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In the world of spirit, where spirit resides, a world where there is life without the density of a physical body, a world where consciousness of all and everything is beyond our (human beings) imagination, where light beings are beyond our reach, and we fear their world, often times praying that death would never come for us, we hold on to life with all that we can, most of us at least. As I grew in Kingston Jamaica, I remember my mother always talking about her father who seemed as if he lived with us. I was fascinated by this, and I loved to hear her speak of him and the messages he gave to her. She remembered him with fondness, which shows that he was a great dad. He lived in Montego Bay, while my mother lived in Lucea Hanover.

Mama use to tell us how he would come to see her often and take her to the carnival, buy her cotton candy and cherished her as his little girl. He made his transition when she was fifteen, so I never met him in the physical world, but she made sure to keep him alive, or was it him who made sure she never forgot him? He came to her often, and I have since learned by my elders, that seeing a person who has died too often is never good, this means they are earthbound. We all know being earthbound is like being in prison, where spirits are like homeless scoundrels, no one wants that for their family.

I even met him, (I did not see him), but he certainly sent me a message when he thought I had disrespected his daughter (my mom) by slamming the phone down on her which I did. I was wrong, even though my mom had gotten me upset, when she took the wicked baby’s father side over my own, however there is no excuse for disrespecting my mother, which I never did again, and that time was the first and last. My grandfather did not like it either, and he threatened to show me himself in a horrible way, (remember he was dead, so that could never be good). How did I know this? My guide came to me in the night as I slept, and took me to a cave which had a Obeah man at the head of a very long table,with people waiting to see him. The place was lit with many candles and skulls were everywhere, the Obeah man sat at the head of the table. My guide who I never see, I just feel his presence beside me always, and as I stood watching the whole scene, he asks me if I know who, he calls a name, is. Of course I know, that was my grandfathers name, my mother called it everyday, I thought, but I was too stunned to answer, well the warning was that I should get up and call my mother now. I hesitated at first, but the house got weird, all type of shenanigans began to interrupt the house (my guides warning me that this was real, they were the one holding him off from frightening my enemy) so I got up and called her and apologized, she told me tears fell from her eyes when I slammed the phone. He was still protective of his little girl, my mother.People, know that life continues, even after the physical is no more, there is no death.

When I became who I am now, Obara Meji, and even before if I think well about it. When I functioned as a full fledged spiritualist, doing the work I came here to do, I would often think of him. I loved him as my mother did, even though I never knew him. I loved him because he loved her, and I loved her very much. I would call his name at my altar, I still do, but I wondered if she had held on to him in her mind and that may have been the reason he was so close to her. I thought perhaps her fond memories of him had held him to her, like the movie ghost, where Patrick Swayze could not go on because he did not want to leave his wife, and she found it hard to let him go, remember that?

I now had “other” knowledge, Christianity and its wicked teachings and lies no longer polluted my mind, I laugh at this last sentence, because there was a time where I would lambaste anyone who spoke against the church and its teachings, what a beautiful thing it is to become awake.  I wondered if I needed to assist him into getting on his way, because if he was indeed a “ghost” then he had stopped his evolution, his progress, thus holding back not only him, but his soul group and I was of that group. I wondered if that was the reason the soul group had chosen me to become who I am now, as to assist him, who was tied to my mother and through her emotions, through love and lingering memory. I imagined myself as the fixer, one who came in to fix the family, set them on their path, so that elevation would be once again set in motion. Yes people, there are fixers in every family, and they are usually the odd one of the family, the eccentric one, the one who has embraced their spirituality.

I held a spiritual seance, remember I am a medium, just to see if he would come and explain. He never came, I reached out to him in every way, he stood his ground, no response. I then held another seance, this time calling my own head guide, who sometimes punishes me (not in a bad way, he loves me, lol) for not calling him enough (holding medium sessions), it was hell for him to come that night, all other spirits came, some from Egypt, some even from Guatemala, lol, it was a long night, and as the gatekeeper was about to close the gate, in other words end the session (being a medium is tiring), he came. He, being my guide, not my grandfather. He took his time, getting to the matter of hand, but he eventually answered the questions I had in my mind, some, not all. He told me that my Grandfather had finished his life and was off the wheel of existence (this is something very hard to accomplish), while he lived here he was a fisher man, but he also was an Obeah man, one who helped many people. He never did bad. He was supposed to be my mothers guide and teacher from the world where he lived, but she rejected the work, because of fear of Jamaicans calling her Obeah woman, she was and is extremely private. He told me that my grandfather did not come to tell me this himself, as he was proud of my doing what my mother refused, but he could not be my guide, as he was assigned to my mother. Her being very private, held him back from telling me about hum, even though she never knew (him being a Obeah man) this about him, but he knew that even if she did, she would not tell.

When the session was over, I was satisfied. My grandfather was off the wheel and not a ghost, just an active non physical guide for my mother, and he was such a good one, read here, and here.

I actually was not supposed to write the post this way, i wanted to write about people being attached to the deceased, or loved ones, not letting them go on to their next life, but the post went to my grandfather, oh wow! Iba Grand Dad!

I will write on spirit attachment further another time.

Obara Meji.

Two men quarreling do not share the same seat on a canoeYoruba Proverb.

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned


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Night all i remember my mom saying my granddad visited her when he first died. She didnt ask him any questions as she was scared and ducked under the covers. When she looked he was gone and never visited again. I miss him and was recently honoring him. I was telling him i wish he couldve meet the boys in our family. Lol he would love them. Iba Granddaddy Owen


Good night Obara and ESP seekers…what a wonderful post..I know I haven’t been in for awhile..I am attending to the business of Life..but I’m peeping always..and I can’t wait for your post on Spirit attachment.


Iba to your grandfather Obara. This was a great read. Hey Obara,Nunu, Lincoln and seeker

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Good afternoon everyone,

Glad to hear your grandfather has progressed off the wheel of incarnation. That is a wonderful thing. Iba your grandfather! Maybe your mother sending love to him by her fond memories and honoring him every day helped him to eventually move on


So if a spirit is wayward and refuse to move on which stop the progress of their soul group, does that mean the other members of the group can’t go on to their next life as well?


Good day OM. just did my mid week prayer for our world. Blessed Love


Good morning Obara, iba to your grandfather.

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