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There were times when I was growing when I wished the world would be at peace. People would love each other and live together, in peace love and unity, I still pray for this each time I pray. These thoughts which were in my mind echoes the psalm of David which says “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…..” I day dreamed of peace and a world without war, hate and violence, I am a descendant of slaves if I am to believe that my ancestors were slaves, so embedded within my DNA, my genetic memory is the pain and anguish of my ancestors, I did not want a continuation of that I yearned for a good world. As I grew, I realized that the world that I dreamed of would never be. I learned later that problem had to be apart of people’s daily lives, and that the world has to be in chaos in order for it to be. In other words the world has to be how it is in order to exist. We choose to come into the chaos to find whatever we came here for which can be our truth as spiritual beings and to learn through experience so that we can teach from them while living here or when we are elevated into the realms of spirit, death of the physical.

Some one said to me some time ago, which I have shared with you here many times, ” People have to go through problems, experience bad times or some level of unpleasantness, nobody can stay happy all the time, if a person is happy all the time, that person cannot live too long. We should only pray that we do not see devastation”. Meaning you will pray that you recover from what challenges you face and not see sickness of death, instead you will overcome.

This is what the person was taught by his Oluwo, and so he passed it along to me and I here I am sharing it with you all, I trust that you all will pass it along. We can dream of a peaceful world, we can even pray for it, but we have to be able to face the storm when it comes. For some of us the storm can be very strong, with winds blowing how many miles per minute and the rain beating down hard, but we should know if we survive, there standing at the end of it all is goodness in all its glory. When I made the sojourn to Africa the first time I went to recieve my first set of initiations which were Ifa and Osun, after I came back home, and stayed connected with the woman who initiated me, although I was warned by my Oluwo (the Babalawo who took me to Africa), I did not listen and formed a friendship with the woman, read here. She had her plans for me, unbeknownst to me, (remember. my personality is not to look for the bad in people at first glance, but to find the good even if the bad stares me in the face, some people are just who they are, we have to accept that and keep clear of them) I knew it not. I became almost like a lamb to the slaughter, because I trusted her, I trusted her. Now it is important for all of you to know that you should never take someone’s trust in you for granted. The Yoruba says “Even if I am not in your presence, my head (our inner consciousness) is there, be careful with how you treat me”. It took me years to understand this proverb, but it has revealed its wisdom to me, and what it means is, no matter what a person do to another, that which is wrong, their defence is sure, as God is always watching and the Universe is the highest judge which the offender can never escape.

During those times when this woman did all that she did to me without reason, I was very good to her, everything for my enemy (remember that I use the term my enemy when I am referring to anything negative, you all must practice this also, word, sound, power!) dried up, no work, life became hard, God bless my daughter who held me down. I sat daily wondering how to survive. During those times, I was going through my own personal shift, remember I had just gotten a few years earlier Osun and Ifa, and my initiations were done correctly. it was after my second visit to her that the problems began. She had seen something great for me, and for whatever reason decided to attack my enemy. I in turn was innocent and only wished her the best, the Universe weighed the situation and I was found not guilty. After her death, I had two years to clear my life, but I had no idea what to do, where to start. I was still with mr high grade read here, who was doing over time with me, he was my enemy and I was sleeping with him.

Gone from my life was the woman who was supposed to be my Godmother, a very important role which she violated, but unbroken was the wickedness that she had done. High grade was here but he served no purpose unless you call ningy, ningy (nagging) someone’s purpose, for I had already learned my lesson as to why I had met him, although I was not willing to let go, not because of love (that was not there at all) but of what I felt that people, especially my judgemental family and other people who looked on with a bad eye would say, the criticism I would face behind my back (I know, I know this statement is an oxymoron, tek time wid mi, it’s a blog remember) and so I had so many reasons why I had to stay in my solemn situation (knock up knee high grade) even though I had been free (so I thought but not really) of one enemies, the God obeah working mother, another one still ate dinner with me at nights. It took two years after this woman’s death for the darkness to clear and within that time I found the courage to get rid of High grade. It was after this that I met someone who would later perform some very strong sacrifices and remove the wickedness the God mother had placed in my front, (Jamaicans doan laugh, ah suh Africans talk, and I picked it up, in my front, in front of me, lol).

Many times when you are going through a rough time, know that good things is on its way. This is how life works. Sometime a person is to become very wealthy, but before the wealth can come (and this happens when the good is coming to stay) they get divorce, or break up with their whomever, they become homeless, they go through some challenges. Often times they may endure this for a time, it depends upon how they handle it. This very same scenario is played out in the book of Job. It teaches you the very same thing that I am posting right now. It makes sense to pray and meditate and try to understand life which can be confusing at times. I have had my share of confusion and there was a time when I questioned my strength especially when I was involved with the wicked baby father. My enemy (remember who I speak of when I say my enemy) have had many challenges in life, but have overcome everyone of them. I can honestly say however that when I look back, one challenge, once I overcame, opened the door for something great for me. Let me list some of mine, and perhaps when you have time you all can reflect on your own lives and see all the blessing you have received but perhaps took for granted, then you can also see what occurred before you rejoiced.

The Storm: After I left my mother’s home..( here I laugh, because I choose to share truthfully my life with you all, so no one can make me feel bad for what I choose to do) or was told to leave because of getting pregnant at an early age, I struggled forward for a while, I was still innocent toward the world so my experiences were not too harsh (non-physicals whom I did not know were there helped me plenty), because I face everything with a smile. I never once resented my mother, I love the woman up to this day very much.

The Calm:It was not long after that I met the wicked baby father, he was not wicked at the time I met him, (or so I thought, his horns and pitchfork was well hidden) and so he eventually built me a big beautiful hair salon, it was gorgeous and very prosperous. We began our lives as a family and I began to bare him children, we were very happy in the beginning Are you seeing it?

The storm: Getting pregnant young, thrown out of my parents home, struggled to take care of my baby by myself (I had nothing to do with the baby’s father) read here, not knowing what laid ahead of me…….

The calm: Meeting the not yet wicked baby father, him taking charge and eventually giving me my own business which I used to help my mother financially as I made money plenty there, for a little while things were good.

The storm: Baby father meets Obeah working gal, who was like the witch from the movie the haunting, me crying every night and day, to de amount ah duppy she set pon we ( paranormal activities due to Obeah sent to my enemy by this wicked entity, who he got pregnant) running down the street barefoot (this is me) pregnant with one baby in my hands and one left in the house, because de gal send de duppy come fi tek out the man, and de duppy jump in the man and he begins to growl like the incredible hulk, so me ketch mi fraid and skedaddle, sprint, run leff Usain Bolt. This storm lasted for years, my enemy thought I would never be able to get over it.

The calm: Finding my spirituality, finding my path, becoming who I am now which has led me to Africa to do my initiations along with my children who now practice as I do. if the storm had not occurred, I would not have found my path and even lead my children there.

The Storm: Going through what I went through with the wicked Godmother of Nigeria (forgive me Osun), sitting home not able to earn a cent, staring through the window wondering how to break the spell. Going through my enemy’s personal hell.

The Calm: After she died, coming back to myself which helped me decide to do this blog in which I wanted to assist people on their path and warn them of vipers such as this woman, and meeting although through cyber space, all you wonderful people, my blog makes me happy!!

The Storm: Meeting Mr worthless high grade, seeing his faults and lying to myself about it, because I cared about the criticism I would face from my family and people who wanted to see my enemy fail. So I held onto someone I knew who was no good for me and went through hell with this ganja smoking (nothing wrong with herb, but him made it seem like crack, to how it did him) not ever wanting to work, scandalous, knock kneed little wukliss man.

The Calm: Getting the courage to get rid of High grade, which was a relief to my children who never approved of him. Since removing him from our lives, things has been much better

These are lessons we as Human beings need to learn and know, we need to understand these things so that we will appreciate life and all its teachings. Add your own if you come here today, I would really love to read your stories.

A kìí gbọ́ kúkù òjò da omi agbada nù /
One shouldn’t throw away the water in the trough, simply because the cloud rumbles…Yoruba Proverb!

[Don’t be presumptuous; don’t count your chickens before they are hatched]

Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji


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Just going through the older blogs to lift my spirits and this one did.


I enjoyed reading this. Thank you ma.


Greetings Obara, Nunu, and Toy! Obara, words can’t express my thanks and gratitude to you for this blog. I wanted to cry today when I saw your topic today “The Storm brings about Good Things.” This is so true. My storm lasted four years, but this blog has helped me to overcome. Obara, your life experiences have made you the strong and wonderful person you are today.


Obara I’m going to call you tomorrow


Good afternoon folks! I wish they taught it to us like that from the very beginning. Life isn’t a fairytale and it isn’t suppose to be. I remember when I was going through one of my roughest time, C called me and told me that someone in his dream told him to tell me that ” if you can endure to the end then you will reap the benefits” something to that effect. I didn’t want to hear that at the time of course I just wanted it to end right then and there but if I’m being honest with… Read more »


Obara was so needed for me today. Obara no one can take your past to hurt you, because you have released it. It has made you into the beautiful awesome woman you are today that teaches us on this blog here daily. Lmao why I am cracking up laughing at in your front. I know what it means it is so funny how you wrote it. Hi ES family what’s up

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