September 11, 2017 Obara Meji 32Comment

A part of human evolution is sound, or language. A child is born and the first thing we hear from him is sound as he cries his welcome into the world. As the baby grows he will develop speech which will become a greater part of his intelligence. But did you know that language plays an important part in our spiritual life? It is the word, sound, and command. It is the request, plea, the commitment, the swear and then some. Some of us are fortunate to be born in places where the vibration of the language we speak resonates…

March 14, 2017 Obara Meji 69Comment

Hello to you all! I have been missing for some days as I have been busy with Egbe initiations and also I was (still am) fighting the flu. Here on Embracing Spirituality, I have written on Egbe before (read here), and I have done many initiations for people here in Nigeria. I even have initiated Egbe myself and so have my children. I have video footage of the recently done Egbe initiation this past week, but the young lady has not yet agreed to me showing them, so I may post some audio in the comments instead. Egbe is a Yoruba word…

February 17, 2017 Obara Meji 74Comment

  There are so many mysteries here in this earth realm and about our lives in which we live. Many of us have no idea of water people or other dimensions or other realities. Many of us are so caught up with trying to get through life and it’s encumbrances. Survival for most of us is what is on the mind, some finding it difficult here and others play it a day at a time. I have always known somewhere from deep within, that although I was human, I was different. (more…)

February 11, 2015 Obara Meji 71Comment

  I wrote this post many months ago, although it did get some attention from you, it did not get enough I believe, and this is a very important topic. There are many things within this world where we live that maybe disturbing our lives daily and we do not know or understand what it is. Like the posts below on Incubus Succubus, there are entities, all for the function of the human earthly development while in the physical body, who are here in this realm to test us in all sorts of ways. The picture up top is one…

January 27, 2015 Obara Meji 177Comment

E’karo ooo! (Good morning in Yoruba language). Yesterday I wrote a very long post on which I thought was a very good topic and although I repeated some things already shared here on this site in the post yesterday, I felt It needed repeating in order to support the subject written upon, this is a huge effort on my part seeing that I always tell you that I cannot type. I do this because I want all of you to “get it.” (more…)

August 8, 2014 Obara Meji 220Comment

Today is very busy for me, I am extremely tired and have not gotten much rest, but I have an obligation to this site and tonight is the second of our Book Club Night for our Naughty Discussions and I have yet to write the second part to Penny, much less send it off to you my club members. I have shared from off the internet some stories of reincarnation, and past life memories, I did this so that I can have time to write on Penny, email them out to you as I am running behind schedule. At later…

June 10, 2014 Obara Meji 442Comment

I have chosen to write today about the realms of Spirits within time and space. On this Earth plane where we live there are realms which exists within it as well as outside of it. Yes it is nice to look up into the blue skies and try to see beyond the clouds, imagining that heaven is up there somewhere. Or to look down and worry about the hell which lays below. Well listen up dearies, it ain’t like that, no not at all. What I am about to tell you all now you may or may not believe. It bothers…

July 24, 2012 Obara Meji

I FOUND THIS QUITE INTERESTING, ENJOY!  ALTHOUGH I MUST SAY MY TRADITIONAL PRACTICE, IFA/ORISA TEACHES OTHERWISE, WITH IFA EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION, AND ALL THINGS CAN BE CHANGED WITH THE CORRECT RITUALS AND SACRIFICES…..ANYHOW THIS PIECE IS A GOOD READ!! Reincarnation is an important truth that you must understand to achieve spiritual progress.  It is an essential part of the foundation of God’s Plan of Salvation.  This book will lay the groundwork for the worldwide acceptance of this truth that will take place in the next 40 years, 1998 – 2038.        Your spiritual record reflects your entire existence since the instant you…

July 24, 2012 Obara Meji

Often times we meet people in our lives that we have a stong reaction to. It may be that person who annoys us, it may be that we are fascinated by them or we have an urge to be around them, or we fall instantly in love with them, or feel protective over them, whatever the case may be, it is quite possible that we have met before. In another existence, another life. Reincarnation is very real, and we are all born with divine contracts to fulfill. It may be an obilgation to our parents, our children or spouse, or to even a stranger, but…

July 26, 2011 Obara Meji 62Comment

You have all seen my posts with me writing about the realms and also of our astral mates, here is some information that I have decided to share with you today, to further teach you some of what you may know little or nothing about. In reading this you may see where I sometimes disaggree with Dr. Stone, this is because the knowledge that I Obara Meji have acquired on this subject was given to me directly by my astral mates, and spritual teachers who lives in the outer dimensions, but for the most part Dr. Stone is correct. This work was written by the…