August 11, 2017 Obara Meji 30Comment

This is the same as asking about black and white magic. I have always been a little unnerved by the word “magic”. It is a term a real occultist or practitioner do not identify with. Why? Because upon hearing this word, regardless of book meaning, the mind goes to the practical magician on a stage who will saw a person in half or pluck silver coins from behind your ears, and spiritism or traditionalism is no way at all like this. The only trickery in spiritual work is the incompetent worker who says he can when he really cannot. For…

February 8, 2017 Obara Meji 58Comment

Since I wrote the post the Symptoms of Tying, I have received tons of emails of people who are affected by it, (read here for one of my own personal stories, this one is of my father). For people who can read patois, (it is in patois straight through) read this one, it is also very personal to me, as a matter of fact this was the second post I ever wrote on my blog. Through out my postings here on Embracing Spirituality, I have sprinkled this act of Obeah into many of my posts. It is prevalent in ALL cultures and within all…

December 18, 2016 Obara Meji 54Comment

There is a saying that goes ‘money is the root evil,’ and it may be so, but many can not deny the fact that money brings joy and pleasure. Someone corrected me one day and said ‘The love of money is the root of all evil,’ and of course I think this is the truth (read this post). There are things that many people will do for money and of course with money, often times fame and power comes. The thing is, the search for money (especially for those who were not born into it) can be a very rough road and…

December 14, 2016 Obara Meji 28Comment

When I wrote the post Who Do You Trust In This World? I told you all that the person for whom this happened to would send his own post in. I’m very happy that he did so because my philosophy as you all know is that we teach each other from our experiences. His is quite a journey and although there will be a part 2 to his story, he still had to carve the story down in order for it not to be too lengthy. People be wise and as I always teach, be present in your lives. (more…)

September 19, 2016 Obara Meji 25Comment

This woman is currently trying to heal from all the trauma she has been through, especially her loss. She gave me the permission to share her story with you, and this is what I am doing. I share it because, I want you all to be present in your lives, take stock of any unusual occurrences, pay dem mind, note them! I am not telling you to be superstitious, I Obara Meji am a notorious doubtful Thomas. I have to be sure before I claim anything as Obeah/juju, and yet I am a spiritualist/traditionalist, but being overly superstitious can affect…

July 6, 2016 Obara Meji 125Comment

One of my new bloggers sent in some topics she believed that I should write on. In all there were five, the title of this post being the fifth, I chose to write on this topic first. I am a positive thinker, although I am a spiritualist/traditionalist, I have always had the belief that I will always overcome any problem, I am innately made up this way. My belief is that “no weapon that is formed against me will ever prosper”. I believe this because I know that I have found my calling and I am doing my work, so the Universe…

November 9, 2015 Obara Meji 62Comment

Good day to all. I have been doing some technical work to the blog and this is why I have not been posting everyday. Writing takes time to do and I can not post when everything is in action according to my assistant. However, today I will do a short post on the symptoms of binding or “tying” as we call it in Jamaica, in other words how to know when someone has tied a person onto them. This topic is important because it happens so often and affects so many lives. It is a horrible thing to do to…

August 21, 2015 Obara Meji 35Comment

When I was a small girl living in Jamaica, I remember a woman who was the daughter of my mother’s friend. The friend’s name was Miss Brown and her daughter’s name was Marie. People called her mad Marie. Jamaicans are very descriptive when it comes to naming people, they do it according to their looks (Black Gal Marlene, Fatty Blossom), profession (Cookie or Tailor, Gunman, Thief), or even how they act, even down to an ailment. If Jerry broke his legs, he would be called Bruk foot Jerry. Mad Marie resembled a younger and slightly lighter in complexion Nina Simone….

August 17, 2015 Obara Meji 36Comment

This week while teaching the online class, I went into memory of a friend I had long time ago. For the purpose of anonymity I will call her Doris. I have recounted her story here within a post before, but as it relates to the point of this story, I will retell it. The memory came back as I was telling class about how in life one thing affects the other, mostly unbeknownst to us. What one person does affects everybody else, this is the connection we all have as human beings, or I should say one of them. We…

May 14, 2015 Obara Meji 21Comment

Hello everyone, this is a short post to say how grateful and happy I am for all the support I have been getting from you all. I pray God for each and everyone of you and your families. This morning I opened up my email and saw that a new comer to the blog sent me a message she got for me (spiritually). She said the message was that I should begin the University online. (more…)