk and I told him about the childrens father, the treatment I had gotten when I was with him and how it was me helping him now and we were not together, the taxi man in his wisdom said to me “why are you interfering with Gods judgement on you childrens father? do not give him a red cent more!!. you cried out to God and he heard you and now he is feeling what you went through, STOP!!”.  It was the last time I strecthed my hands to him, because I knew the cab driver delivered to me a message that I needed to hear.


Àìfini peni àìfèyàn pèyàn, ló ńmú ara oko sán bàǹtẹ́ wọ̀lú. /
Lack of civility is what makes a farm dweller to come to town in a loincloth…..Yoruba Proverb!

[Decries bad manner or lack of courtesy.]


Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!


All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji


There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji




It is wisdom to prevent someone from whom one cannot accept repayment to have access to one’s valuable possessions…..Yoruba Proverb


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[…] I met the wicked baby father, read here, for a while all was well, but as we began to settle in our lives, all hell broke loose because he […]

Eve Somers
Eve Somers
6 years ago

This story I can relate to allot, the only thing my babyfather never go jail since we have been together. He has money, lot of women treats me bad, i’m still in the situation tho,I left in February of this year and I made him fool me up and I come back, only a shortlived time of good treatment, now its back to square one.

6 years ago

I agree with Nunu, guess he was trying to pass the message of what happened to you. Don’t know why the wicked take the heart of good people for granted.

6 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

If he has a conscience him muss feel awful for his actions but he seems like a prideful person. I wonder if since he’s lost it all including his family if it has humbled him a little.

6 years ago

Good morning Obara good morning to all the blogger I have read the story and were touch by it ex specially when you didn’t have anything to eat and you go on the road when meet your ex brother inlaw you cook your food n man and his friend come n eat believed me you good but anyway god did have a plan far your life

6 years ago

Morning Nunu Pity him a look lol possibly…you could be right. He wants some to feel sorry for him.

6 years ago

Good morning Kia, Obara and folks! I think he called the son because he was hoping that he’d tell his mother and then she would feel pity for him like she use to and reach out to help him. So basically he was just using his son

6 years ago

Good morning Obara The power of tears when in pain and distress..such a simple statement but it has profound meaning… SMH how could you pity him in this season of his life with all the wicked acts against your children and yourself…I don’t blame you. Not saying to rejoice or have schadenfreude but I wouldn’t look…mi naaaaaah look.

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