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Embracing Spirituality is a blog of a wide variety of spiritual topics and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji and her personal experiences. Born out of a desire to assist others in embracing their spirituality, and to lend our contribution to the ultimate goal of the evolution of mankind.
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Read testimonials from those who have had readings with Obara Meji, or readers who have benefited from Embracing Spirituality. To add your own testimonial, scroll down!

Love and Light dear seekers

Obara the greatest

March 4, 2020

I met Obara June 2019.

I have a lot of testimonies but I would state a few.

Obara is not human I must say. She is Spirit herself.

There was a situation whereby a man did Obeah on my enemy so I won’t get married, have a boyfriend or anything. During a spirit session this was revealed and spirits gave solution which I adhered to the instructions and I was freed from the Obeah.

2nd testimony. My enemy’s womb was tied and I had no idea and this Obeah came as a result of a past relationship. this was revealed through another spirit session. To break this work i had to stay off a particular item for some weeks, and the womb was released.

Now, I am free to get married, get pregnant and have kids all thanks to Obara Meji.

I had my spiritual awakening, I had to unlearn and learn. I’m still learning and knowing how to embrace my spirituality.

Avatar for Ifawunmi

The Truth!!!! – How a post changed my situation..

August 13, 2019

This is a long one but I promise you it’s worth the read!

So I bumped into this site because of my search to understanding Obeah and what was and is happening in my business and my love life. I am usually very successful in my business and a series of things happened. I started seeing this man that I met through unusual circumstances and another woman has been working on him their entire relationship (tie him) apparently we got involved during a time where this was wearing of and she wasn’t able to renew it. Nonetheless he told her to move out stopped sleeping with her and many other things that caused her to hastily get back to her tying (obeah man – which she had sex with) work. A spiritualist in Jamaica and another in the USA confirmed yes I sought two and even a third reading because of how doubtful I am.

Anyways my business was doing so bad that when I was led to Obara I couldn’t even afford a Divination. I mean can you imagine a business not making enough money to afford a Divination. And with the man being gone because I ended it (I couldn’t take the inconsistency and even though I knew what I was told I still couldn’t handle the effects of it) so I really had no way to pay for the Divination.

Like NONE AT ALL! NO WAY TO PAY $110 USD go figure.

My rent was behind my bills were behind on my business my landlord called and messaged everyday!!

It was nerve racking.

And then one day while reading the post “How to Start Your Day Spiritually” I began to do everything as instructed by Obara (Free it cost this post is FREE) and I’ve been doing it now for a little over a week maybe 2 weeks now. And GUESS WHAT???

1. My business now has 3 sources of income coming in steadily — which covers the rent and bills. I am caught up on my bills I was behind on.

2. My supplier messaged me this morning to fill an order for me. I have the money to do it!

3. The man called and we are communicating although we haven’t seen each other yet. I know that’s something I will need help with because that is a direct result of the constant work being done.

However before I had no options. I had no money. I couldn’t begin to see my way out. And what had to be taken care of first was ME which my business was needed to be handled so that I can have the peace of mind knowing that I can sustain myself.

Thank you Obara!

I know this is long but it’s worth the read!

But I’m continuing to be positive and read up. And will be booking now that I can see the money!

Avatar for PYFISH

No Title

July 31, 2019

I have had several readings in the past but this was by far the most detailed. Obara’s reading will not just tell you information about day to day life or an even coming up events, she will provide information to make sense of your life and what has happeneded so far. She gives insight into your past life, that gives understanding to your present and future. She was specific about people without me even mentioning their names or date of birth. I was shocked by some of the things Obara knew. You’re left with vision and guidance on how to move on; armed with knowledge you could never receive from anyone else.

Avatar for Anonymous

Spirituality works in mysterious ways

July 25, 2019

When I was going through a tumultuous time, in the midst of the work, my enemy was putting on the pressure. Everything was going south, no money, no work, very little resources to help, and the bills kept piling up. I felt so terrible and helpless. Obara called me, to check in on me, and I couldn’t help but break down, and tell her that the enemy’s work was affecting the people I loved too – my mom and her bf lost their jobs in the same month. Obara counseled me and told me all would be ok. I couldn’t imagine how it would work out. But she sent me a soap within a couple days, and I saw immediate and direct results. I was the one using the soap, but the benefits also touched the two of them. My bf got calls and job offers from several companies and my mom got an instant job offer. All in the same week!!! I couldn’t believe it! I got my peace back and the donkey off my back.

Obara is the real thing. No gimmicks. She is genuine, and stays true to her word.

Expect a handsome donation when I get rich Obara. Thank God for you!

Avatar for Shena

Meeting the genuine spiritualist

January 13, 2019

Its not easy convincing me about spiritual things or prophecy, I spent years searching for true spiritualist that is genuinely truthful to themselves. When I come across embracingspirituality.com I don’t know what glued me to the site that I spent days reading the blog which is full of enlightenment and educating about human beings and their spirituality. I decided to contact Obara Meji, for reading to clear my doubt. Several email were sent and non came back despite the fact I had an important decision to take. When all hope is lost you contact me and I was enlivened, I had the first reading which was 100% accurate and also your advise and other work you did for me were helpful till now. To crown it all I was privileged to be you personal and the experience is so good. In a bid to further reconfirmed I did another reading which the outcome was 100% correct. I since them cherished and adored you with all my heart and I’m ready to recommend you to anyone.

I employ you to keep on with your good work to humanity.

Avatar for Emmanuel


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