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Yesterday morning I sprung from my bed, turned on my computer and began to write. I told you all and everything that has been on my mind recently and even took you through some of my reflections. Imagine how I felt when I turned my back for one second and came back to see that all I had typed was gone? I had forgotten to save it!

I was honest as usual in the deleted post, and spoke about the men of my life, all of who were dirt bags, I apologize to my children for calling your fathers dirt bags, but that is the only decent English word that aptly describes them (two baby fathers for all who is new to the blog and haven’t read my whole life story as yet) odda wise ah some very dirty words meeda use fi describe dem. The choice words I have for them would be very harsh but would be effective enough for you all to know that I have a knack for picking the scums of the earth (aldoe mi get good pickney wid dem) fi deh wid.

However I will not be cussing them like that today, I will spare all of you the expletives I so enjoy using from time to time, especially for any Christians who peep over here daily. I feel sorry for the pearls they clutch whenever I become too raw with words, (de bad wud cussing which I am so fond of. I am an artist after all and must express myself). I vented in the post but ended it with love, only to see that it all had vanished. I was so shocked I felt like clutching my own pearls as the reality of it not being there hit, but unfortunately I had none to clutch. I was faced with the daunting prospect of writing again, which is torturous for me, seeing that I am no typist and typing for me is equal to pulling a tooth.

I walked back into my room with the mindset of pulling my covers up over my head and going back to sleep, the flu is still nagging, but reluctantly going away. Yet here I am, at it again writing a post, am I a glutton for punishment or what? I have a slight headache, mi back ah hot mi from sitting and typing with no support, I make too many mistakes as I type and haffi leggo some claat at the computer, NEPA (Nigerian light company) just took the light and really all I want to do today is watch Rachel Maddow as she “gives it” to Donald Trump and his cronies. Like the first post, I had no specific topic, I just wanted to vent (read here), but I have let all the vent out on the post that vanished, and now I am calm. So let me allow my fingers to do the typing which will bring us, I hope, into a post worthy of reading.

Last night as the rain fell here in Lagos, I thought about how far I have come and how now I have even more to look forward to. At times I wonder If I should be afraid of being happy. I am a happy person, but there are times when things come from out of left field and you wonder “how didn’t I see that?” I have learned that the things we don’t see coming are the things that are meant to be. The Universe has its way of teaching us. We do not dictate to it the lessons we want to learn. As for the dirt bags I have known in my life, I can only pray that there’ll be no more. Perhaps I am being too forward, but I am almost sure that many of us have met people we become involved with in life that have hurt us, and some that we too have hurt for whatever reason. We all have our reasons why we do certain things, and some of us qualify our actions to suit our conscience.

I, however, have always tried to look into myself to see if the blame was with me. We must introspect, and we must take responsibility, we must. It is the only way to move forward. We must look hard and deep to see not only “their” faults but also our own. Everything has its balance, amen? Amen!

I woke up the other night to a text message from a friend of mine venting. In the vent he cussed (bad wud) and it tickled me. I have never heard him cuss before, he is a very decent fellow. A lady had ticked him off and he had to let off steam and so he did to his trusty friend Obara, (ah me sey lean pon mi shoulder). It was the middle of the night and I awoke groggy. I read the text and tried to calm him, all would be well I told him. I then pressed play on my iPad and fell asleep to Sophia getting married to her old friend from Brooklyn.

I woke up with him on my mind as I opened my eyes. I reached for the phone and read the text again. On impulse, I wanted to tell him to ‘tell de gal guh jump inna a swamp full ah alligator.’ I am a fierce defender, especially if you are my friend and this guy is. I calmed myself, took a shower to cool my head, had some porridge, counted to ten, and then I asked him to explain what happened.

Nothing happened, he told me. She just spazzed out because he asked her a simple question regarding something she was doing. They had gone out to eat. He did not shout at her or have any attitude with her. He then told me that she was an ex that he had dug up from the past (big mistake, never head back, look forward) and they decided to start seeing each other again. What he never told me was that the relationship this time around was a sexual one, but I got it and I didn’t need to ask. It was not my business. But what was my business was my friend and how he was hurting at the behavior of this woman and for nothing, except it was not only her although he had never said it.

I was wise enough to realize that he was tired of “these kind of women” that he had met in the past and was still a part of today. In my mind I wondered if she resented him from their past relationship (perhaps he had some faults she did not like, it is possible, no one is perfect) and now that they were “seeing” each other again without commitment, she figured she could take out her resentment on him at the drop of a hat or speak to him anyhow. I am a woman, I know how some of us think, but my friend had good intentions (judging from our talks and what he is looking and hoping for), and really just wants a good relationship. Probably he settled for the “just bed” relationship because to him, for the moment it worked, perhaps wanting to take the second time around slowly.

In my mind, I saw all of this, but I remained mute on my musings. However, I told him to get rid of her. My enemy was hurt because he was hurt, and I wanted to just fight her, beat her up for hurting his feelings with her outburst and tirade of insults hurled at him. What she didn’t know was that he had embraced his spirituality and was trying to find himself, his woman, his children and his life. He was/is on a path, and was trying to be the gentleman to the woman he hoped he found. He had never had the family “home” life and longed for it. Yet he kept meeting the “Jezebels”, like me (finding the dirt bags of life), perhaps the good gal dem came and he rejected them, like me perhaps he has a knack for picking up what his spirit does not agree with, yet some how they attracted him.

I love peoples mind and ideologies, especially if they are spiritual, but the too sensitive guys, the good ones, do not attract me also. They do on some level, but for me what they’re missing is a spliff, ratchet knife, and a bottle of Guinness, (not to mention de mesh marina). Is set dem set me like this? Why don’t I like decent men? Was I Bonnie in a former life thugging it out with Clyde? I don’t think so, because if I know myself, I would not be attracted to any guy named Clyde, (my apologies to any peeper named Clyde). Jamaicans would say “nah nuh ambition”.

When you are awake, when you on a path to enlightenment, the one you choose to be your partner must be on that same path. He or she can not be asleep while you are awake. It would be like two ships passing through the night, or like night and day, they do not agree. She will get on his nerve and so will he on hers. When I calmed down and thought about him and de idiot gal (sorry mi friend, mi still ah class har), I realize that my friend too has Egbe, and so I have to help him.

He is on a path so his Ori (inner consciousness) will not allow him to be apart of anything that is not in alignment with his path, so she just ousted herself, (good riddance). It was not his loss it was hers, and I pray he takes my advice and leaves her alone, better will come for him and soon, after all I am here for him and will assist him in finding his true love. For all of you who think that yours is not out there remember the Jamaican saying: “Every hoe, have him tick ah bush”, (laughing at hoe, lol). There is someone for everyone, at the right time and in the right way. Everything has its reason. Do not worry when something fails, we hope and pray as we wonder what’s next…

Obara Meji

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2 years ago

There’s so much to read on your blog Ma’am. As much as I’ve read i still find one new post and get more confirmation of my understanding. So misfortunes in relationships can be due to Egbe. I can beat my chest and say I’m a nice guy although I’m not infallible, but to toot my horn a lil I’m a dream guy o! I know myself that much. But I’ve had the worst from women i must say. To the point that i ask why why why what am i doing wrong, or am i too cool or meek or… Read more »

2 years ago

Curious did he ever find someone to settle down with.

5 years ago

Thank youuuu so much Obara for being so good and selfless sharing your story and giving us advice and insight whilst helping us. Love and light to you and your family.

5 years ago

This post was well needed especially after I bawled my eyes out last night over something similar. I find a trend with me when it comes on to this blog. I’ll get the notification of a new post but somehow I just can’t bring myself to come over here. But every time ! Like clockwork the post just resonates n hit home and I know if I read it on another day it would not have connected that much. Funny enough too this post was made on my born day n I was happy “woie mi get bday post ”… Read more »

5 years ago

Lovely post, Obara! I’m here still.

5 years ago

Great post! The struggle to find some is exhausting while asleep and it seems the problems multiply as you awaken. Your outlook on life changes and with that so does what you find appealing in a mate. I never understood the animosity I would experience from males until recently and it can leave you with a jaded outlook on this experience. Very timely post.

5 years ago

Obaraaaaaaa mi dream you eno Come is what you have to tell me lol
As to the post hmmmm gwan inna mi head lol a set drm mussi set mi suh….

5 years ago

A great read Obara. An funny so ’til!

5 years ago

Lol Obara, I had some things to take care of. I’m back now

5 years ago

I’m glad that you are able to relate to the challenges faced by those who have embraced spirituality. I tend to meet them while they sleep and enjoy the process of waking them up. However, after a while it becomes tiresome…

5 years ago

Thank you for this post Obara, I was feeling down, but I needed the friendly reminder to uplift me. We don’t drive in life in reverse but what’s ahead of us. I too hope I can meet that special someone that is truly on his spiritual path and not just saying it and being a hypocrite.

5 years ago

Hello Obara,
I’m sending greeting and I hope all is well. I enjoyed reading your current post and I must say that the end really got me.
“Everything has its reason.” Do not worry when something fails.”
I feel like that part was a message for me that I really needed to hear. I just had a disappointment and it made me feel a bit down but I’m not worried I know the universe has plans for me. Thank you for your many words of encouragement. Keep on blessing us with your teachings.

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