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Today is Wednesday, and it is pray for the world day. I am in!

Thanks for all the people who participate, and for the one who scoff at this post and do not, one day you will be awakened to what Obara Meji is trying to do, my little contribution, yes, the day will come when you realize that this was/is needed.

Today at 12 noon any where you are in the  world, please say a prayer for our world, our earth for which we reside. There is something happening, something we all cannot see and do not know about. The best way for us all to send out our prayers is to quietly speak the divine which is within all of us quietly ( I meditate, this is the way I heal). There is no need to pray and sweat like bible wielding Pastors or even to shout loudly. Just a quiet meditation, even for a minute for all the problems the world is facing. Family, we must think of the future generation and what they will be facing.There are so many things happening and perhaps it is best we do not know, but this is not to say that we all as a collective cannot change the outcome of what is brewing or what is to come unbeknownst to us. We have so many non physical helpers, who will quickly help, if we only send out the signal, through vibrations and frequencies released through our prayers and meditation. We must create a reality for the earth that will bring it to a place where it is a pleasant experience to live here.


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5 years ago

Thank you! I’m waiting for another meditation

5 years ago

I forgot…im have to do better. Thank u all that remembered to pray

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker
5 years ago

Was a little bit late, but I said my prayer. Thanks for the reminder.

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