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Last night as I slept I found myself in the presence of an entity who sat by my bedside. I knew that I was in the world of dreams and visions, because I felt myself watching myself, studying this being, who seem to startle my spirit with his uninvited presence. I saw myself staring at him from my position on the bed, wondering who he was, what he was. As I curiously watched from wherever I was (this happens in all my dreams, I observe myself having the experiences and wondering what happens next. In my dreams there are always three me’s…the sleeping me, the curious me, and the adventurous me who stars the show. I saw the being look at me intently and gave a crooked smile,… smile? of this I am not sure, was it a smile or a snarl?…. to which the stern, no nonsense me (I am like that in dreams, stern,confident, strong and commanding, heck I am like that in real life but let me add, fun loving and happy even to down right silly at times when the time calls for it) demanded to know who he was, and so I commanded him to tell me so. It promptly answered and said “I am who you want me to be Obara Meji”, yes he addressed me by my name, which told me many things about this creature, for he knew not my secret name, a name, if he had used it would have given him the right to be in my presence, for he would have been a member of my soul group of this I know for sure. Was this an enemy?. Ah Obeah dem ah Obeah mi, oh boy here we go agen.The curious me raised an eyebrow and waited for the strong and commanding me to let him have it, pull out mi spiritual Walter PPK or mi AK and let off, I am known for that, spiritually. Obara Meji the duppy and demon slayer (Buffy learned from me, den run whey go mek show), it is no joke, for that I am ( I am tempted to put lol here, but I am serious). Instead I (curious me) saw “me” (the star ah de dream) sit up and asked the question again, while chanting some words which curious me could not make out. The being’s smile disappeared and he stood up, his was exceedingly tall and majestic in stance as he towered over me. I was regal in my stance, head high, back straight and a no nonsense look which seemed to say, I can take you down regardless of your height. My face held a determined look with a brave chin set forward. As we stared each other down like the cowboys in the movie, Gunfight at the ok Coral, we were transported or teleported to another realm, where we stood in a huge hall with its magnificent beauty, palatial and golden, its beauty is indescribable. Curious me was still there, wondering “where the hell was this”?  Zena  warrior princess “me was wondering where the hell was my sword to defeat this giant or two Jamaican gunman fi buss some shot afta him fi mi” . I (curious me) had no time to enjoy the beauty of this impressive place, I wanted to see this show down. The giant retreated under my glare (bad gal me) and bad gal tan up, he laughed, which seemed to irk me. He said, “I like you”, I responded “well I don’t like you! All forms of communication was through the mind, and curious me wondered why I wasn’t communicating in Jamaican patois, which I love, a couple ah claat would have been appropriate here. I heard a horn blow from way out yonder, (cowboys get out of my head please!…..really? way out yonder?) A horn blew from what sounded like far away, and broke the tension between giant rude guy and myself. Please do not get lost in the story.Remember that in this post, I Obara Meji am in the world of visions and dreams. In this world there is two or lets say three me. The me sleeping on the bed sleeping and dreaming, the warrior me who is the spirit who has traveled out while the me is sleeping, and the curious reporter me who is watching from a distance and who is now narrating this encounter…get it? se og bo? ( Sheg bo…Yoruba for did you hear me?)

The sound of the horn caught my attention, it blew three times and in came a man riding a horse, the horse looked like a king himself, he was beautifully dressed, bling dung to the core. I had turned away from the giant guy and watched this warrior looking man dismount from the horse who looked at me as if he himself was curious about me. The horse backed out of the hall in respect of the newly arrived person, and the warrior who was an older man with what seemed like a golden iron mask on his face, stood before me and did something with his head which was a signal to dismiss giant rude guy. He bowed out of the room, and the sound of his clicking heels as he backed aways still echoes in my head as I type this. The man spoke to me through the mind and said “welcome Obara”, to which “I replied who are you?. Curious me, wanted him to answer as the suspense was too much, and I did not want sleeping me to begin to struggle under sleep paralysis “duppy hol dung” in her fear to get away/try to wake up before we found out just who were these people.

The man walked away and sat heavily in a chair and told me that he have been watching me for quite sometime and had decided to send for me because of many things he saw about me that was of interest to him. In my heart I knew he lied, but decided not to challenge him. in that moment he smiled, I saw his lips, curl and he told me that all he will say to me would be the truth as he never lies. This meant he read my mind and my face showed a grimace. The air was tense, I was tense. I did not know where I was, and I wondered why did my guides allow me to come to this place, where were they? There were questions in my mind that I thought of asking him, among them was again, who was he, what was his name, and why was I here? As I thought these things, he said to me;

“Obara Meji, this place where you are is a world that belongs to me, here is a place that you lived long ago. You may not remember because you have removed your mind from this which is apart of you, and this is no fault of your own, you are now in human flesh. I want to give you an message for you and your kind.” I wondered at this, “My kind? and he answered the question posed in my mind, “Yes the kind you live amongst Obara Meji, Humans.” He told me these words.

Humans must never relax and conform to the lives that they have met upon their journey, instead they should look to the stars to help them navigate their lives. He said there lies the possibility of us coming back to our former selves as a race of people, and understanding things which we regard that are of a supernatural nature which are apart of our genetic make up. He said words, language ,has created a great division among us as a race of people and intelligence of a higher world has departed itself from many of us, for we are lost and until we realise that all our secrets lies within the stars and beyond, its hidden meanings, until we realize the importance of silence, how to quiet ourselves, so that we can be taught how to connect with our higher selves therefore connecting to the galaxies and our world there, only then will we be able to have command over life and having fear of nothing, being the creators we were created to be. He said ,where I stood with him was deep in the middle of  the foundation of a complex star system, and although I do not know him, he knows me well, he then called me by my secret name. I woke up, it was 7 am. Wow!

It was hard for me to write this, I wasn’t sure if I should share, but I did.


Ẹni a fẹ́ la mọ̀, a ò mọ ẹni tó fẹ́’ni. / 

You do know who you love; but you can’t be certain of who really loves you……Yoruba Proverb!

[Be perceptive; appearance is not all there is]

Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji



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“Gunfight at the ok Coral” I used this term recently to describe the hip dem that’s wearing now and my friend had no idea what I was about.
Lol clearly Obara you’ve remembered dem cowboy shows on JBC. the nowadays hip dem fava gun holsters that cowboys use to draw dem gun from


Toy, enjoy your star gazing, get an astronomy book to help you out.
KB, me didn’t see any blue at all no matter how hard I looked.

Obara, I think the message is telling US to not let technology remove us too far from the fundamentals of life.


awesome sauce! the message was thought provoking and i work constantly on those things daily. Just got off work.. loved the story i was always a fan of buffy and Xena lol. O is a spiritual warrior queen! love it


Hi ES family


Obara I am so glad you shared this message with us. I know for sure that things I have be very oblivious too about a year ago. I have a love and know that we are connected to everything. I have now started taking in the stars at night and paying attention to the different phases of moon. I love the moon, I get lost when I look at it. We all need this message… I thank him and you for this message.


Wow! This is awakening, thank you Obara for sharing. Good evening all my fellow ESP. Hope you are good? How has the classes been Obara? Trust there is a good turn up, work has been occupying me. Have a great evening all.

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Wow! Obara I can see you now, one hand on the pistol, ready to shoot at the first sudden move, just daring him to jump like in the old western movies. LOL Yes, I agree with CB. I’m glad you shared as I think there is an important message that he wants you to share with humankind. We’ve gotten so far away from our spirituality and so caught up in our gadgets, electronics, and the day to day rat race schedules (as if we think this life is it) that we don’t take time out to be quiet, reflect, and… Read more »


Hey peeps!

While reading the words from the man, I felt it all through my solar plexus. Yep all in my core I could feel every word he said…we are lost soo very lost. We are far from where i think we need to be and many don’t even see it or care to see that. smdh


Hi Obara Meji and all!

I am so glad you decided to go ahead and share the message. I always love to hear about all the worlds that are out there and how they perceive us. He sounded benevolent, which is always a good thing since most of them think humans are viruses. The showdown between you and the giant was hilarious lolol.

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