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Having faith can be trying sometimes especially in a world where things are thrown at you every day. Although we are genetically structured to endure, some people get weak after a while and their mental health or even their physical bodies are affected by life’s problem. In our Traditional practice of Ifa/Orisha we know that every problem has a solution as long as you keep up your divination to Ifa and your sacrifices performed and accepted.

I woke up this morning and something told me to write on faith today. I am not going too deep, just a touch up because maybe some one today needs to read these words. I am obedient so I have decided to listen to the message and write on the subject. I have written on this very subject before read here, a little more indepthly, but in the few words written below, I pray that even one person will find solace.

Life is beautiful and sweet but it also can be bitter and troublesome. Facing life’s problems can never be easy especially if there is no support. This is where faith comes in. I once had a conversation with my young son, we spoke on religion and the fallacy of Christianity. I said to him, although I was once a Christian, I wonder why it took me so long to realize that most of the stories in the bible were not true or made no sense, and how did the creators of this doctrine get so many learned people to follow its teachings!

His answer to me was “Mom, many people just want something to believe in.”

Out of the mouths of babes, because in that moment I realized the truth, he spoke the truth.

There have been times when I Obara Meji have questioned my own faith, I have been in situations where my intentions were good, I was doing good and the help I was giving to people turned around to bite me.

I have dealt with many ungrateful people and circumstances which I have had to deal with people who turned out to be my worst nightmare, there have been many instances, but one in particular with that of a person in need and I stood up to help. These people were some of worse degenerates I had ever met, but perhaps I had a karmic debt to pay, although I refuse to believe it.

During those times of disbelief for me, not wanting to believe that a person (me at the time, and this is one event) can feed, clothe and shelter people and they and their mother and family try to destroy me was heart wrenching. I was in a tail spin and of course when these things happen you turn to your God in prayers. I did, but of course I am an initiate so I went to my Orishas who are emissaries of God same as the Christian Christ is the emissary of the Christian God. I prayed and cried before my deities, because of the pain I felt and I left all problem to them. While I continued to be persecuted by these horrible people, disgraced for doing good, I began losing faith. I am human and although I do inspire people, and teach them how to handle life a little better, I do stumble along the way sometimes, but I quickly catch myself.

I prayed to be free from these ungrateful beings, it took longer than I wanted but I was finally free of them, and I know the Universe will give me victory over them, because anyone that you feed, clothe and shelter can never rise above you!

There are times when things are not going good and you pray and pray and pray and still there is no change. You then wonder to yourself “Where Is God”? For all those who believe in God will call upon its energy in times of need, and we expect an answer, unfortunately the answer may not come in the way we expect it to and we begin to lose faith, as I have stated before this has happened to me many times and as I cry in my distress I would shout out “God where are you!” The answer when it comes is often missed.

The Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria have a saying that goes, “When a person has a problem, when they cry and are broken hearted, they are sure that if God had forgotten them before, now is the time he will remember them”

Faith is complete trust, which most people give to the divine. Many wives have faith in their husbands and vice versa, and this is a huge thing, not to be taken lightly. If a person has placed their faith into you, then you must honor it, to betray or to let that person down willfully is a huge flaw within your character. How wonderful it is to be able to be an upstanding person with good character that if someone has complete confidence in you, they can relax because you will never let them down!

Faith is not only for the sake of religion or religious beliefs, it is what we need to have in each other for the betterment of our lives. Unfortunately the world does not operate this way and there are some, like the crow bait (one of them) who I helped in life and he turned around and abused me (not physically). Bad people are abound, you must encounter them!

The thing is many people have faith in God when things are well, but when the problem begins faith is thrown through the door. Faith is mental, it is a state of the mind, a strong confidence and belief, and it, this mental  strength can create whatever you want to be your circumstance. Believe it or not we are the authors, the creators of our own reality and this is accomplished through the mind which is very powerful. The idea of faith was not introduced to the mind through religious doctrines and dogmas, it is something innate,because hidden deep into our subconscious minds is the knowledge that we human beings are extremely powerful and can do anything.

I want to encourage you all today to keep on holding on, find your strength, keep the faith. My faith is challenged daily, but I trod on. I am affected easily by things of the world because I am very compassionate and also emotional and I am not embarrassed of the latter although I am chastised for it by my husband and children. I cry for people I don’t even know, even for animals. I feel the pain of the world and it is very touching. I am an initiate of the great Osun and this is also her character. When faced with problems I turn to my deities, I perform my sacrifices and I leave it all to them. As I have stated above there are times when I do falter, when my faith is shaken, I would not be human if this did not happen, yet I am reminded that the belief I have in whatever God that I serve and also my confidence which will see me through always. Faith will make you whole, never forget this.






Read below;

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life can be bittersweet sometimes.

There are some days when it seems like every wish or dream is coming true. And then there are some days when the clouds begin to fill in and block the light. It’s on these darker days when your faith is needed most.

Focusing on your faith every day is essential to keeping it resilient and ready to go. Here are eight ways to keep your faith strong so it can help you through the tough times.

1. Keep doing the things that make you strong.
If you find peace in reading, listening to music or working out, keep doing these things. Stay true to the activities that give you strength because these are probably the things that nourish your soul and feed your faith.

2. Allow yourself to grieve for what you have lost.
Losing your faith happens. It doesn’t mean you are broken – it just means your faith is not strong at the moment. Acknowledge this and permit yourself to feel the sadness loss may bring. To change your condition, you must first acknowledge your reality. Name it, call out for it, or weep for it. Your cries will be heard.

3. Be patient with the uncertainty.
When you are struggling with your faith, stay in the moment as long as you need. Your loss of faith may last for a few days or even a few weeks, but you will not be abandoned. Use this time to build your faith around the certainty there is a purpose created just for you.

4. Watch how you rebound and fill in the gaps.
Above all, be true to yourself. When you feel your faith returning make certain it is your faith and not a need to begin feeling something, anything, even it is something that is not aligned with your core beliefs and values.

5. Faith is resistible; learn not to resist, but to receive more.
Your faith is never taken from you – you may just resist it from time-to-time. Your faith is a gift of grace and you get to choose if you want to receive it, or not. You may even want to resist faith because you don’t trust how long it will stay with you. But when you learn to surrender, and allow yourself to open up, then faith will only multiple and manifest itself in your life more, not less.

6. Get involved.
Practicing faith takes action. Faith requires you to think, feel and believe. When you stand on the sidelines and expect your faith to arrive without any deliberate intent on your part, then you run the risk of missing the chance to jump into life. Get involved with the people and causes that touch your heart the most. Spend more time with your children, volunteer in your community, or get behind a group or organization you believe is able to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

7. Focus on the positive.
If you find yourself coming back from a difficult situation where your faith has been tested, begin to look for the small, but positive things happening around you. Every good thought or encouraging experience is not an accident – these are signs to remind you of your purpose and the hope for what is waiting for you.

8. Have deep water faith in the shallow end.
When I was in high school I worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. When my students entered the pool they looked a little apprehensive, but they went ahead and took the first step anyway because they knew their feet would touch in the shallow end. As I moved them further away from the shallow end and into deeper waters, their confidence, and faith, began to fade.

You can be a lot like a new swimmer, too. Your faith can be strong when you know what to expect. To do more in life, to take the chance your heart is asking you to take, you need to have the faith to jump in without knowing the depth of the water. What you’ll find is your feet will touch and the water will not be over your head.

How to Keep Your Faith Strong in Tough Times


Gbogbo aṣọ kọ́ là nsá lóòrùn. /
It is not all clothes that one dries in the sun……Yoruba Proverbs!

[Different situations call for different approaches]


Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!


All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji


There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji




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I’m keeping the faith. Thanks Teach


Good evening Obara, KB, Cher, Car, NuNu, Joy, MTH, Lady.
Obara, I am keeping faith and as you always say that everything we go through
in life is for a reason and it is faith in God that will get us through these difficulties.


Good Evening obara I love this message this is what I need the strength and the courage to over come what I am facing sometimes I feel like I am a lone but that is when I am losing the faith but I kn their is a god I need to be strong and keep the faith


Howdy everyone. Special big up Teach. I so needed this. Thanks again Teach, your posts are always timely and seem to hit a nerve.


I am glad you posted on this today, because we forget to keep the faith sometimes. I know I needed this. Obara and my ES family good morning/afternoon. I called you Obara today. It was too late yesterday to call

lady of the nile
lady of the nile

Good – day Obara and all happy bloggers

Thank you for the reminder, Faith is the opposite of Fear, for this one (fear) breaks you down, whislt Faith builds you up and keeps you going to reach your goals.
In the words of Corrie Ten Boom; “Never be afraid to trust an unkown future to a known God”. I have this quote written in almost every book I own.


Good day Lady of the Nile


I like number three on the list, “be patient with the uncertainty.” Faorh and patience have to walk hand in hand nuh true


Meant *faith*


Obaraaaaaaaaaaa 😀 Hey dearheart great post like many here my faith was shaky recently. In my head I heard TRUST ever so quietly TRUST. Immediately I reflected to other situations that I’ve placed all my fears in God, trusted and held my faith.


Thanks Obara i am so overwhelmed.


Good morning Obara, KB, Carpediem and all beautiful souls on this blog. Blessings to you all.


Beautiful!!! Faith is needed each and every moment in our lives…when you can’t see no way…FAITH makes you believe a way is coming.
Good morning Obara Cher Carpediem nice to see you all this morning. ES Massive good morning as you all roll in today…


Good morning Obara, faith! Wow I will be reading this one over and over, my faith is strong but has been tested lately and I just did not want to believe anything / anyone, anymore, now what a great reminder. Thanks Love! Love to you.


Good morning Obara, thank you for this post. I needed this today. I have a lot of faith in God, but sometimes the situations we are faced with in life challenges our faith. But I have learned to always have faith in God no matter how bad the situation gets.