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Love and Light dear seekers

My Thank You

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 13, 2012

I felt the need to write a testimonial because of the help I received from you during the summer. People I had rented out my house to a woman who at first to me appeared to be a good person the girl turn out to be my worst nightmare.

First couple months rent a pay and everyting good until I gave her notice cause a family emergency. The girl say she naw move and mi cannot get her out.

I had no idea why afer a while everytime I go inna the house fi have a talk with her I notice some water dash wey infront a the house weh smell stink. When I ask her bout it she tell me say she nuh know a where it come from.

Long story short is a friend tell me say fi link obara Meji cause suppen nuh too right. She told me how she got her spiritual consultation and how she manage fi avoid losing her job. Them time dey I was a half believer in the spiritual ting.

Things start get worse when I find myself not even wanting to go ova the yard cause a of bad feelings start tek mi.

I won’t get into what exactly was done, but at the end of the day the girl came to me calmly and said we don’t ned to be arguing and she paid her rent I gave her back her deposit, and we went our seperate ways peacefully. That is the way I allways wanted things to go. No one was hurt, and the right thing was done. As a matter a fact I even helped the girl move and find a new place.

What I like about you obara meji is that from the moment I spoke to you, you let me know u do not do any type of negative or evil work. I have a friend of mine that has been having bad dreams and being held down in her sleep that will be contacting you. Thank you. And may god bless you.

Avatar for John Parsons
John Parsons

No Longer Cancerous And Thankful

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 12, 2012

Good day to you Obara Meji, I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. I called and thanked you over the phone for the spiritual reading you gave me last month but that is not enough. You saved my life and moved cancer away from me.

The day after Christmas I went into the hospital to have the test for cancer done and the doctors told me yes I have cancer but since I caught it in the early stages it is not life threatening.

I told him about how you gave me advice not that it was spiritual advice about seeing that I need to have a check up done. I was expecting to hear you tell me about my family situation with my father and ended up getting better than that. There aren’t words to describe how happy I am, although the money to do the operation is expensive it is worth saving my life.

I never belived in spiritual readings before this, you have a gift thank you. The rest of what you told me I won’t write here as it is too personal but I like the idea of me being able to comment on the consultation publicly. I will follow up with you when I have finished the rest of things you told me to do. God is good, thank you again


Avatar for Gloria Robertson
Gloria Robertson

I Moved To Canada

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 4, 2011

Happy to see that you have finally gotten your site up Osun, it is about time. I have not forgotten what you had done for me in 2001.

Well here is my story for those that care to know. I was one of the men that constantly went to the dance and party and smoking weed and have nuff girl. One ting bout them life deh that now i see is that a nuff enemy did deh around mi dat gwan like me an dem a fren.

Osun told me that i would be leaving Jamaica soon in the midst of a family battle that i was having. I never know where the money did a go come from, but she tell mi weh mi haffi do fi fix miself. I did it and i have been living in Canada for the past 9 years. Respec Osun.

Avatar for KAW

I never believed in readings before

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 28, 2011

I had no idea what spirituality or readings are. I never believed in those things as i thought they were scams or ways that people use to cheat others. Recently i started having some bad visions and dreams that kept me up at night and they were recurrent. I suggested it to my best friend and she told me of Obara Meji, and that she could give me a reading to find out the meaning of what i was going through. At first i resisted, but when i found out that I couldn’t sleep, i decided to give in.

The things that Obara Meji told me in my readings of my life growing up and other stuff that no one besides myself knew were shocking, at first i was confused and wondered how she could know this, not knowing me or anyone in my family. So i asked some questions and the answers were all correct and she told me reasons why I was having these visions and what i would have to do in order to remove them. Which i did and now i am free of those nightmares. Thank you Obara Meji.

Avatar for Sonia Nembhard
Sonia Nembhard


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